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James O'Brien hears from a caller who says that the Brexit referendum "took his rights away".
In this new Federal Trust video, Brendan Donnelly argues that the so-called "Brexit Freedom Bill" is both pointless and dangerous. It seeks to repeal thousands of British laws simply because they have a European origin; and it opens the door to the abolition of rights and standards previously guaranteed by European legislation.
Parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of new rules aimed at protecting the rights of UK citizens living and working in Sweden before the Brexit transition period ends at the turn of the year.
Professor Michael Dougan gives us his verdict on the UK EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement, as usual, using five points.
Rumblings from No 10 and the cabinet want you to believe that the ECHR is being ‘abused’ by European judges. The reality couldn’t be more different.
If anyone wants a quick summary of the new deal, I explained to Al Jazeera today why it’s bad for jobs, bad for prosperity, bad for supply chains, bad for rights and protections, bad for border disruption, and bad for the DUP. It’s a really bad deal.
If only our own government were honest enough also to communicate this clear & blunt reality to the UK public.
Leo Varadkar says UK and EU will still have to negotiate, with same problems on agenda.
A video clip of an EU citizen joining the protests against Brexit has gone viral after she expressed her exasperation with the government's settlement scheme.
The European Convention on Human Rights came into effect on 3 September 1953. Some people talk about the European Convention as if it was imposed on the unwilling British by our continental neighbours, but the reality may surprise you.
itizens from EU countries living in the UK are being turned away at polling stations across the country. #DeniedMyVote
"Not one of those things he promised us has been delivered. So I have seen no evidence that that man is capable of negotiating his way out of the tea room in the House of Commons, let alone us into the biggest market in the world." - Peter Kyle
Freedom of Movement has given British and EU citizens opportunities that have changed their lives. Now its under threat- before Britain gives up these rights, listen to those who know first hand the difference it has made.
On @SkyNews yesterday: Single Market and Customs Union is what virtually every sector, organisation, university, NGO, hospital, trade union says they need.
Liverpool Law School‘s Dr Stephanie Reynolds explains the legal minefield in store for UK and EU negotiators as they seek to resolve one of the major outstanding issues to be considered following the activation of Article 50.
EU law expert, Professor Michael Dougan gives his assessment of the impact of Brexit on migrant rights, following many audience requests.