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Those who have changed their mind are notably younger than those who still think it was right to vote to leave the EU.
Brexiteers promised to “take back control.” But the decision has instead delivered recession, gloom, and despair.
South Holland and the Deepings is one of just three parts of the country where voters don't show regret over the Brexit vote, according to a new poll.
Public opinion on Brexit in North Wales appears to have shifted significantly according to a recent poll. The number of people regretting the decision to leave the European Union (EU) now outnumbers those in favour of Brexit in every North Wales constituency.
Polling suggests the vast majority of people believe the split with the EU isn't going well - a fact being ignored by mainstream political parties.
Private equity veteran Guy Hands says Boris Johnson ‘threw the country and the NHS under the bus’.
A survey from Deltapoll finds that few Brits can name any advantages to leaving the EU, three years after it happened.
The prime minister’s upbeat analysis contrasted with recent polling suggesting growing unhappiness with Brexit’s outcome.
As the UK marks three years since leaving the EU, only voters in three areas do not regret quitting the bloc.
Everywhere else says it was the wrong move.
This week on Dezeen, we published a survey showing that three years on from leaving the EU, 84 per cent of UK architecture studios want to reverse the Brexit "catastrophe" and rejoin the union.
Grays, a town near London, voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit. But three years after severing ties with the EU, some are feeling remorse as the country lurches from one crisis to another.
After Brexit, some anticipated a shift in European sentiment and believed other members would follow the UK's lead. But 6 years on, the bloc seems more cohesive than ever and optimism is high. So why is this? And how did the EU become stronger than ever?
Nine in 10 UK architecture studios feel Brexit has had a negative impact on them, exclusive Dezeen research has found. / Three years on from the UK's departure from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, Dezeen conducted a survey of 50 architecture studios asking about their experiences of working post-Brexit.
"Whether you are for or against it, Brexit Is without doubt the most significant event in 21st century British history - so it is quite extraordinary that there has never before been a parliamentary debate, dedicated to its impacts and consequences. So the probable upcoming debate in Parliament will be of substantial historical significance."
ACTIVISTS in Edinburgh have kicked off the third anniversary Brexit events with action outside the UK Government Hub.
Brexit is an existential threat to Conservatism. When it fails, the party will need to ask itself some searching questions.
MASSIVE airport queues on the continent after the EU brings in new visas for British citizens this year may contribute to a wider sense that "Brexit is not working" a report this week will warn.
Underrepresented and alienated, the reality of Britons in Europe post-Brexit is far from appealing.
From political dysfunction to economic turmoil, the evidence of Brexit as a great problem-creator is all around. No wonder European support for leaving the EU has tanked since 2016.
In this new Federal Trust video, Professor A.C.Grayling discusses the path by which he believes Brexit can and should be reversed.
‘The project is probably now unsalvageable’, says former PM’s old employer. / The Conservatives have made such a “hash” of Brexit that the project is probably “unsalvageable”, according to Boris Johnson’s favourite newspaper.
Support for leaving the European Union has dramatically fallen across the bloc, much to the shock of Brexiteers.
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, believes the government is in “denial” about the “immense damage” Brexit is doing to the UK, as a recent poll shows falling support for its withdrawal from the EU.