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Brexit has returned Britain to a black-and-white past. Arguments of 70 years ago must now be won again.
With reliance on EU products returning to pre-Brexit levels, closer supplier ties will be essential to managing uncertainty in the market, writes Pablo Cristi Worm.
Supporters of the European Convention on Human Rights must seize the moment and confront right-wing propaganda demanding the UK leaves it now - or risk a Brexit-style disaster, argues Kevin Maguire.
As the years have rolled on, the enormous disadvantages of leaving the European Union have been there for all to see but the supposed benefits touted by those who brought us Brexit have remained entirely conspicuous by their absence.
The reality of Brexit is starting to hit us all - and even those who voted to leave the EU are getting upset.
“Car crash!” exclaimed managing director Andrew Varga, whose Brexit progress I have been following since the referendum. News of the latest Brexit U-turn landed on him on Tuesday out of the blue. All his years of preparation for a new UK product safety mark, all his thousands of pounds wasted, all the uncountable hours and effort were rendered pointless, at a stroke.
The hot rhetoric of ‘taking back control’ of our borders is being replaced by cold reality.
There’s a growing understanding in Britain that the country’s vote to quit the European Union, a decisive moment in the international rise of reactionary populism, was a grave error.
The commercial departments of Brexit-supporting newspapers know the damage being caused to the UK economy, and newspaper advertising revenues, by Brexit. Their editorial colleagues continue to support it anyway.
No bank is obliged to give anyone facilities if it doesn’t wish to – the same as if Farage was barred from a pub or banned from a shop, writes Sean O’Grady.
Record View says the blame lies with Boris Johnson’s government, which was determined to push through Brexit whatever the cost.
The Retained EU Law Bill could see politicians, rather than the people ‘take back control’.
Seven years on, I still believe Britain’s divorce from the EU is a negative — but we will spend more time thinking about future member states than former ones, writes Michel Barnier.
Record View says the Tories must be punished at the ballot box for the chaos they have inflicted on the whole country.
Britain has been changed for the worse – but not for ever. And with the right gameplan, and determination not to relitigate 2016, a better country can emerge.
The leaders of our political parties cannot go on hiding from the damage to our economy, our reputation in the world and the frustration of our younger generation, writes Lord Michael Heseltine.
FARMING is an issue close to my heart and is an area which deserves far more attention than it gets.
Brexit and its devastating impact on supply chains, especially for food, is what sets the UK apart from every other country.
The ‘remoaner elite’, the civil service, the BBC, universities, unions, refugees: anything is blamed but Brexit itself.
The ruling Conservatives’ efforts to big up their paltry free trade deals with Australia and New Zealand took something of a comic turn this week, with the revelation that the UK Government was shipping signed copies of The Beano to the two countries.
It's seven years since the Brexit vote cast a shadow over Scottish farming and the absence of a new domestic agricultural policy means many of the worst fears are being realised.
While some may welcome the government’s ambition to shake up the UK’s data protection regime, Westminster should be wary of drifting too far from the path charted by our US and European partners.
Rules of origin force an increasing percentage of the value of an EV to be sourced from the UK or EU.
Rishi Sunak needs to grasp that ‘smart subsidy’ is what is powering our global rivals.