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"Farage, Banks and Bannon. They are some of the well-known Bad Boys of Brexit. But there are many more. The Bad Boys of Brexit are an unholy alliance. They are global Money Men, small-state Regulation Burners and people with highly questionable Russian Connections, some of whom have undermined the very foundations of democracy."
Trade deal would open door to meat containing banned growth promoters, from pigs kept in conditions banned in UK, industry leaders warn.
Soil Association raises concerns over chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef.
Despite calls to 'take back control' the economic reality is that tariffs will be determined by the 'bound rates' that the UK already has in place under the WTO and, ultimately, no tariff regime will make up for loss of access to the EU market
Chancellor to warn leadership candidates they can leave with no deal or spend, but not both
Warning for Boris Johnson amid growing expectation Speaker Bercow will help MPs. / Michael Gove has warned Boris Johnson that parliament should be given a veto over a no-deal Brexit.
Tory leadership candidates have turned on “dictator” Dominic Raab after he refused to rule out suspending Parliament to push through Brexit by the end of October.
Boris Johnson was represented by an empty lectern during Channel 4′s Tory leadership contest on Sunday evening, after the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May refused to take part.
Labour has tabled a cross-party motion to try to stop a future prime minister pushing through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs.
Home office report pointed to 'genuine rise in hate crime around the time of the EU referendum' - but Vote Leave leader rejects any connection.
Shahmir Sanni co-founded BeLeave, an offshoot of the Vote Leave campaign, during the EU Referendum. He turned whistleblower last year when he exposed its law-breaking. Here he reveals how two of the contenders to replace Theresa May cannot absolve themselves of responsibility.
Environment secretary reportedly open to suspending Britain's exit from EU to prevent no-deal chaos. / Conservative leadership hopeful Michael Gove is reportedly prepared to delay Brexit until the end of 2020 rather than crash out of the European Union without a deal.
British governments have 'consistently shown that they are both unwilling and unable to stand up to giant multinational companies', says Jo Swinson. / Fears about chlorinated chicken in UK shops after Brexit have been dismissed by a US food official – as he revealed poultry is now being washed in acetic acid instead.
The Environment Secretary told the National Farmer’s Union (NFU) conference that there was “no absolute guarantee” that British farmers could export any of their produce to the EU in a no-deal scenario, and would face punishing tariffs even if they could.
Michael Gove and Boris Johnson also among key figures facing growing calls to account for campaign’s illegal behaviour.
Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s department moves two thirds of staff to work on Brexit. / More than two thirds of staff working at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have been assigned Brexit-related roles.
Environment secretary admits other nations could have a case against no-deal Brexit proposal.
Brexit campaigner said Belfast Agreement was a ‘rigged referendum’ and ‘mortal stain’. / Michael Gove is a “fanatic” who would be “dangerous” for the Northern Irish peace process and North-South relations if he won the Conservative Party leadership election, senior figures involved in the design and implementation of the Belfast Agreement have warned.
Britain's environment secretary Michael Gove has warned a no-deal Brexit could lead to the British government imposing direct rule on the north.
The US has outlined its objectives for a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, demanding greater access to the food markets where products such as chlorinated chicken or hormone-fed beef are currently banned under EU rules.
This is a video of Michael Gove now telling farmers how no-deal Brexit would utterly, utterly shaft British farming - while New Zealand would get to send the EU a quota of meat tariff-free.
Environment secretary confirms UK will impose tariffs on EU imports in bid to protect farmers.
A no-deal Brexit could increase the demand for export health certificates by an estimated 150-300%, Michael Gove has said.
The UK food industry has threatened to stop co-operating with government policy consultations, saying it is busy trying to stave off the "catastrophic impact" of a no-deal Brexit.