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Even though fishing is a tiny part of the UK economy, it was a key issue in the Brexit campaign with promises to "take back control" of British waters. / At the end of 2020, Boris Johnson announced his new Brexit trade agreement with the EU, promising that "[we will] be able to catch and eat quite prodigious quantities of extra fish".
Almost four years after Johnson promised the fishing merchant the French would be desperate to buy his fish, the business has seen sales plummet 30% and export costs rise by as much as £3,000 a week.
Mr Foord criticised the current trading arrangements and called for a smoother process with less paperwork.
"It's not us putting the prices up, it's Brexit." / Rosa shared some staggering statistics. Between the referendum result in 2016 and May 2018, 1900 florists shut up shop. Between May to October 2018 more floristry businesses closed.
Water companies in the UK have been accused of failing to monitor the amount of sewage pumped into the sea at popular beaches across the country.
Steve Race says he wants to see the UK back in the EU in his lifetime. / Exeter’s would-be Labour MP Steve Race has vowed to keep campaigning for the UK to rejoin the EU. Mr Race has been chosen as the successor to the city’s long-serving MP Ben Bradshaw.
Long-awaited new sea defences in Sidmouth are set to cost an extra £5million. / Estimates for the scheme have soared from £14million to £19million – with rocketing material and diesel prices, Brexit and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine blamed for the rise.
Voters in Tiverton and Honiton go to the polls next week in what could prove to be one of Johnson's biggest upsets yet.
Dentists say staff have returned to their home countries in Europe after Brexit, and there are delays in bringing in new dentists from overseas.
It has been a gloomy week on the sunlit uplands of sovereign Britain, as failure to award enough licences to the French mean our government is now loathed by fishermen on both sides of the channel.
“If there wasn’t any Brexit, there wouldn’t be any issues,” he said. “We were getting on fine before that.”
A Devon garden centre company has blamed Brexit for a staff shortage as it gives away £100,000 worth of plants for free.
Centers do not have the staff needed to look after the plants.
Tourism faces massive recruitment problems post-lockdown in Devon, forcing many businesses to remain closed for part of the week.
Time-sensitive seafood exports have been hit hard as the fishing industry struggles to deal with long-winded paperwork and new rules
Mr Perkes, has admitted he “got it wrong” when he voted to leave the EU
Businesses have been hit hard by Brexit, according to research by an affiliation on Chambers of Commerce in the region.
The UK’s biggest shellfish exporter says it’s opening an EU base to avoid paying up to £1 million a year in Brexit-related red tape.
The UK’s biggest shellfish exporter says it’s opening an EU base to avoid paying up to £1 million a year in Brexit-related red tape.
Officers from as far afield as Gwent in Wales, Devon and Cornwall and Yorkshire have all been moved to the county to deal with the contingency plans brought in to deal with the change in rules when travelling to EU countries.
Barry Hemmings is not a moaner, a pessimist or a quitter but he is, like so many hundreds of thousands of others, ‘hacked off’ by Brexit and the damage it is doing to his business.
The British economy is beginning to understand what it is to be tipped over the cliff edge. Cries of alarm and distress flares are going up across the length and breadth of the country, and from industries as diverse as fishing and finance and from pigs to paint.
Many at the harbour in the Devon town are concerned that their industry has been sold short