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It won't come as a surprise that the combined effects of the cost of living crisis following Brexit and Covid have been a factor in almost every one of the business closures we've reported on in the last year.
The aftershocks of the 2016 referendum to leave the EU continue to reverberate. / The effects of Brexit are becoming increasingly clear as time goes on, and London’s restaurant industry is learning that the hard way.
The famed Le Gavroche in Mayfair became the latest victim of spiralling costs and labour shortages.
Le Gavroche was founded by Albert Roux and Michel Roux Snr in 1967.
Le Gavroche is a two Michelin-starred restaurant where Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White earned their stripes. / “Brexit has put a huge spanner in the works in terms of supplies, staffing and costs.”
After Lily Allen tweeted that she’s noticed ‘standards have slipped’ in many of London’s restaurants, people began asking themselves whether she was right. Kate Ng speaks to those on the frontline about what’s gone awry in a city once known for its incredible food.
‘A whole generation of British talent can no longer go to Europe and pick up a job’
A RESTAURANT owner said unless the Government reverses Brexit, all industries are going to suffer.
Overseas bricklayers and carpenters could be able to get work visas more easily in the UK after the government updated its shortage occupation list. / The committee did not recommend any hospitality occupations be included, although it said Brexit and the pandemic had "significant effects" on both sectors.
A GLASGOW restaurant has said that Brexit is one of the reasons it has been forced to close.
"We promise it comes with everything but it actually comes with nothing and its also expensive and very hard to digest"
Europeans used to flock to London for restaurant jobs. Now, with doors to migrants largely closed after Britain left the European Union, many establishments are becoming desperate.
So how is it going? In economic terms, the past year has helped differentiate the impact of Covid from the impact of Brexit. / Doing so has exposed a hefty price being paid by many firms, as well as public service employment, for dislocation of Britain from its nearest neighbour's trading bloc.
Dough&Co started serving in October, months behind schedule after being hit by Brexit delays
Prices at the United Kingdom’s top restaurants have doubled since Brexit, two new guide books have revealed.
"Overseas workers visas is something we need to be looking at. There's over 200,000 vacancies within hospitality up and down the country."
Jason Atherton says he will have to mothball or fully close restaurants due to Conservative policy on EU employment after Brexit.
A Perth restaurant owner says Brexit and Covid related staff shortages has left him with no other choice than to close his business.
Got No Beef announced that they have closed their doors for the final time.
Brexit and the pandemic are being blamed by a Horsham restaurant for an ‘unusually high level of staff shortages’ which has resulted in its temporary closure.
Nearly 200,000 hospitality workers have left the UK since the pandemic, despite post-Brexit visa schemes introduced by the Government, according to Caterer.com.
The Catalan kitchen has been part of the Canton food scene for ten years but has struggled with importing ingredients and getting staff.
Closures in 2020/21 follow 856 restaurants shutting down the year before.
Northern Ireland’s highest-honoured chef has described the impact of Brexit on the UK’s European hospitality workforce as ‘huge’. / "But Brexit has been huge. The whole industry is missing the European workforce."
A County Durham restaurant has been forced to close its doors after five years – with the owners highlighting the inconsistency of running a business through Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.