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In an open letter, published in Tuesday's Evening Standard, the Labour Mayor said "there has never been a starker choice" for European citizens in capital.
The stock exchange ‘going down the gurgler’, a ‘hammer blow’ to the food industry, married Britons punished, and some rare Brexit upsides
A leading writer on the economy explains why the underperformance of the stock market should shock and concern everyone.
The City of London was supposed to have been set free by Britain’s departure from the EU. That’s not how it’s turning out. / In a reversal of the roles they've been used to playing, Britain is demanding the EU toughen up rules, worried about the threat of another financial crisis.
SHAREHOLDERS in travel giant Tui have voted unanimously in favour of the company ditching its listing on the London Stock Exchange. / Tui, which is currently dual-listed in London and Frankfurt, announced last night that investors had voted by a large majority (98.35%) to quit the UK capital.
New biometric border controls being introduced for UK citizens due to Brexit could create “huge queues” of travellers, reports Noah Vickers, Local Democracy Reporter.
Issues around new Eurostar post-Brexit passport checks must be resolved "as a matter of urgency" ahead of potential "chaos", London's mayor says. / There are plans to bring in biometric border controls at St Pancras International in London in October.
Poor regulation of harmful chemicals, the City losing control of trillions, the music industry on its knees ... more Brexit consequences.
London risks losing control of its lucrative clearing market under new rules.
Facilities at St Pancras too ‘inadequate’ to process new checks without ‘hour-long queues’ at peak times, says operator HS1.
New post-Brexit border controls could result in Eurostar being forced to limit passenger numbers travelling from London St Pancras every day, it has been reported.
Ms Dupont told MyLondon: "Since Brexit, just direct 25 per cent tax increase on the product coming from abroad. Knowing that we are an island, it's difficult to avoid that - it just happens." / "To be honest, my opinion, Camden mostly a touristy place. We definitely did, before Brexit, a few years ago better."
Conservative politicians have boycotted a City Hall investigation into the impact of Brexit on London after Sadiq Khan claimed the capital was £30bn worse off. The London Assembly probe into the fallout from Britain's departure from the EU was due to hear evidence from five witnesses.
Online betting giant Flutter this week took the first step to switch its main listing from London to New York, in a fresh post-Brexit blow to the City finance district.
Clues point to Britain’s 2016 vote as City suffers brutal losing streak.
MPs have branded a post-Brexit shake-up aimed at boosting growth in the financial sector a "damp squib". / The Treasury Committee said since the "Edinburgh Reforms" package was set out, there has been little progress.
The man who speaks for the City knows the bankers can’t do without Europe.
Mayor vows to make capital a better place to live to offset ‘shockwaves’ from EU departure.
The aftershocks of the 2016 referendum to leave the EU continue to reverberate. / The effects of Brexit are becoming increasingly clear as time goes on, and London’s restaurant industry is learning that the hard way.
Le Gavroche was founded by Albert Roux and Michel Roux Snr in 1967.
The success of Paris in luring banks from London after Brexit has exceeded expectations and is increasingly reflected in France’s balance of payments, the central bank said.
After Lily Allen tweeted that she’s noticed ‘standards have slipped’ in many of London’s restaurants, people began asking themselves whether she was right. Kate Ng speaks to those on the frontline about what’s gone awry in a city once known for its incredible food.
In this Federal Trust Briefing, financial expert Graham Bishop argues that three years after leaving the EU, there are no discernible signs of any benefits from Brexit for the UK financial sector. As the City’s leaders are recognising with growing alarm, the City’s international standing is slowly sinking.
He said Brexit has made attracting talent “substantially more difficult”. / A partner in a brand new $1bn venture capital fund has warned that London risks losing its status as a global tech hub as Brexit has made attracting talent “substantially more difficult”.
The City has been plunged into something of an existential panic in recent months. Fears of international decline have crystallised in the form of a listings drought and a crack squad of City grandees are scrambling to try and steady the ship.