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Stephen Flynn questioned the PM’s description of the Windsor Agreement as "special, exciting and attractive". / The SNP's Westminster leader asked why other parts of the UK were denied the same status.
Ian Blackford has accused Labour of trying to "out-Brexit" the government on immigration policy. / And the SNP Westminster leader called on the prime minister to accept Brexit was a "significant long-term cause" of UK economic problems. / Rishi Sunak said he was proud to have supported Brexit and it was the "right thing for this country".
Former SNP Deputy Leader Stewart Hosie fumed at the impact of Brexit on NHS staffing levels.
Ian Blackford has urged Rishi Sunak to "admit that Brexit is a significant long-term cause of the UK economic crisis." / The Scottish National Party's Westminster leader asked when the prime minister will "finally see reality."
Firms face “crippling uncertainly” and there is a “real threat “of food and medicine shortages in the new year, Ian Blackford has said. / The SNP Westminster leader called for an economic impact assessment to be released on the costs of the PM's “extreme Tory Brexit plans”.
Brexit means Boris Johnson’s argument against Indyref2 – that it was a ‘once in a generation’ vote – is ‘no longer effective’.
The First Minister has confirmed SNP MPs will vote against the new UK-EU withdrawal agreement.
Many people have criticised the SNP for being against Brexit but for independence of their own. This articulate caller explained to James O'Brien why they are actually polar opposite.
SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford was accused of 'defeatism and pessimism' by the new PM.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said voting for her party in the upcoming European parliamentary elections will send a clear message that Scotland is not for Brexit.
Speaking during a debate on Theresa May's deal, he responded to Environment Secretary Michael Gove. "The one line I enjoyed best out of all of this, and it was the way he told it: 'The EU will look on enviously at the UK with this Brexit'. You could almost hear the shrieks of laughter coming across the North Sea and the English Channel as they observe the plight of this pitiful nation."