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Find yourself an alternative pint while also supporting local independent pubs and bars. If you can put some money in the till of a smaller independent pub through the use of this app, then it's done the job I intended it to.
Designed and built by members of the Tech For UK community. If you have an idea for a tool, submit it here! And don't forget to register to vote.
At Labour Conference in Brighton from the 21st-25th September members can vote to strengthen Labour's policy for a People's Vote, and campaign to remain in the EU. Our app is a great way for any Labour delegate to find out more, come together and back the call to give the public a vote on the final Brexit Deal.
The European Parliament has launched a new mobile application designed to help citizens to discover what the EU has done, is doing and plans to do, is now available.
Instant analysis of news headlines / Straight answers to common questions / Evidence-based tabloid myth rebuttals / Detailed statistics about the EU’s impact on the UK