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The consequences of ending the free movement of people between Britain and the EU are becoming painfully clear.
The London-based wall-mounted bike storage manufacturer attracted 50% of its business from the EU pre-Brexit and has been left with a £100,000 hole in revenues. /
The OBR forecast that Brexit would cost the UK economy 4% of GDP now looks ridiculously optimistic as the damage mounts.
Like many other companies, however, XY Automation found itself having to deal with a roadblock of its own: Brexit.
The region’s largest business group has called on Government to help firms trade more freely with overseas markets after research highlighted the Brexit trade deal is not delivering for them.
Supply-chain pain caused by the UK’s split from the European Union still lingers for British manufacturers and retailers trying trade with the rest of Europe and beyond.
Political chaos since Brexit is to blame, say manufacturers.
New research conducted by the British Chambers of Commerce has found that British businesses are being hampered in their trade with the EU because of the current Brexit deal but it finds that some changes and a few "side deals" could solve some key problems.
Businesses have cited Brexit after the UK recorded its worst month in over two and a half years.
Last year, UK car production hit its lowest level since 1956 because of skills shortages and supply chain issues.
UK car makers have been 'unable to meet the requirements' of the Metropolitan Police protection service
UK carmakers ‘unable to meet the requirements’ of the Metropolitan Police protection service.
Goods worth nearly £3.5 billion are awaiting completion in Scottish manufacturers’ warehouses as key parts, ingredients and materials are delayed because of supply-chain issues fuelled by the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Brexit, a survey has found.
UK companies have seen their new orders decline at the fastest pace for nearly two years this month, with manufacturing recording the steepest fall in export sales since May 2020 as firms experienced Brexit-related constraints, a survey shows.
'The Covid veil, now almost completely lifted, has revealed the challenges still faced by exporters struggling with customs and paperwork challenges and other Brexit constraints putting off overseas customers'
Twenty five months ago - after years of rancorous public debate and political deadlock - the UK left the EU. In our latest poll we asked whether UK manufacturers and engineers have experienced any of the promised red-tape busting, export boosting benefits
British firms are yet to see any upside from Brexit, according to one of the UK’s top executives, who urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to improve the trade agreement with the European Union to boost growth.
An interesting story in the weekend press, one that highlights the negative impact of Brexit on innovation and product development here in the UK.
David Bailey looks at the implications of BMW’s decision to stop producing the electric MINI at its Oxford plant and sets out what the decisions tells us about the UK automotive industry post-Brexit.
Ford has admitted the UK’s departure from the EU has not helped the production of its electric E-Transit Custom. / Hans Schep, general manager Ford Pro Europe, said: “Brexit is not making our life easier.”
The inflationary clouds that have been building over the UK manufacturing industry have finally burst, with a dramatic fall in demand creating the sharpest reduction of new orders since May 2020.
A surge in inflation and friction following Brexit has reportedly stagnated UK exports for more than a year.
Customs checks and border queues cited as leading barriers, as only 29% of firms say sales increased in Q2.
Manufacturing organisation Make UK said the sector is battling to fill 95,000 vacancies.
The UK regions and Nations which voted for Brexit have increased their dependence on the EU for manufacturing exports, while the European market remains the overwhelming favoured destination for the sector.