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Education and business leaders point to lost income for country and opportunities for students
With no UK funding guarantees, English language learners are heading to Ireland – while their British counterparts are left in limbo.
Brussels firms up position and bloc’s unity before tough talks on future relationship with UK.
As Layla Moran has said, ‘staying in Erasmus should be a no-brainer’ – but the people in charge of our country seem to have no brains
MPs have backed the government in voting against a popular EU programme which for years has helped students to study in other European countries.
Commons bid to force ministers to negotiate continued access for UK students is defeated by Tories.
Universities UK says 80% of members very concerned, with some considering stockpiling.
Scottish and Welsh governments seek answers about programme’s future from UK education secretary. / The Scottish and Welsh governments have written to the UK education secretary to raise concerns about the future of the European student exchange programme after Brexit.
How could you be affected if the UK does leave the EU without an agreement?
The loss of the scheme would be a devastating blow for the social mobility of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
“I am really uncertain about what will happen,” said one language student who is unsure whether her year abroad will go ahead.
The future of the Erasmus programme in Scotland is under threat with fears the UK’s participation could end once it leaves the EU.
Britain faces exclusion from one of the glowing successes of European Union membership: a university study programme that has benefited tens of thousands of British young people and many more from the EU visiting Britain.