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Many UK cheese makers could face 245% duty from 1 January, making exporting unaffordable. / A priceless opportunity to sell “more affordable high-quality cheese to Canada” was one of those many Brexit boons that Boris Johnson championed with his customary blather as prime minister.
World-renowned economist Adam Posen reveals some tough truths about Britain’s situation.
Sir Richard Branson has blamed growing post-Brexit red tape for Britain's poor economic growth, saying he wouldn't "invest new money" in the country with the way things are at present.
Sir Richard Branson has ruled out investing new cash in the UK for the foreseeable future, claiming the economy has been hamstrung by trade barriers and “red tape” brought on by Brexit.
Is Brexit burning out as a divisive issue? New polling suggests Brits are now united in their belief that the UK's split with the EU has gone badly.
Eurosceptic Tory MPs wary of groundwork being laid for a softer Brexit. But Downing Street insiders protest that the idea of a renegotiation is ‘f***king nonsense’.
Jeremy Hunt has failed to deny he was the source behind a claim the UK will seek a “Swiss-style deal” to improve the Brexit agreement – but insisted he did not brief that is his aim.
Suggestions of the UK aiming for a ‘Swiss-style’ deal with the EU are misleading, unrealistic and unattainable.
"They talked about getting Brexit done, but they didn't actually get anything done and they've made a huge mess."
Even after years of division and vitriol, it seems like Britain still needs to talk about Brexit. / More than six years after voting to leave the European Union, the UK is facing a prolonged recession and a deep cost-of-living crisis. Last week’s Autumn Statement heralded years of higher taxes and cuts to public spending.
Sky's Paul Kelso, at the CBI's annual conference, says there is a clear message that Brexit isn't working for business and the government is failing to deliver policies that will help growth recover.
EU officials have derided the British Government’s ‘chaotic’ approach to negotiations and said the much-reviled ‘Swiss mess’ is ‘not on the table’.
Backlash from Eurosceptics after reports UK government intends to forge closer economic ties with EU. / Rishi Sunak has tried to quash claims that his government intends to forge closer economic ties with the EU by pursuing a Swiss-style trading deal.
The British government on Sunday denied a report that it is seeking a “Swiss-style” relationship with the European Union that would remove many of the economic barriers erected by Brexit — even as it tries to improve ties with the bloc after years of acrimony.
Scientific collaboration has become a casualty of Switzerland’s and the United Kingdom’s tussles with the European Union.
Lord Adonis, the Labour former cabinet minister, was a guest speaker alongside David Gauke, the former Conservative cabinet minister, for the event held to mark five years since the EU referendum, which was hosted by our chief political commentator John Rentoul .
A top European Union official said Wednesday that Britain could face retaliatory tariffs or other sanctions after talks failed to resolve an increasingly heated dispute over implementation of their post-Brexit trade deal in Northern Ireland.
The end of the transition period was merely a staging post within a process that will be long with us, says Chris Grey.
Customs expert warns that open border between tariff regimes was an invitation to smuggle.
The Brexit debate deserves so much better than Economists for Free Trade’s latest offering. Their paper, championed by Jacob Rees-Mogg, tries to make the case for leaving the EU without a deal and trading under World Trade Organization rules.
The European Commission has noted a “lack of progress” in talks with Switzerland over a new institutional framework deal, a top official said on Tuesday.
The result of a nationwide referendum has been overturned for the first time in modern Switzerland's history.
Britain faces exclusion from one of the glowing successes of European Union membership: a university study programme that has benefited tens of thousands of British young people and many more from the EU visiting Britain.
What kind of trade arrangements could the UK negotiate with the European Union after leaving? Newsnight's James O'Brien was joined by former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation Pascal Lamy, and Vote Leave's Andrea Leadsom to discuss.