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National Farmers’ Union president Minette Batters has taken a swipe at former prime minister Boris Johnson for adopting a “morally bankrupt” position during post-Brexit trade talks with the US.
Concerns grow that post-Brexit trade deals could lead to further decline in quality as battery farm eggs are reintroduced.
As part of efforts to maintain the Good Friday Agreement and make sure there is no border in the sea or on the island of Ireland, the Windsor Framework was devised. One aspect of this will see “Not for EU” labelling required on British food products sold throughout the UK.
Animal health bodies have welcomed the government’s U-turn on its plans for scrapping swathes of retained EU legislation, which could have wiped out 44 animal welfare laws.
The 730 redundancies at a chicken processing plant could be the “first of many” such blows to the Welsh economy the Leader of Anglesey County Council has warned.
Charity fears ‘inertia or a lack of commitment’ in government could lead laws to ‘vanish into thin air’. / Laws protecting animals in the UK are at risk of being scrapped because of Brexit, the RSPCA has warned.
It was long touted as one of the biggest prizes of Brexit, but Liz Truss has finally been forced to drop the Government’s plan to strike a free trade deal with the US.
To put that in context, Leeds alone has more KFC outlets than that.
The sector relies on labour from the EU that is no longer available, producer Paul Kelly of KellyBronze said.
Sales to Germany, Spain and Italy all dropped by more than a third in the past year.
Britain's leading employers are pushing the government to urgently increase funding to retrain workers and allow Europeans back into key sectors as supply chains buckle under the weight of COVID-19 and Brexit.
Fast-food chain KFC and German potato farmers face interruptions to normal service after a shortage of lorry drivers.
The comments came after Nando's announced that 45 of its restaurants would temporarily shut due to supply chain disruptions and KFC said some of its products would not be available.
A shortage of chicken, which forced restaurants like Nando's and KFC to close or change their menu, is being blamed on Brexit.
Chicken supply chain shortages, that have caused problems for both KFC and Nando's in the last week, is the result of Brexit, says the boss of the British Poultry Council.
Nando’s has said that it hopes to reopen all of its restaurants by this weekend, after 45 were closed because of a shortage of chicken caused by staffing problems at key suppliers.
A food manufacturer dubbed ‘the chicken king’ has warned Covid-19 and Brexit could result in the worst food shortages since the war.
The UK faces shortages of British-produced meat as problems with recruitment continue, the industry has warned.
Industry body says analysis of HMRC data shows structural rather than teething problems with Brexit.
UK now has a more limited relationship than when it was inside the EU... These difficulties have manifested themselves in various forms of red tape and difficulties around SPS rules.
The UK’s milk and cream exports to the EU have dropped by 96% ‘because of the post-Brexit trade deal’s red tape’, new figures show.
Trade barriers erected in Boris Johnson’s deal have cost exporters more than £1.1 billion since the start of the year, the Food and Drink Federation said.
Food and Drink Federation pleads with Boris Johnson to ‘urgently’ restarts talks to resolve the crisis.