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Latest round of negotiations delayed last week as governments scramble to contain outbreak.
Deep generational divide over Europe, as young favour EU membership and old want to stay outside. / Boris Johnson’s pleas for the UK to unite following Brexit have fallen on deaf ears, with the country still deeply split over the decision to leave the European Union, a new poll has suggested.
A NEW POLL has shown just over half of people in Northern Ireland would vote for Irish unification if there were a border poll tomorrow.
Survey shows 88% of 100 leading academics believe a Canada-style trade deal with the EU will have a "negative" impact on Britain's economy.
Only four voters in 10 think prime minister will secure trade agreement with EU by December deadline.
'Our perceptions as consumers is one where it is not as clear that the mood to diverge and certainly to de-regulate is perhaps as strong as the impression the government seem to be giving'
Sir John Curtice warns Boris Johnson that "the pursuit of Brexit is indeed costing you support in Scotland".
A MAJORITY of voters would now back Scottish independence, according to a landmark new poll carried out for the Scot Goes Pop blog and backed by The National.
BRITAIN'S leading polling expert has told The National that Unionists are “clearly on the back foot in the constitutional debate" after three polls in the space of a week showed rising support for independence.
Remain backed by highly symbolic 52-48 margin.
Cultural and business leaders join campaign to keep rights to live and work in Europe.
Britons define themselves more in terms of whether they are supporters or opponents of Brexit than backers of a particular political party, according to a poll on Thursday.
Less than a third of people think the vote will resolve UK’s departure from the EU.
Only 19 per cent of voters believe agreement is good deal – and more hold prime minister responsible for delay than Labour.
A majority of voters in England, Wales and Scotland believe that violence against MPs is a “price worth paying” in order to get their way on Brexit, an academic survey has found.
People would rather stop Brexit altogether than accept Boris Johnson's plan for Brexit, a new poll reveals.
SNP leader says there is rising support for independence at start of party conference.
Scottish National Party leader presses forward with plan to hold a vote in latter half of 2020.
From enthusiasm for a second referendum to the chances Remain would win, the evidence on the public mood is clearer than a lot of people seem to think.
Britain has turned against Brexit and would now vote to stay in the European Union, according to the biggest ever poll-of-polls.
Just one-third of those questioned think Boris Johnson should crash the UK out of the EU without a deal if he cannot reach agreement with Brussels this month.
More than twice as many people say the public rather than MPs should decide whether Britain quits the EU if Boris Johnson fails to get a new Brexit deal, according to a poll.
Even Leave supporters now say existing EU rules provide ‘enough control’ on migration from the continent.