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The negotiations which will set our relationship with our closest neighbours for the next generation are being rushed in a reckless game of chicken.
Trade secretary agrees to set up a commission to oversee trade deals amid growing concern over chlorinated chicken imports.
Supermarket boss says it would be 'wrong' to keep high standards at home and import lower quality food from abroad
'Trade campaigners have welcomed the release of leaked papers detailing trade talks between the Trump administration and British government officials, which show the US government pushing Britain into as hard a Brexit as possible because they see this as the best way of benefitting the US economy. This comes at the expense of standards, protections and livelihoods in Britain.'
Air pollution enforcement and chemical regulations could be undermined after UK leaves EU, say campaigners.
WHEN asked whether US food standards would ever be accepted in post-Brexit Britain, the unequivocal response from Cabinet Minister Michael Gove was “over my dead body”.
A UK-US trade deal is highly unlikely to be approved before the US election in November, according to Donald Trump’s chief trade representative.
Which? raises alarm after Boris Johnson dumped promised ban on chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef, to strike quickfire agreement with Donald Trump
The decisions made in these trade talks will define the health of the UK’s population as well as the country’s environment and economy for years to come.
But consumers may not be given information about US meat.
Concern is growing among farmers and unions about the importation of lower quality food to the UK, post-Brexit.
Chlorinated chicken is just the start. The government intends to rip up food standards, public services and public protections.
If the government accepts chlorinated chicken, other nations will sense its desperation and our reputation will be shot.
Leaked letter instructs ministers to have ‘no specific policy’ on the issue.
Government accused of not standing up to Donald Trump’s trade negotiators.
A campaign to ban cheap, low-quality food imports from the US in a post-Brexit trade deal has amassed well over 350,000 signatures.
As the UK begins to negotiate trade deals with countries around the world, do you want the food you eat to continue to be produced to the world leading standards you’ve come to expect? Sign our food standards petition and ask the UK government to ensure all food imports are produced to the same high standards as British farmers.
A timeline of events shows how the UK easily folded to American pressure, Jon Stone reports.
If Britain wants a trade deal with the US, it must accept American food standards, including those allowing genetic modification and chicken to be washed in chlorine, the head of America’s farming lobby has said.
Trump administration has told UK issue is important to American interests.
Union and consumer groups warn post-Brexit trade policy must hold food imports to same standards as UK.
Rishi Sunak accidentally votes against government, but ministers see off attempt to uphold food standards in post-Brexit trade deals.
Farmers are waking up to the effect Brexit could have on their industry, says PETER HETHERINGTON.
Official document puts likely benefits of free trade agreement with Donald Trump at below 0.2 per cent of GDP – and possibly as little as 0.02 per cent.
Admission lays bare limited benefits of ‘ambitious’ agreement with Donald Trump.