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In this Federal Trust Briefing, financial expert Graham Bishop argues that three years after leaving the EU, there are no discernible signs of any benefits from Brexit for the UK financial sector. As the City’s leaders are recognising with growing alarm, the City’s international standing is slowly sinking.
Many flags, such as national flags and that of the United Nations, are exempt from requiring permission - but not the EU flag. / City Hall is unable to fly the EU flag outside its Newham HQ on the anniversary of Brexit, after a 2021 change to legislation means it could be prosecuted unless planning permission is granted.
Sadiq Khan has defended his blocked attempt to fly the EU flag above his office on the seventh anniversary of the referendum to leave the bloc while speaking to voters on LBC's Speak to Sadiq.
In this video, our Council member, financial expert Graham Bishop, reviews the prospects for the City of London after Brexit. / He argues that the British government’s “Edinburgh reforms”, designed to help the City, are little more than pro-Brexit propaganda. They will usually make little difference and in some cases risk repeating the mistakes which led to the financial crisis of 2007-2009.
The UK is lagging behind European counterparts in terms of growth because of Brexit, the Director of Tax Research UK tells Nick Ferrari.
After the U.S., the UK is the world's second-biggest market for art and antiques. But Brexit and the pandemic were major blows to sales in Britain last year, which slumped by 22 percent to $9.9 billion – the lowest level in a decade.
"Europe has clearly won the battle for its own share trading" / Aquis CEO Alasdair Haynes, from London's second-biggest venue for trading European shares, says 99.6% of trades shifted to the EU overnight — "a spectacular own goal" for Britain post-Brexit
"I can see no reason why any prime minister in their right mind would ever take us out," says prime minister taking us out of the EU.
Guy Hands, Terra Firma Capital Partners chairman and chief investment officer, discusses the impact of Brexit on U.K. exports, investment strategy, and the influence of environmental, social and governance issues on the firm's mergers and acquisitions.
Forecasts show the capital would have as many as 87,000 fewer jobs, with its economic output 2 per cent lower in 2030 than would otherwise be the case.
On @SkyNews yesterday: Single Market and Customs Union is what virtually every sector, organisation, university, NGO, hospital, trade union says they need.