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The recent closure of the Charles Peguy centre is sad but hardly surprising.
London is in danger of becoming a mere “regional stock market” down the line unless it significantly raises its game -- that is the warning from Mark Austin, the latest person charged with sprucing up the UK’s listing rules and helping the city maintain its position as one of the world’s leading financial centers.
Britain’s top hotels are suffering from bartender shortages, with many leaving the industry or moving to new projects.
London’s IPO market share has dropped since the Brexit vote as British companies seek to list in New York.
The economic fallout from leaving the EU is becoming all too apparent.
Brexit is no reason to radically alter British financial regulation and regulators should not be forced to water down rules to boost London’s competitiveness, or stray from global standards, a UK parliamentary committee report said on Thursday.
Treasury silent on damage being caused by Brexit to Britain’s economy and Bank of England accused of being reluctant to talk about it.
The UK is lagging behind European counterparts in terms of growth because of Brexit, the Director of Tax Research UK tells Nick Ferrari.
Angel of the North artist now holds dual nationality and is ‘keen to retain links with Europe’.
The European Central Bank said global lenders who set up units in the euro area after Brexit are still too dependent on operations outside the region, a conclusion that may lead some banks to move more staff into the bloc.
Airmic, the UK association for risk and insurance professionals has said that Brexit is threatening the London Markets influence in the global industry.
Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin are most successful in luring roles from UK, say consultants
More than 7,000 finance jobs have moved from London to the European Union as a result of Brexit, down 400 from the total anticipated in December, consultants EY said on Tuesday.
Banks may continue to drift away from London if the European Central Bank intensifies its scrutiny of their presence in the bloc, the Bank of England’s deputy governor said.
It will be years before the full impact of Brexit on Britain's financial sector is fully known as more activity could leave London for the bloc or other centres like New York, Bank of England Deputy Governor Jon Cunliffe said on Monday.
Mairead McGuinness, European commissioner for financial stability, financial services and the capital markets union, says Brexit equivalence on clearing is over in 2025.
UK-based derivatives clearing houses will no longer have access to the European Union after June 2025, the EU’s financial services chief has said.
There will be no access to the European Union for Britain's derivatives clearing houses after June 2025, the bloc's financial services chief Mairead McGuinness said on Friday.
The European Commission’s financial services head insisted that U.K. clearinghouses will get no further access to the bloc’s markets after 2025, knocking back the Bank of England governor’s calls for an indefinite trade route into the European Union.
International banks in the UK are under increasing pressure to tighten up compliance with post-Brexit rules amid a regulatory review.
Mandatory clearing of derivatives contracts by pension funds in the European Union should start in June 2023, helping the bloc to cut reliance on London, the EU's securities watchdog said on Tuesday.
The rising cost of building materials and worker shortages in the construction sector as a result of Brexit are to blame for a lack of progress on London’s affordable housing targets, Sadiq Khan has said.
New rules over corporate lending and market trading mean EU rivals may soon have a competitive advantage.
A London headteacher has blamed Brexit after her primary school was forced to close because it lost half of its pupils.