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UPDATE: As a mark of respect for Her Majesty, we have taken the decision to postpone the march that was to be held on Saturday (10 September). We would like to thank everyone who has supported the march, which will be rescheduled to a date that will be published as soon as possible.
(Rescheduled from Sat 10th Sept.)
Online event with Professor Chris Grey, author of ‘Brexit Unfolded. How no one got what they wanted (and they were never going to)’. Tuesday 11th January, 2022, 19:00 to 20:15.
On Thursday 20 January 2022 at 12.30pm, ACE’s group for emerging professionals will explore the effects of Brexit on the construction industry, in a special webinar co-hosted by Ellie Eastwood and Harry Coates of legal experts Beale & Co.
North East residents will be on the streets of Newcastle today to protest against the local impact of the recent HGV and supply chain crisis.
The Festival of Europe 2022 is a celebration of our continent and our shared culture and values. Our vision is one of hope and cooperation now and in the future. / The Festival of Europe comprises dozens of exciting events all across the UK throughout the summer of 2022...
The Independent is hosting an expert panel discuss on Brexit and what the current situation means for the UK.
On 3 October the Conservative annual party conference starts in Manchester. As delegates begin to arrive on 2 October, Grassroots for Europe groups from around the country and locals opposed to the Brexit deal will be there to give them the welcome they deserve and put Brexit at the front and centre of the agenda.
Campaigners will be holding a pro-EU anti-Brexit protest in Leeds city centre this week.
Creatives have been hit with a double whammy of the pandemic and Brexit making it harder and sometimes impossible to work in Europe like they used to. Ending careers. / From DJs to Orchestra's, musicians have felt the brunt of it. / This live online event is to raise awareness to help these people out and put their cause on the agenda.
The fifth anniversary of the 23rd June 2016 referendum to leave the European Union isn't a moment we remember fondly. But this year, we’re marking the occasion by turning it into a message of hope. We are going to project the names of those citizens who voted to stay, or who regretted voting leave, or anyone else who wants to sign our message, onto buildings at the heart of Europe.
Oxford for Europe virtual meeting with Ian Dunt and Tony Connelly
ADVANCE notice is given of an important online event to discuss how an independent Scotland could make its way back into the European Union.
The Government and its partner organisations, will be hosting a 2 day public event on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October 2020, to advise Islanders and businesses how to prepare for the end of the Brexit Transition Period.
We want to draw attention to the danger to people living with life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney disease, blood pressure and immune issues, etc if the UK leaves the EU in 2021 without a deal.
Saturday 9 May is Europe Day, which this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration.
The Festival of Europe is a positive celebration of Europe, being planned for Europe Day, 9 May. The day takes on a special significance this year as we want to show that Britain still wants to be part of European culture and celebrate the bonds of friendship we still share, despite Brexit.
EU citizens and 'pro-Europeans' living in and around Leamington will soon be able to attend a monthly event in the town where they can get information and meet like-minded people. / The first Euro Café will be held at All Saints’ Church in Victoria Terrace on Saturday February 29 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.
EU/EEA & Swiss citizens help make our communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Join us on a tour of our home.
Glasgow Loves EU invite you to come and join us to mark the sad occasion of our official leaving time from the European Union.
Join us at 2.00pm on Saturday 7th September in Parliament Square to Defend our Democracy and to demand our MPs Reject Brexit.
Find your nearest anti-Brexit campaigning activities, talks, protests and events nationwide.
Rally 4 Our Rights 12/10/2019
Where does it end? How many rights will they have to take away? How many lives will they have to ruin? How many families will they have to break before they are finished?