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'Three Years in Hell is the fiercely intelligent, funny and sorrowful record of a slow-motion catastrophe. At its heart is the enigma of English nationalism.'
"...this book takes a model from the EU, North America and other sub-regions around the world to illustrate how regionalism could be successful in the Caribbean."
The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Regionalism - the first of its kind - offers a systematic and wide-ranging survey of the scholarship on regionalism, regionalization, and regional governance.
At one time the American Dream was the ideal and envy of the world. But today, at the dawn of the new Millennium, Europe is pointing a new way to the future. In this major new book, best-selling author Jeremy Rifkin argues that Europe has a vision of its own and is overtaking America as the world's next superpower.
Mercosur has been the most significant initiative for a deeper and more constructive integration in South America. Despite the fact that it is mainly known as a common market, its contribution to social stability is absolutely notable.
The basic premise of this book is that regional integration in Africa offers great promise in addressing endemic poverty and in advancing Africa’s integration in the global economy.
Written by the highly regarded diplomat Marty Natalegawa, former ambassador and foreign minister of Indonesia, this book offers a unique insider-perspective on the present and future relevance of ASEAN. It is about ASEAN’s quest for security and prosperity in a region marked by complex dynamics of power.
Ivan Rogers, the UK's former ambassador to the EU, is uniquely placed to tell some home truths about the failure of the British political class and the flaws, dishonesty and confusion inherent in the UK's approach to Brexit so far.
An extract from 'A Call for Revolution: An Appeal to the Young of the World'.
Britain's Brexit voters are right. They have been shamefully neglected. But the answer is to change Britain, not to leave Europe.
Since the end of the Second World War, we have moved from an international system in which war was legal, and accepted as the ultimate arbiter of disputes between nations, to one in which it was not.
A fierce, mordantly funny and perceptive book, from the author of Ship of Fools, about the act of national self-harm known as Brexit. A great democratic country tears itself apart, and indulges in the dangerous pleasures of national masochism.
The editor's introduction, by Prof. Michael Dougan, to the book 'The UK After Brexit: Legal and Policy Challenges'.
Welcome to Scotland in Europe, a resource which I hope will inform the discussion over Scotland’s current and future relationship with our wider continent. It has never been more important to be well informed about matters European.
A basic introduction to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and also the wider APEC grouping.
This collection of essays by various authors covers the regional blocs in Africa including COMESA, SADC and ECOWAS. It compares and contrasts them with the EU, ASEAN and MERCOSUR.
First published in 1990, for more than a quarter-century this has been the premier textbook on the European Parliament. This new 9th edition - the first for five years - has been fully updated and expanded, including all the familiar features and all recent significant developments.
Freedom of Movement and Rights of Residence