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Former Bank of England and IMF economist Peter Doyle on SkyNews: "The really big self-harm inflicted by the UK on itself was Brexit," which has made the current crisis much worse. For example: / - Trade frictions when we need to boost exports / - A weaker pound worsening inflation
The fall of the British Passport “In 2010, it was ranked as the most powerful in the world. According to the Henley Passport Index, we could visit more destinations without a prior visa than any other nationality.” Now it’s 13th.
Former Siemens CEO - “I hoped we would go for a sensible version of Brexit. It’s forcing businesses to comply with two sets of regulations. It’s a double cost. What we’re learning is that our so-called sovereignty is turning out to be rather expensive.”
In just one week I will finally leave Brexitland for good. Let me know if anyone ever finds those sunlit uplands. Not expecting an answer anytime soon.
New Zealand television is completely mystified by the amazing #Brexit trade deal Liz Truss keeps boasting about. They can’t understand why she would want to make British farmers poorer and theirs richer. Even the winning side can’t fathom it.
Appalling that the Government has deliberately avoided parliamentary scrutiny of its terrible trade deal with Australia. The UK Government vowed to be a global leader for animals but now farm welfare standards are likely to be sacrificed for this quick trade agreement.
Boris Johnson has caused "untold damage," according to Peterson Institute President Adam Posen. / "He's a prime minister who thinks he's a president," says Posen.
This week we laid off most of the rest of our staff. TL/DR: It's down to Brexit. Not Covid. Not the war in Ukraine. We've got the figures. We know our business. Brexit did this.
If this is the intellectual underpinnings of the pro-Brexit crowd, its terribly worrying. They have no evidence for their main contentions, dont understand things that they quote in support, and have no realistic understanding of Britain's place in the world.
'Now we really have reached the witch-burning stage of Brexit, which makes no pretext of needing evidence to make its cases or explain why the policy is failing. I give you this report by the Centre for Brexit Policy attributed to a wide range of figures.'
Boss of @Ryanair, O'Leary: "This gov't couldn't run a sweet shop. We are fully staffed. But we are hide-bound and hamstrung by a gov't so desperate to show Brexit has been a success, when it's been an abject failure, it won't allow us to bring in EU workers to do these jobs."
Taoiseach Micheál Martin says legislation that has been published on the Northern Ireland Protocol "would effectively be very damaging to the NI economy".
@AdamPosen shows how Brexit has curtailed UK trade, FDI inflows, & immigration growth in a series of charts presented at @UKandEU's The Economics of Brexit conference 2022. #PIIECharts
@AdamPosen is speaking with @lizzzburden about food prices and inflation at #EconafterBrexit
In January, the port’s chief executive told me that, since leaving the EU, it now takes an extra 3 minutes for a vehicle to clear the border and check-in before boarding ship. / This makes Dover more susceptible to clogging-up when things get busy and queuing is more commonplace.
"The law that P&O are allegedly relying on was introduced as a result of EU directives... He [Starmer] would have kept us unable to change it... He would have made it impossible to protect UK employees" (Johnson). / Ireland & Spain banned fire & rehire. Both are in the EU.
'After the Brexit deal was signed, Boris Johnson infamously claimed that there would be "no non-tariff barriers" on trade with the EU. It wasn’t true.'
'If Brexit was a second-hand car, you've got it home, there's no engine under the bonnet and they've just made Jacob Rees-Mogg chief mechanic.'
The Benefits of Brexit doc is out. What do I think on its space sections? TLDR: membership of the EU would not have prevented the major space policy actions championed in this document. When it comes to 'bringing govs together', leaving the EU has actually made it harder.