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Almost seven years and four prime ministers since the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, polling suggests public sentiment has turned against Brexit.
In a searingly honest mea culpa, the political columnist has recognised his folly. He hopes others will now do the same
As the economic harm that it has done becomes ever clearer, all but the most die-hard Tory Brexiteers are increasingly prepared to admit that Brexit was a mistake. Trade with the Europe has slumped, productivity is down, and there are 4,000 fewer European doctors working in the NHS.
Having been grossly misled in the referendum, Britons’ anger is mounting as the reality of our plight becomes clear.
Brexit is three years old and less popular than ever. More people are unhappy with Brexit outcomes to date, and pessimistic about the gains to come today than at any point in the Brexit process so far. “Rejoin” has opened up a double-digit lead over staying out in polls asking voters how they would choose in a second referendum on EU membership.
Those who have changed their mind are notably younger than those who still think it was right to vote to leave the EU.
Brexiteers promised to “take back control.” But the decision has instead delivered recession, gloom, and despair.
South Holland and the Deepings is one of just three parts of the country where voters don't show regret over the Brexit vote, according to a new poll.
Senior Italian government officials say that the economic and social turbulence in Britain that has followed the withdrawal from the EU has been eye-opening, writes Kim Sengupta.
On the third anniversary of Britain’s departure from the European Union, this caller says he blames himself and Boris Johnson for voting to leave. / A James O’Brien caller expressed his regret over voting to leave the EU back in 2016.
Probably not the anniversary present the government was hoping to offer the public.
“Brexit has made this country a lot poorer, people a lot more divided, but no-one wants to talk about it anymore.”
As the UK marks three years since leaving the EU, only voters in three areas do not regret quitting the bloc.
Bristol West found to be constituency most regretful of the referendum result.
Everywhere else says it was the wrong move.
Grays, a town near London, voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit. But three years after severing ties with the EU, some are feeling remorse as the country lurches from one crisis to another.
Public has ‘right to know reality of what Brexit has done’, say campaigners after petition passes threshold. / The Conservative government has previously stated that the consequences of Brexit is not “an appropriate subject for a public inquiry”.
Only a third of Leavers still see it as a success. So why won’t Starmer speak up?
‘The project is probably now unsalvageable’, says former PM’s old employer. / The Conservatives have made such a “hash” of Brexit that the project is probably “unsalvageable”, according to Boris Johnson’s favourite newspaper.
Leave voters insist Brexit hasn't worked out how they were promised seven years on from historic referendum.
Almost three years after the United Kingdom's formal departure from the European Union, voters are turning sour on the 2016 decision to leave. A recent poll showed that 57% of voters view the departure from the EU as a mistake compared to the 52% who voted for the original Brexit referendum. So what changed?
Survey finds 33% of Conservatives believe costs outweighing benefits. / Conservative party voters are losing faith in the idea of Brexit benefits and opportunities, a new poll suggests.
Voters in the area of Derbyshire that decided by the largest margin to leave the European Union in 2016 say they feel lied to by those who advocated Brexit, and life in the town has got worse since the referendum.
A SURVEY of Leave voters who have changed their minds about Brexit has revealed their reasons for the change of heart.
Many who voted for the UK's exit from the EU now want back in, according to polls.