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There are more than 80 such zones across the Union.
From enthusiasm for a second referendum to the chances Remain would win, the evidence on the public mood is clearer than a lot of people seem to think.
Philip Hammond - Tariff free trade deals would only contribute a tiny amount to our GDP... so we must quash "this myth that third country trade deals will solve all our problems"
Of all the myths and falsehoods put out by this government, one of the most egregious is that leaving on 31 October means that ‘we can get Brexit done’.
UK automotive industry puts the record straight on ‘no deal’ Brexit impact, as Parliament debates the meaningful vote.
An EU archive of “Euromyths” printed in UK media that dates back to the early 1990’s has been making the rounds on social media as the UK and EU agree terms on Britain’s exit from the union.
"European Parliament votes to create 'BERLIN TIME' that UK could be forced to adopt". That was the colourful claim from British tabloid the Daily Express on March 26. The article claims that MEPs have voted to "advance plans to shift to Berlin time in 2021". Although some elements of the article are correct, no specific time zone is being imposed in the EU.
This story originated with a false declaration by the head of the European election candidate list for France's far-right Rassemblement National party, previously known as the Front National. ... Actually, none of these products are commercially available in the EU, neither home-grown nor as imports.
Once an obscure idea confined to the darker corners of the internet, the anti-Islam ideology is now visible in the everyday politics of the west. How did this happen?
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed that he had talked of the possibility of a no-deal Brexit during the referendum campaign in 2016.
The EU has accused UK leadership hopeful Boris Johnson of fake news over his complaint that "Brussels bureaucrats" made life hard for smoked herring sellers. It emerged that the rules were made by the UK, and not the EU.
Boris Johnson’s claim that British kipper producers are being hit by EU food safety rules was branded "fake news" by Brussels, after it emerged the regulations had been imposed by the UK government.
This Johnson surrogate keeps referring to a recent EU Commission paper which he says resolved the Irish border issues. Surprise! This claim is false.
British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt claims German Chancellor Angela Merkel hinted to him that the EU would be willing to renegotiate the Brexit separation deal.
A number of obscure pieces of trade law have taken on near mythical status in the Brexit debate. One of them is Article 24 of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (Gatt).
Is Turkey joining the EU? That was a claim made back in 2016, in one of nearly 1,600 pro-Brexit adverts run by the official Brexit campaign, "Vote Leave" and two associated campaigns, "BeLeave" and "DUP Vote to Leave".