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Rishi Sunak's Brexit deal renegotiation can pave the way for Labour to agree closer EU ties if it wins power, a shadow minister has said.
Adoption of Britain-only rival to EU’s CE designation postponed ‘indefinitely’, say ministers.
Parliament hears proponents of leaving the EU are “in a state of confusion and denial” as calls grow for public inquiry.
Cost of labour in Britain up by 30% since referendum, double rise in some EU countries, research finds.
The MPs have joined a cross-party group calling on ministers to declare which Brussels-made rules will be removed from British statute books.
New research reveals 212 ‘safety’ regulations set to lapse – to draw line under Brexit.
A bill to remove EU-derived laws that include 570 environmental regulations will cause serious ecological harm, charities and MPs have warned.
Kent farming giant reports 8% fall in harvest due to lack of seasonal pickers – saying it’s easier to import fruit.
Polls show average annual gap between those who believe it was ‘wrong’ to vote to Leave compared to ‘right’ has risen to double digits for the first time. / A growing number of Britons say the UK was wrong to Brexit, according to a Standard analysis of more than 200 polls.
Kent farming giant reports 8% fall in harvest due to lack of seasonal pickers – saying it’s easier to import fruit.
Britain has delayed imposing its full post-Brexit import controls on goods from the European Union again, pushing it back until the end of next year, saying it did not want to add more fuel to fast-rising inflation.
Jacob Rees-Mogg announced checks on imports to the UK, that were finally set to enter force in July, will now not happen as planned and instead be 'reviewed' before being introduced in a different form.
Jacob Rees-Mogg raises business hopes by saying there is ‘no point’ to tests – but is slapped down by No 10
Thousands of British citizens may be waiting for family permits to be able to move to the UK, but the Home Office reportedly rejected freedom of information requests and parliamentary questions on data from the former Brexit select committee chair, Hilary Benn.
Johnson's much-trumpeted FTAs “barely scratch the surface of the UK’s challenge to make up the GDP lost by leaving the EU”.
Exporters forced to fill in 48 million customs declarations and 140,000 health certificates over eight-month period.
Findings cast doubt on Boris Johnson commitment to climate action ahead of key summit, Commission claims.
Labour should promise to fix the "mess" caused by Brexit at the next general election, a former minister has said. / Hilary Benn said people "can see what is happening in front of their eyes" and it was time argue for "a new relationship with the EU".
Confused over regulations, Home Office border staff meet legitimate visitors and workers with suspicion.
THE economic impact of Brexit and food checks at the Irish Sea border will be examined by a new commission made up of business leaders, MPs and economists.
A new cross-party group comprising of MPs, business leaders and economic exports is being established to provide independent scrutiny of the UK’s trade deals with Europe and the rest of the world.
‘Is it Article 16? And, if not, which article is he citing?’ Brandon Lewis is asked - as EU prepares legal action
The government’s decision to shut down the Brexit committee just days after UK agreed a free trade deal with the European Union was a “big frustration” and means ministers will face less scrutiny, committee chair Hilary Benn told PoliticsHome.
Work on inspection posts for animal products crossing Irish Sea ‘has not yet started and will take up to six months to complete’.