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Six years on, it seems Europe still hasn’t got the memo. For that matter, neither has Britain. The United Kingdom, rather than leaping boldly into a brave new future, is imploding. Europe, meanwhile, seems to have found a new sense of purpose.
The Scottish Government has signalled its intention for Scotland to re-join the EU as an independent nation. / Brexit has been labelled as an “ongoing, cumulative calamity” – one year on from the UK cutting ties with the EU.
THE SNP has warned that households across the UK are set to feel the “bitter bite of Tory Brexit” this New Year, with a significant number of people concerned about food prices, shortages and delays to gifts due in part to Brexit.
Philippa Whitford said civil servants had been distracted by Brexit in the year before the first coronavirus lockdown.
THE SNP have accused the Conservative government of “shafting” Scotland as it emerged the European Union has awarded Ireland almost €1 billion (£850m) for compensation for Brexit, while Scotland has been given just £172 million from a UK fund set up to succeed a major Brussels scheme.
Devolution is being “hollowed out” by Boris Johnson, who secretly wants to take back powers from devolved parliaments, John Swinney will claim.
“Brexit is having a worse impact on Scottish exports than the pandemic has," said Mhairi Black.
ALISTER Jack has been told to apologise to the people of Scotland for the "unmitigated disaster" of Brexit as he faced angry MPs in the Commons.
A senior SNP MP has warned delays to setting up the UK-EU Parliamentary Assembly are slowing the responses to problems caused by Brexit.
If energy shortages worsen, EU governments can resort to curbing sales of natural gas and power to 'third countries', which includes Britain as of this year.
OFFICIAL figures showing UK exports fell by more than £1 billion in August once again highlight the “devastating impact” of the Tory government’s Brexit deal, the SNP have said.
A fall in Scotland’s exports shows the “catastrophic economic vandalism” of Brexit, according to the SNP.
People, businesses and communities are now paying a heavy price for a hard Brexit we never voted for, imposed by a Tory government we never voted for. / Here’s a rolling list of the impacts of Brexit.
Brexit is undermining efforts to switch to renewable energy in the fight against climate change, a senior SNP government minister warned.
Health Secretary Humza Yousaf was speaking at the SNP conference.
“Boris Johnson once spoke of Brexit and the ‘sunlit meadows beyond’, but the reality he has delivered is food rotting in the fields because there is no one there to pick it."
SNP members have backed a resolution rebuking the “devastating consequences” of the UK Government’s “dangerous Brexit obsession”.
The agreement solidifies the pro-independence majority in Holyrood and says a new Scottish independence referendum will be sought in the first half of the parliamentary session - if the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
THE SNP’s Westminster leader has made a plea to Scots who are undecided on independence as the consequences of Brexit become more apparent.
The SNP claimed a "triple whammy" of Brexit, the pandemic and US tariffs had hit Scotland's most valuable export hard.
On trade, finance, migration, food standards and more, the UK suffers fresh ignominy on a daily basis.
THE SNP have said “independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Brexit” as new figures show UK food and drink exports to the EU almost halved in the first quarter since Brexit.
THE SNP have urged the UK Government to automatically grant post- Brexit residence status for EU nationals to prevent a cliff-edge and to stop damage from being inflicted on Scotland’s economy and NHS.
SCOTTISH Tory MSPs refused to recognise the impact of Brexit on Scotland during a Holyrood debate yesterday – and defended the UK Government’s decision to leave the Erasmus scheme.