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2024: Boris Johnson says the UK had the fastest vaccine rollout because we left the EU / 2020: Dr June Raine (then CEO of the MHRA speaking at a Downing Street briefing) says the UK approved the vaccine rollout while under EU rules
Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was in Washington DC, where he spoke at an event organised by the Georgetown University. At it he was challenged by a student over Brexit. Johnson showed typical indifference and engaged in falsehoods.
An honest assessment of Brexit from Fareed Zakaria of CNN... "On virtually every measure, from business investment to exports to employment Britain is falling behind its peers."
There is a stark disconnect between promises of prosperity and the grim post-Brexit reality for the UK fishing industry, according to fishing boat owner Mark Addison. "There's been issues with queues, passports, paperwork, groupage in lorries.... which is a big problem with fresh produce like fish." says Mr Addison, speaking from Peterhead in Scotland, Europe's largest whitefish market.
It’s been four years since we formally left the EU - and its been eight years of trying to square an impossible circle. How do you keep Brexiteers happy, the EU on board and Northern Ireland’s government up and running, all at once?
James O'Brien discusses recent reports suggesting food imports to the UK are at risk in confusion over post-Brexit checks and emphasises how this proves how 'stupid' the idea of Brexit really is. James highlights how people believed the words of a 'proven liar' in Boris Johnson and a 'proven idiot' in Jacob Rees-Mogg, who assured people that 'food would be cheaper.'
Ken Clarke tells MPs: 'I do think the Prime Minister has a tremendous skill in keeping a straight face whilst he's being so disingenuous'. / Boris Johnson has been defeated again as MPs pass bill blocking no-deal.
Good Morning Britain host Susannah Reid had a heated exchange with Nigel Farage after the former UKIP leader claimed he could team up with Boris Johnson to 'defend their Brexit legacy'.
What the former Prime Minister warned BEFORE the referendum.
Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was left looking even more baffled than usual when asked a crowd whether they thought Brexit was a good idea.
The BBC’s Analysis editor Ros Atkins looks at the controversy surrounding the government’s plan to scrap thousands of EU-era laws.
CHEAPER energy bills. Lower migration. An extra £350 million a week for the NHS. There was little that the zealots pushing for​ Brexit wouldn’t claim ahead of the crunch vote in 2016.
In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a 'Brexit dividend'.
Following a weekend of utter chaos at the Channel crossing, James O'Brien reminds listeners how the Tories insisted Brexit would not bring about these very issues.
Boris Johnson has caused "untold damage," according to Peterson Institute President Adam Posen. / "He's a prime minister who thinks he's a president," says Posen.
In an exclusive interview with Sky's Beth Rigby, Maros Sefcovic disputed the UK government's decision to unilaterally overhaul parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol - saying it was "very damaging" to relations with the EU.
Boris Johnson has accepted that the political impasse in Northern Ireland is a "direct consequence" of the Brexit deal he signed up to.
Tobias Ellwood, a former defence minister, says he has not withdrawn his letter of no-confidence in the prime minister because of the speech he gave comparing Brexit with Ukraine's struggle against the Russians.
‘With this situation, please, no comparison,’ said Petro Poroshenko
Ukraine's former president Petro Poroshenko has asked Boris Johnson to "please" not compare the UK's Brexit vote to his country's fight against Russia - after the Prime Minister appeared to do so over the weekend.
Andrew Marr has hit out at Boris Johnson for his "ludicrous and offensive" comparison between Ukraine and Brexit, and said it was a calculated comment to "get back to talking about Brexit" in anticipation of upcoming local elections.
Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has suggested Boris Johnson was insensitive to compare Ukraine’s fight against Russia to Brexit.