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Political leaders have paid tribute to former European Commission President Jacques Delors, who has died aged 98. / Serving from 1985 to 1995, Delors helped create the single market allowing the free movement of people, goods and services around the bloc. / He also laid the groundwork for the single European currency, the euro.
UK respondents in YouGov survey now more likely to say they trust the EC more than they trust their government.
The Home Office lost a case over the 'pre-settled-status' rule - which could see up to 2.6million EU citizens become 'illegal overstayers' overnight and 'liable to detention and removal'.
On 27 October 2022, the European Commission announced that it has decided, under the state aid rules, to approve a EUR12 million German scheme to support the fisheries sector in the context of Brexit.
British voters were not fully informed on the implications of Brexit during the referendum in 2016, a European Parliament report has concluded.
The system for checks on agri-foods at Northern Ireland's sea ports is "not fit for purpose", according to an audit carried out by the European Commission.
OSI welcomes the Decision of the European Commission on the open source licensing and reuse of Commission software. The December 8 Decision means that Commission services may choose to make Commission software available under open source licenses, something OSI has long advocated and which opens great opportunities both for individuals and companies.
Instead of protecting the natural world, the proposed Office for Environmental Protection ‘could undermine the rule of law’, and lead to worse damage than under EU, lawyers say
ONLY ABOUT ONE in eight Irish people trust the British government, according to polling carried out by Ireland Thinks on behalf of The Journal.
On 4 May 2021, the European Commission formally recommended that the EU should not consent to the UK's application to accede to the Lugano Convention. The Commission has also indicated that it is planning to propose that the EU joins the Hague Judgments Convention in the near future.
Big tech firms face yearly checks on how they are tackling illegal and harmful content under new rules unveiled by the European Commission.
The EU has published contingency plans in case of the possible collapse of Brexit trade talks with the UK.
A TORY MP provoked waves of laughter in the House of Commons this afternoon after inadvertently revealing her lack of knowledge on the European Union.
UK foreign secretary has said EU invite for Covid-19 scheme was sent to old email address.
European Scrutiny Committee writes to Michael Gove demanding transparency on EU/UK Joint Committee.
EU Commission warns time is running out after first committee meeting on NI protocol.
Government now rejecting EU oversight of implementing Northern Ireland agreement.
UK has made little progress on new infrastructure needed for checks Boris Johnson signed up to.
Commission advises on a coordinated approach to easing restrictions across the bloc.
As the U.S. government mulls whether to issue guidelines to states this week about when and how to end their lockdowns, the European Union has today adopted such guidelines for its member states.
Participation in the scheme is seen as a test of the prime minister's pragmatism on Brexit and Covid-19.
In total, European Commission has pledged €232M to help contain coronavirus outbreak, as Italy becomes an infection hotspot.
DOZENS of British officials working in the European Commission have secured an Irish passport in order to maintain career progress within the EU institutions after Brexit.
Goodbye letter reminds Britain: ‘Without being a member, you cannot retain the benefits of membership’