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Treasury minister Andrew Griffith told MPs Brexit 'can deliver and is already delivering enormous benefits' - but hastily added there wasn't time to reel off any of them.
Legal experts say bill is badly designed and ‘undemocratic’. / Opposition parties will next week try to delay government plans for a bonfire of nearly 4,000 EU laws and key workers’ rights from the UK’s statute books after Brexit.
AN SNP MP has written to the Complaints Department of the UK Statistics Authority urging them to correct Michael Gove’s “wholly misleading” tweet about Brexit.
An increasingly large majority of Brits now think Brexit was a mistake, new polling suggests. / After years of wrangling an exit deal with the EU and the ongoing Northern Ireland Protocol dispute, 57% of the country now believes leaving the bloc was an error.
A surge in support for rejoining the EU means the debate on Brexit is far from over, according to the UK’s most-respected pollster, Adam Bienkov reports.
Professor Sir John Curtice said the vote six years ago had failed to settle the debate on whether the UK should be in the European Union.
“The truth is that Brexit is now probably less popular than it has been at any point since June 2016.” / Polling expert Sir John Curtis has said the 2016 Brexit referendum has failed to deliver a “permanent settlement” on the matter of Britain’s membership of the European Union.
Numbers wishing to rejoin EU steadily growing over past year, while parties maintain silence. / Polling evidence over the past year suggests that the 2016 Brexit referendum has failed to deliver a “permanent settlement” to the Brexit debate, polling guru Sir John Curtice has said.
BREXIT is to blame for conditions that caused a Scottish blueberry farmer to donate his £3 million crop to charity, according to an SNP MP. / Peter Thomson, who has around 60 acres of blueberry bushes on his farm in Blairgowrie, announced that it was no longer economically worthwhile for him to harvest the crop due to the value of the fruit falling by around £1 million this year.
FINGERPRINT checks set to be introduced on the EU border could cause significant disruption to holidaymakers, industry experts have warned.
Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson told the event an independent Scotland could be a ‘bridge’ between the EU and the rest of the UK. /
AN SNP minister has accused the UK Government of attempting to “row back 47 years of protections” after publishing plans to amend, repeal or replace all EU legislation.
The survey, fieldwork for which was conducted last year, found 52% of people said Scotland should be governed as an independent country.
SCOTLAND can expect Liz Truss's "hard-line" approach to the EU if she becomes prime minister, a Tory MP has suggested.
Rees-Mogg was one of the most vocal supporters of the UK leaving the European Union despite multiple warnings it would damage the economy.
The cracks across Britain that appeared at the start of Brexit have begun to widen over the past few days. Scottish leaders are renewing a push for independence, the fragile agreement over Northern Ireland is falling apart, and Britain is reeling under price rises pushed up further by Brexit.
The SNP have slammed the Tories' Brexit “obsession” as the economic impact of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU has been revealed by a new study.
THE SNP has warned of a Tory government “post-Brexit limbo” after it was reported a fourth delay to checks on goods coming from the EU is being considered.
A poll of UK firms found paperwork and increased costs after the Brexit trade deal came into force.
A year after leaving the EU, the real costs of Brexit are becoming clear to many West Lothian businesses. / SNP group leader, Councillor Janet Campbell, has told how Brexit costs are adding to every facet of daily life, from medicines to door locks.
John Swinney has claimed Boris Johnson and the Tories are "undermining" devolution as he blasted the controversial Brexit Freedoms Bill.
Six years on, it seems Europe still hasn’t got the memo. For that matter, neither has Britain. The United Kingdom, rather than leaping boldly into a brave new future, is imploding. Europe, meanwhile, seems to have found a new sense of purpose.
The Scottish Government has signalled its intention for Scotland to re-join the EU as an independent nation. / Brexit has been labelled as an “ongoing, cumulative calamity” – one year on from the UK cutting ties with the EU.
THE SNP has warned that households across the UK are set to feel the “bitter bite of Tory Brexit” this New Year, with a significant number of people concerned about food prices, shortages and delays to gifts due in part to Brexit.
Philippa Whitford said civil servants had been distracted by Brexit in the year before the first coronavirus lockdown.