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Seven in ten Britons support a closer relationship with the EU than we have now. / As we approach the fourth anniversary of Brexit, 52% of Britons now believe that the UK leaving the EU was the wrong decision. The Labour party – likely to form the next government – have so far resisted calls to move towards rejoining the single market...
The YouGov poll comes after EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the UK should rejoin the EU to "fix" Brexit.
The polling has been released after Ursula von der Leyen suggested the next generation could put the UK on a path to rejoining the EU.
Business leaders are more pessimistic in the second half of the year than they were at the time of the Brexit referendum about the future of the economy over the next 12 months, according to a new survey.
MOST small and medium-size businesses in the UK say Brexit has had a negative impact, with hundreds reporting having to reduce hours, make staff redundant or even close, according to new research.
A new poll shows 47% want a new Brexit vote by the end of 2028.
Nearly half of voters want another EU referendum within the next five years, a new poll has revealed. / The survey by the More in Common think-tank shows that one in four of the public - 26% - want another Brexit vote in the next 12 months. / A further 21% would like it to be held between now and 2028.
Only a small number of businesspeople who voted Brexit now consider Brexit an “economic price worth paying”, a new survey suggests.
A huge surge in support to rejoin the EU has been recorded in October - has the bubble finally burst for Brexit and its backers?
New research from YouGov has found that "Bregret is rife", with 46% of people wanting a vote on re-joining in the next decade.
Even among people who voted Leave in 2016, just 61 per cent still think the policy will eventually turn out well.
More people in the UK think there should be another EU referendum in the next 10 years than those who oppose it.
More than a quarter support a fresh vote as soon as the end of this year.
Survey of exporters shows increased pessimism about benefits of post-Brexit trade deals. / British firms are increasingly pessimistic about the benefits of post-Brexit free trade deals, according to the government’s own research.
BRITISH companies are losing faith in the UK’s post-Brexit trade deals and many believe leaving the EU is hammering exports, Government research has revealed.
Less than a third of Brits think Brexit is ‘done,’ YouGov poll reveals.
With large-scale, pro-EU protests set to hit London next month, UK citizens seem to have lost patience with Brexit.
The UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, but Brexit regret is now at an all time high, according to two separate polls.
New polling and recent by-elections signal Britain has turned its back on Brexit, the former minister for Europe Denis MacShane has said.
Britain will rejoin the EU in the future, Tony Blair has predicted – as polls show support for rejoining climbing ever higher.
British voters now say that they would vote to rejoin the EU in a new referendum.
The British public now regrets Brexit more than at any other point since the referendum, according to two separate pollsters: YouGov and Deltapoll. Last week, YouGov recorded their highest ever share of voters, 57%, saying Brexit was a mistake. Just 32% thought Brexit was the correct decision. A majority of voters, 51%, now even wants to join the EU...
More than half of Britons would vote to rejoin the European Union for the first time since the nation opted to leave the bloc seven years ago, YouGov polling showed.
According to a new YouGov poll, just 12% think leaving the European Union has been a success.
YouGov polling is the latest in a rising trend to show a majority in favour of rejoining the European Union.