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What the former Prime Minister warned BEFORE the referendum.
"When the British government negotiate an agreement... do you honour it?" / Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier says he would like to ask Michael Gove about why the UK has "not yet" implemented its Brexit agreements.
This week, Rishi Sunak talked of building 'an economy that embraces the opportunities of Brexit'. Here's 5 mins on Brexit's impact on the economy so far.
Gove says NI now have the best of both worlds as they’ve unfettered access to EU Single Market & UK Single Market. / Hold on. This “best of both worlds” scenario is exactly what we had in 2016. So WTF have we just burned £200bn on Brexit for? Some fish??
Remember when @michaelgove said categorically that a Leave vote would have zero consequences for Brits living in France, Spain, Greece and all the EU/FoM countries? ... watch this space.
‘Efficiency and effectiveness’ at risk as terror threat raised and crime becomes increasingly transnational.
Brexit means Boris Johnson’s argument against Indyref2 – that it was a ‘once in a generation’ vote – is ‘no longer effective’.
Only half of UK firms that trade internationally have considered the impact of Brexit on their business, says the British Chambers of Commerce.
The UK is "sleepwalking into a disaster" over its border plans for the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December, road hauliers have warned.
'This is all so pointless. We are creating a vast customs bureaucracy, with costs passed on to the consumer'
Britain 'fortunate' it had not crashed out of bloc when coronavirus struck, Commission says – even as Boris Johnson vows to do just that if necessary.
Michael Gove has endorsed claims that up to 50,000 people will be recruited to carry out customs paperwork under the government's preferred trade deal with the EU. This is after his promise in 2017 that a vote for Brexit would mean cutting the costs of EU red tape.
“Do you have any explanation at all as to why [Michael Gove] should have said there will be no shortages of fresh food given what you've just told us? / “No.” / The British Retail Consortium says a no-deal Brexit will result in shortages of fresh food.
A giant video screen is being driven round Michael Gove's constituency, reminding people that he was against prorogation for a no-deal Brexit just two months ago.
This is a video of Michael Gove now telling farmers how no-deal Brexit would utterly, utterly shaft British farming - while New Zealand would get to send the EU a quota of meat tariff-free.
Speaking during a debate on Theresa May's deal, he responded to Environment Secretary Michael Gove. "The one line I enjoyed best out of all of this, and it was the way he told it: 'The EU will look on enviously at the UK with this Brexit'. You could almost hear the shrieks of laughter coming across the North Sea and the English Channel as they observe the plight of this pitiful nation."
Pascal Lamy, former director general of the World Trade Organisation and EU commissioner: Michael Gove today was “pie in the sky” / “you export less, you produce less. You have less trade, less exports and less jobs.” He said: “The notion that you exit the EU tradewise with no price is simply a lie”