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More people think it is likely a united Ireland will exist in 20 years than believe the United Kingdom will exist.
Two thirds of voters including a large number of Leavers say leaving the EU is contributing to rising supermarket prices and high inflation.
It is fuelling rising support for rejoining the EU, with almost half (49 per cent) of voters now wanting to reverse Brexit – the highest level recorded by BMG Research in surveys for i.
"Brexit was a massive failure of leadership," Guy Verhofstadt said. "But in a democracy people can call upon new leadership to undo the mistakes of the past."
Keir Starmer’s tedious, hardline rhetoric on Brexit actually reveals our path back to Europe.
More than half (54%) of the surveyed healthcare industry professionals indicated that their sentiment towards Brexit had become more negative. The largest proportion of them were based in the UK and the EU, with 71% and 70% recorded respectively in GlobalData’s report Thematic Intelligence: Brexit and the Healthcare Industry 2023.
Two thirds of the Brexiters’ Bible’s readers admit that leaving the EU has gone pear-shaped – but not for the same reasons as the rest of us... / Just last week another shoe dropped with the publication of a poll in the Brexiters’ Bible, previously known as the Daily Express, which declared that two thirds of its own readership now consider Brexit to be a “failure”.
The survey shows a dramatic reversal in opinion towards the EU in parts of the UK which overwhelmingly backed Brexit in 2016.
With the problems created by Brexit continuing to feature strongly in the news, Best for Britain has taken the pulse of the nation on the UK’s relationship with Europe, in a first of its kind poll under the new constituency boundaries that come into force at the next Election.
The first major poll on attitudes to the EU conducted in reference to new UK electoral boundaries suggests that British voters have undergone a major transformation in their attitudes towards the European Union.
Thousands of Mirror readers say Brexit has been a failure, with just a couple of hundred believing it a good move.
Nigel Farage has admitted that Britain’s split with the European Union is in crisis – but has refused to take responsibility for it. / New polling has found just 9 per cent of Britons now consider Brexit more of a success than a failure.
Singer and actress Lily Allen simply tweeted ‘Brexit was dumb’ earlier this weekan and was met with overwhelming agreement from many.
New polling released this week by YouGov has revealed that Leave voters believe Brexit has been a more of a failure than a success by a margin of nearly two-to-one.
Only 9% of Britons now consider Brexit more of a success than a failure, according to new polling.
Seven years on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, more Brexiteers than ever regret their decision.
A YouGov poll a week after Nigel Farage said leaving the EU has "failed" shows more people than ever express "Bregret".
Is it time to reverse it?
Brexit is believed to have a greater damaging impact on the UK's healthcare sector than inflation or COVID-19. / ...a reversal of the referendum result still remained the best outcome of Brexit for the UK's healthcare industry. / The majority of respondents did not believe that the UK remained an attractive destination for healthcare research and manufacturing following Brexit
There IS growing pressure to re-run the vote, as Farage predicted there would be – and should be – if the result was 52 per cent - 48 per cent.
Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who once vowed to leave the country if Brexit turned out to be a disaster, has stated: "Brexit has failed."
Company bosses said they would prefer to retain the remaining EU laws rather than see them scrapped.
Polling reveals most voters can now see through the referendum’s lies much more clearly than their leaders.