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The Scottish National Party published a “Roadmap to Referendum” on Saturday, laying out plans for another vote on Scottish independence.
The party's Westminster leader Ian Blackford said leaving the EU was an "act of economic vandalism" that would damage Scotland.
Pro-independence party calls for Boris Johnson to pay for mounting costs and disruption of leaving EU.
Drew Hendry stages protest as he warns controversial legislation will ‘demolish devolution’
Firms face “crippling uncertainly” and there is a “real threat “of food and medicine shortages in the new year, Ian Blackford has said. / The SNP Westminster leader called for an economic impact assessment to be released on the costs of the PM's “extreme Tory Brexit plans”.
Appearing on Good Morning Scotland, the party's Brexit secretary said it could not back something that is "the wrong thing for Scotland".
SNP members have backed a motion which commits the party to strengthening Scotland’s ties with Europe and the rest of the world, despite the challenges of a post-Brexit Britain and an isolationist Tory Government.
Scottish politicians react angrily to PM calling it Tony Blair’s ‘biggest mistake’
Boris Johnson has come under fire for reportedly telling a virtual meeting of Conservative MPs that devolution had been a "disaster" in Scotland.
Brexit means Boris Johnson’s argument against Indyref2 – that it was a ‘once in a generation’ vote – is ‘no longer effective’.
‘Scottish public have shifted even further towards supporting an independent Scotland, with record numbers now saying they would vote Yes’
Lord Neuberger condemns internal market bill for exempting some of its powers from legal challenge
SCOTLAND should have its own ferry route to the European continent to bypass the “shambles” Brexit has created on the Kent border, an SNP MP has said.
SCOTS business owners, academics, trade unionists and anyone with an interest in the matter have just a few days left to make their feelings known formally about the UK Government’s determination to ride roughshod over devolution.
CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to step up their fight to protect the NHS after a legal bid to prevent it being “on the table” in post-Brexit trade deals was voted down by Tory MPs.
HELENSBURGH, Scotland (Reuters) - James Henderson has spent most of his life fiercely opposed to Scottish independence. Now, reluctantly he is backing it.
Proposals due to be published on Thursday by the UK Government will see powers in at least 70 policy areas previously controlled by the EU flow instead to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast
Proposals denounced as 'power grab' by Scottish National Party.
Failure to establish key scrutiny committee is also criticised as ‘unprecedented underhand behaviour’.