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YouGov tracker data records the highest levels of Bregret among Leave voters to date.
Almost one in five (18%) have said they are less likely to buy products labelled “Not for EU” which will be a requirement on all British meat and dairy produce from October 2024.
Almost two-thirds of people in Northern Ireland would vote to rejoin the European Union if another referendum were held today, according to a poll. / It shows an increase on the pro-EU vote since the 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership.
A new opinion poll has found that most British voters see leaving the EU as a huge failure for the country, especially around broken promises on NHS funding.
Seven years on from the referendum, the divisions it exposed still affect how people vote.
Consumers here are still concerned about the impact of Brexit on online shopping, a report from the NI Consumer Council has found. / It’s part of research by the watchdog carried over the last three years to monitor the impact of Brexit on NI consumers.
As few as 13 per cent now say Brexit has been more of a success than a failure. / New polling released on the fourth anniversary of Britain’s departure from the European Union suggests the country is suffering from a painful bout of Brexit buyer’s remorse.
A poll of 2,000 18 to 26 year olds found that over half want to reverse Brexit, while the NHS, the environment and the economy are their top concerns ahead of the general election.
The people of Britain have delivered a damning verdict on Brexit four years on from leaving the European Union. / 57% believe Brexit has been more of a failure than a success, according to exclusive Ipsos poll for Standard.
The results of our analysis showed that 98.7% of respondents were in favour of using metric units when buying or selling product, either as the primary unit of sale (maintaining status quo) or as the sole unit of sale (purely metric). 1.3% of respondents were in favour of increased use of imperial units...
We received 101,108 responses to our consultation. Out of the responses we analysed, we identified 93,041 as being from consumers, 4,718 from businesses and 3,179 from academia, healthcare, government and trading standards, and other organisations. ...the majority of respondents expressed limited or no appetite for increased use of imperial measures.
But don't worry guys! This is a brexit win after all.
It’s tempting to ignore the government’s announcement, made in the doldrums between Christmas and the New Year, that it is to become legal to sell wine and champagne in pint bottles.
Despite the promise leaving the EU would help the UK control its borders, most people surveyed said Brexit had hampered the ability to control immigration.
A new survey by the British Chamber of Commerce's Insights Unit of 733 businesses (97% SMEs) shows the difficulties facing British firms in using the Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA) have not eased.
The halving of EU students studying in the UK since Brexit has negatively impacted our university’s finances. Time to rejoin Erasmus?
More than three quarters of British companies have reported that the trade agreement between the European Union and Britain has made it difficult for them to increase sales and grow their business, a British Chambers of Commerce survey showed. / "Brexit has been the biggest ever imposition of bureaucracy on business."
Report suggests that almost half of Britain thinks the UK’s relationship with the EU is more important for peace, stability and prosperity than our relationship with the US or the Commonwealth.
Worst hangover ever: More Brits are now in favour of a closer working relationship with the EU, as the impact of Brexit takes its toll.
In this week's update from ‘downside bunker’, more evidence emerges that Britain has effectively declared a trade war on itself.
It's a Brexit myth that the public rejects freedom of movement; yet polling now suggests that Leave voters increasingly miss that very freedom.
Seven in ten Britons support a closer relationship with the EU than we have now. / As we approach the fourth anniversary of Brexit, 52% of Britons now believe that the UK leaving the EU was the wrong decision. The Labour party – likely to form the next government – have so far resisted calls to move towards rejoining the single market...
The YouGov poll comes after EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the UK should rejoin the EU to "fix" Brexit.
The polling has been released after Ursula von der Leyen suggested the next generation could put the UK on a path to rejoining the EU.
Business leaders are more pessimistic in the second half of the year than they were at the time of the Brexit referendum about the future of the economy over the next 12 months, according to a new survey.