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Northern Ireland, food prices, the ease of a deal - it turns out that many of the claims made by those advocating Brexit were not quite true...
There is widespread recognition for the impressive reputation and record of the EU’s Erasmus Plus programme as a tried and trusted system of international educational collaboration. But a growing number of voices are being raised, within the UK and externally, asking probing questions about the architecture and limited ambitions of the UK government’s intended replacement, the Turing scheme.
Most people have heard of Erasmus+, but very few know why Britain decided not to participate in it after leaving the EU.
There is growing momentum behind the campaign to reverse the UK government’s decision to exit the European Union’s Erasmus programme, the largest international education programme in the world.
World View: At the root of British antipathy lies a fear it is a dark plot to indoctrinate the young in the ideology of Euro-superstatism