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"Name 1 good export from the UK !" / "It's hard. Black pudding? Spice Girl CDs? It's more about what we can now sell to them."
Another great Raab clip, this one from 2016. It appears he and and other senior Brexiters took us out of the customs union without understanding any of the ramifications of that - or even seemingly what the customs union is.
'The second point, which has been widely ignored since Brexit, is that accession to the CPTPP highlights a major scrutiny deficit in the U.K. Parliament. Namely that Parliament is not asked to consent to this new agreement and has no veto.'
I see its "this trade deal is going to be really amazing / bad" morning, and I need to summon all my centrist trade energies in the hope a few people might see through the hype both ways and realise that UK joining CPTPP doesn't make that much impact any which way.
Lots of veg and tomato’s in Tesco in Budapest - ⁦@Riverford⁩ Guy speaks about why you don’t have them on your shelves.
The world is laughing at us, not with us. Venice. When I asked the waiter what was on the brexit pizza, he said "we promise it comes with everything but it actually comes with nothing and its also expensive and very hard to digest".... Genius!
"We have lost thousands of frontline staff... because of Brexit and an immovable visa system and immigration system from Westminster" / Dr D Macaskill says Brexit has led to “bleeding” staff numbers and greater pressures on healthcare.
"If you will do this damn silly thing, don't do it in this damn silly way. This bill will come back to haunt this gov't, in the same way so many other mistakes, harrumphed to the rafters in this House, have."
'UTTER CAR CRASH by Andrew Bowie. Doesn't accept Brexit has hurt exports / Promises to grow EU trade, but can't say how / Promises simplified processes, but can't say how / Thinks he can negotiate customs with EU members state-by-state.'
'I will be selective about the inaccuracies (and won’t refight Brexit arguments), but start with the ludicrous claim at the bottom of column 1.'
“I don’t accept the premise that Brexit will make us poorer” says Chancellor Jeremy Hunt / There is now overwhelming evidence it already has! / For the man running the nations finances to just stick his head in the sand & pretend it’s not happening is utter insanity
“Brexit, for our industry, there’s not a single positive about it” / @ChefTomKerridge describes the huge staffing shortage in the hospitality industry, telling @Peston that there are many hospitality businesses closing 2-3 days a week due to a lack of workers.
Former Bank of England and IMF economist Peter Doyle on SkyNews: "The really big self-harm inflicted by the UK on itself was Brexit," which has made the current crisis much worse. For example: / - Trade frictions when we need to boost exports / - A weaker pound worsening inflation
The fall of the British Passport “In 2010, it was ranked as the most powerful in the world. According to the Henley Passport Index, we could visit more destinations without a prior visa than any other nationality.” Now it’s 13th.
Former Siemens CEO - “I hoped we would go for a sensible version of Brexit. It’s forcing businesses to comply with two sets of regulations. It’s a double cost. What we’re learning is that our so-called sovereignty is turning out to be rather expensive.”
In just one week I will finally leave Brexitland for good. Let me know if anyone ever finds those sunlit uplands. Not expecting an answer anytime soon.
New Zealand television is completely mystified by the amazing #Brexit trade deal Liz Truss keeps boasting about. They can’t understand why she would want to make British farmers poorer and theirs richer. Even the winning side can’t fathom it.
Appalling that the Government has deliberately avoided parliamentary scrutiny of its terrible trade deal with Australia. The UK Government vowed to be a global leader for animals but now farm welfare standards are likely to be sacrificed for this quick trade agreement.
Boris Johnson has caused "untold damage," according to Peterson Institute President Adam Posen. / "He's a prime minister who thinks he's a president," says Posen.