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Exclusive: Britain is falling behind the bloc on almost every area of green regulation, analysis reveals.
The Conservatives have broken their promise to match EU funding at £100 million a year, providing just £43 million.
EU restricts use of eight chemicals, with 16 more in pipeline; UK has two under consideration.
A conspiratorial group of extreme Brexit lobbyists mounted an extraordinary campaign against one of the world’s most prestigious science journals – part of a series of joint investigations between Byline Times and Computer Weekly.
Michael Gove just claimed Brexit has “delivered” on Vote Leave’s boldest promise, suggesting it gives £350m a week to the NHS. But has it?
‘A storm is brewing,’ warn Conservative MPs who say their party is ‘giving up on Rishi’, who is seen as a manager rather than a leader.
Former Cabinet minister George Eustice says too much has been given away in the name of free trade.
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed Brexit has left farmers feeling short-changed in his latest show filmed in Oxfordshire.
Leading Brexiteer Michael Gove ‘honest’ about UK’s struggle outside the EU in confidential meeting.
Even some of the biggest Brexit cheerleaders are now looking to change tact - but is rejoining the EU still an option?
‘Nothing less than the future of democracy is at stake’ says Caroline Lucas as a cross-party coalition and The Citizens win an unprecedented hearing over electoral safety and national security.
The official statistics watchdog has reprimanded the Conservatives for claiming the UK had secured £800bn in “new free trade deals” since leaving the EU, saying the figure includes deals rolled over from before Brexit.
Asked about feared 4% GDP slump, Jeremy Hunt says he doesn’t accept ’all’ OBR forecasts – adding ‘I accept all the ones I agree with’.
"This great transformation of our economy promised six years ago and you’re saying it’s the end of the common agricultural policy".
Michael Gove has failed to name a single change from Brexit that has “made business easier”, as criticism of the economic harm from the trade deal grows.
AN SNP MP has written to the Complaints Department of the UK Statistics Authority urging them to correct Michael Gove’s “wholly misleading” tweet about Brexit.
LEVELLING up secretary Michael Gove has been caught out sharing misleading trade figures, according to a fact-checking organisation.
Wait, is he referring to the Brexit in THIS reality, or his own? Michael Gove has sensationally declared Brexit a ‘significant success’ on Sunday, despite the myriad of problems caused by Britain leaving the EU. The senior politician appeared on Sky News earlier today.
Michael Gove’s claim that Brexit has been a “significant success” has been comprehensively put to bed in a new viral video by lawyer Peter Stefanovic. / According to the Levelling Up Minister, the true benefits of Brexit will not properly be felt “for years to come”, a sentiment which seemed to escape his campaigning in 2016.
This week, Rishi Sunak talked of building 'an economy that embraces the opportunities of Brexit'. Here's 5 mins on Brexit's impact on the economy so far.
Vaughan Gething claims Wales will be £1bn worse over the next three years, after the UK Government announced a package to replace funding previously allocated by the European Union, before Brexit.
Campaigners say revoking of post-Brexit protections amounts to legislative vandalism. / Hundreds of Britain’s environmental laws covering water quality, sewage pollution, clean air, habitat protections and the use of pesticides are lined up for removal from UK law under a government bill.
Now, the 75-year-old wants to know, how do we reverse Brexit? / Taking to Twitter, Lord Sugar issued a scathing attack on the Conservative government, initially retweeting a brutal image that read: ‘Brexit has not worked. There are no opportunities. It was all based on lies. The sooner we admit this, the better.’
An anti-Brexit passenger confronted sun-seeking Michael Gove over his “lies” at a Greek airport after she suffered a 30-hour delay.