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Lord Digby Jones, a leading proponent of leaving the EU, said in July 2016, “There’s not going to be any economic pain. If there are job losses, they will be very few”. Of course, he wasn’t alone. Britain would stroll into the sunlit uplands holding all the cards … but as we approach the final break with our EU partners, we can already see how worthless those assurances were.
he East African Community (EAC) is a regional intergovernmental organisation of six (6) Partner States, comprising Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, with its headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.
This database contains information on European Union Treaties and Agreements.
The Database contains all the bilateral and multilateral international treaties or agreements concluded by the European Union (EU), the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC) and the former European Communities (EC, EEC, ECSC).
EMSA’s mission is to serve EU maritime interests for a safe, secure, green and competitive maritime sector and act as a reliable and respected point of reference in the maritime sector in Europe and worldwide.
Regional integration in Africa has made tremendous strides. But the work is not done.
The Latin American Integration Association / Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración / Associação Latino-Americana de Integração (LAIA / ALADI) is an international and regional scope organization.
'Securing a good deal with the EU, our most important trading partner, will open doors that have been closed by uncertainty. As of 31 January, the UK moved into a transition period until December 2020. While this reduces the immediate risk for businesses, without an option to extend transition, there remains a risk of no deal in a year’s time.'
Identify customs tariffs, tariff rate quotas, trade remedies, regulatory requirements and preferential regimes applicable to your product.
"The EU and its member states are working together to reinforce national healthcare systems and contain the spread of the virus. At the same time, the EU and its member states are taking action to mitigate the socio-economic impact of COVID-19."
The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the Coronavirus outbreak.
The Brexit Job Loss Index is an attempt to keep track of the number of jobs lost in the UK due to Brexit.
The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020. Find out what it may mean for New Zealand's primary industries.
ECDC is an EU agency aimed at strengthening Europe's defences against infectious diseases.
The Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) is a web-based platform linking the European Commission, ECDC and public health authorities in EU/EEA countries responsible for measures to control serious cross-border threats to health, including communicable diseases.
The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union, whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment. The EEA aims to support sustainable development by helping to achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment, through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policymaking agents and the public.
It'll be a long haul but it has to start somewhere.