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The atheist biologist has written a new book about God but what really worries him is closer to home.
'Get Ready For Brexit' ads "misleading" and "nothing more than a Conservative Party case", MPs claim in letter to top civil servant.
The UK government has been accused of "doctoring" its Operation Yellowhammer documents to downplay the risk of a no-deal Brexit.
Low consumer confidence also affects sales at Morrisons, and Co-op says crashing out of EU threatens its supply chain.
“Do you have any explanation at all as to why [Michael Gove] should have said there will be no shortages of fresh food given what you've just told us? / “No.” / The British Retail Consortium says a no-deal Brexit will result in shortages of fresh food.
October worst time to stockpile as warehouses full of Christmas goods, says retail body. / Retailers have warned that there will be shortages of fresh food coupled with potential price rises if there is a no-deal Brexit.
Neurologist David Nicholl helped draft Operation Yellowhammer document on medicine shortages - but Commons leader accuses him of incompetence.
Gove has refused to confirm the Government would abide by legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit.
Food industry has been "crystal clear" with the government, says trade body in fuming statement.
MPs have a ‘last chance’ plan to stop no-deal but minister refused to say if government would follow new law if passed.
Michael Gove has refused to confirm the Government would abide by legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit if it is forced through by Tory rebels and opposition this week.
Labour and Tory rebels criticise comments as minister insists there will be no food shortages.
Industry body for UK retailers says claims there will be no fresh food shortages are 'categorically untrue'.
A giant video screen is being driven round Michael Gove's constituency, reminding people that he was against prorogation for a no-deal Brexit just two months ago.
Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
Since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, the Government has announced it is spending an extra £2bn on no-deal contingency planning.
A leaked cross-government study warning of the impact of a no-deal Brexit outlines a "worst-case scenario", cabinet minister Michael Gove has said.
‘Invitation to tender’ issued in a beefed-up version of Chris Grayling’s failed contracts with ferry companies, which ended in humiliation. / Ministers are preparing to spend £300m to bring in emergency food and medicine supplies after a no-deal Brexit – including through airlifts.
While businesses struggle with the red tape of no-deal planning, ministers are busy with commemorative coins.
Boris Johnson’s government has been accused of launching a “shameful spin machine” as it emerged the Cabinet Office will establish a team to monitor reports regarding Britain’s departure from the EU.
Civil servants in the Cabinet Office will run a new unit to tackle 'misleading' stories about no deal Brexit.
‘Releasing information for public scrutiny is a key pillar of our democracy,’ says Greenpeace
The Government has been accused of trying to play the “blame game” over a no-deal Brexit, as Michael Gove claimed that the EU was refusing to negotiate with Britain.