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If anyone wants a quick summary of the new deal, I explained to Al Jazeera today why it’s bad for jobs, bad for prosperity, bad for supply chains, bad for rights and protections, bad for border disruption, and bad for the DUP. It’s a really bad deal.
itizens from EU countries living in the UK are being turned away at polling stations across the country. #DeniedMyVote
"To all people in the UK who are heartbroken right now: The pro-European movement you have created in the past years is absolutely beautiful. We will build on that. And trust me: One day, I will see British MEPs being elected into this chamber again."
"Not one of those things he promised us has been delivered. So I have seen no evidence that that man is capable of negotiating his way out of the tea room in the House of Commons, let alone us into the biggest market in the world." - Peter Kyle
Today, MPs will debate and vote on the Retained EU Law Bill which if passed, could endanger thousands of rights and protections in the UK.
Some EU nationals in Wales may not be aware they need to apply for their children to be allowed to stay in the UK, according to charities.
A video clip of an EU citizen joining the protests against Brexit has gone viral after she expressed her exasperation with the government's settlement scheme.
'We are not the envy of the world anymore, we are the crackpot aunty in the corner that everyone laughs at.'
Imagine that you have lived, worked, started a family and built a life in a country which you now call home. And all of a sudden, your rights to do all these things are questioned and soon going to change. Will life be the same?
Supporters of the European Convention on Human Rights must seize the moment and confront right-wing propaganda demanding the UK leaves it now - or risk a Brexit-style disaster, argues Kevin Maguire.
It’s been dismissed as scaremongering by the Brexiters, but Brexit really does have the capacity to create a human tragedy that has been described as ‘Windrush on steroids‘. It has already ruined the mental and physical health, lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands who had made the UK their home in good faith.
People awaiting decisions having problems applying for jobs and moving house, say campaigners.
Last night the Prime Minister published 115 pages of turgid text he wants MPs to agree in three days. We’ve waded through as much of it as we can – and identified some horrors. But we won’t have caught them all.
The European Union has a long history of dragging the UK kicking and screaming towards gender equality. Without it, British women will get left behind.
After months of discussions, the authority overseeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK has launched a legal action against the Home Office over the treatment of 2.5 million people who should be protected under the Brexit deal.
In March last year, Dominic Cummings, former Campaign Director of Vote Leave, warned that after Brexit happens “we’ll be coming for the ECHR… and we’ll win that by more than 52-48…” For anyone who has paid attention to the public debate over the Human Rights Act (HRA) and European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in the past decade, those were chilling words.
The drumbeats get louder as the call of the wild pulses through the blood of the Conservative party again. The front page of the Telegraph on Thursday splashes, “Cabinet call on PM to ditch ECHR”. On their headcount, a third of the British cabinet want to join Russia and Belarus as pariah states outside the European convention on human rights.
More than 1 million EU citizens are set to be hit by call charges as they try to work out whether they can stay in the UK after Brexit, PoliticsHome can reveal.
Michel Barnier said in his letter to the Brexit secretary that citizens’ rights could not be picked apart from the withdrawal agreement.
EU citizens who made the UK their home are your neighbours, colleagues, friends, and family. They are your doctors, teachers, and hairdressers. They laugh and cry with you. They love you. But that does not seem to be enough.
Politicians have become Iago figures, using passion and rhetoric to drown out the Othellos. Justice and civil rights are being rubbed out along the way.
Boris Johnson is planning to opt out of parts of the Human Rights Act, according to reports.
Rumblings from No 10 and the cabinet want you to believe that the ECHR is being ‘abused’ by European judges. The reality couldn’t be more different.
Bremain in Spain is campaigning for the UK to remain in the European Union and to protect the rights of British migrants living in Spain.
The BMA has published a series of briefings, which outline our policy positions on a range of key issues relating to the impact of Brexit on the UK healthcare system.
Mired in politicking, the Brexit Freedoms Bill that will ‘move us away from outdated EU laws’ has still to be published. What lawyers are confronted with at present is an elaborate game of charades.
If the UK government had “got Brexit done” properly, sensibly and professionally, this wouldn’t be happening.
With Brexit, Britain returned from a codified and protected constitutional system, to an uncodified and unprotected one based on the sovereignty of Parliament.
Nearly five months after Britain’s official departure from the European Union (EU) following the end of the Brexit transition period, many EU citizens in Britain are considering leaving the country amid rising concerns over their status.
This project seeks to identify the constitutional, legal, human rights and equality aspects of Brexit for Northern Ireland, the relevant obligations and the options for going forward.
Oxford researchers warn design of scheme could see people lose right to stay in UK.
More than 14,000 UK citizens living in Germany took up citizenship in 2019, accounting for 23 per cent of those eligible.
Some people cannot prove they are in the country legally because of glitch in digital residency permits.
The Home Office lost a case over the 'pre-settled-status' rule - which could see up to 2.6million EU citizens become 'illegal overstayers' overnight and 'liable to detention and removal'.
The EU Settlement Scheme means EU citizens with pre-settled status have to reapply after five years otherwise they risk losing the right to live, work, receive healthcare and education and apply for housing and benefits.
Irish consumers are planning on buying Irish after Brexit and many have already switched from UK websites due to concerns around consumer rights.
The paper, commissioned by the Scottish Government, identified 137 potential impacts.
The stock exchange ‘going down the gurgler’, a ‘hammer blow’ to the food industry, married Britons punished, and some rare Brexit upsides
Brexpats - Hear Our Voice, (BHOV), is a pro-EU group, campaigning for the preservation of rights of British nationals in the EU. We also support EU citizens in the UK.
Agreement will guarantee the free movement of people between the two countries. / The British and Irish governments will on Wednesday sign a deal to guarantee that rights offered by the Common Travel Area (CTA) will continue after the United Kingdom quits the European Union.
EU will examine cases where citizens have met 'bureaucratic wall' trying to secure right to remain in UK.
British in Europe is the largest coalition group of British citizens living and working in Europe. With representation across the whole continent, we actively campaign for the rights of UK citizens in the EU and support EU citizens in the UK.
British nationals living in the Netherlands have been dropped from draft legislation which would allow dual nationality for people affected by the Brexit chaos.
"For others in the future, that will depend on the negotiations under way" on Britain's future relation with the EU, he said.
Loss of free movement rights means UK workers not suitable for many professional roles.
Tens of thousands have yet to apply for post-Brexit residence in countries with 30 June cut-off date.
A no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for UK citizens in the EU. No wonder they spoiled Boris Johnson’s press conference.
Requirements and costs of staying put abroad after Brexit vary across EU member states.
Britons dismayed by the loss of their European Union citizenship next year as a result of Brexit will have their complaints reviewed by the EU’s top court following a ruling by a Dutch judge on Wednesday.
Britons living in Portugal are complaining of being deprived of access to basic rights such as healthcare, employment and social security because they have not been issued with post-Brexit residency cards.
BRITISH nationals living in Catalonia are stuck in a post-Brexit legal limbo with lengthy battles to secure the identity cards needed for them to remain.
“When your own government screws you over, forgets about you, and essentially makes you out to be a traitor to your own country, British in Europe were there for us," one Brit in the EU has said.
Documents show ministers were urged to make preparations before EU parliament elections.
Warning: this episode includes very strong language. Awesome citizen rights campaigner Tanja Bueltmann co-hosts this week's episode as we talk about her work on behalf of EU27 citizens in the UK, what it's like being a constant target of online and offline harrassment
Nicky James, aka Bloke from Barnsley, joins us to talk about the Rally For Our Rights taking place in London this coming weekend. Plus some further reflection on how it is that the Westminster bubble still can't read the other side, despite them being an open book.
Boris Johnson, his so-called new deal, and the wholesale attack on citizens' rights. For light relief we join four Remainers Now standing in the rain outside the European Commission's headquarters and hear from them why they've made the journey to Brussels and what they want to achieve here. This podcast was brought to you by a large gin and tonic.
British citizens’ rights to live in member states change dramatically from 1 January 2021
Attitudes to immigration may be shifting. How can pro-Europe campaigners build on this to change the narrative on freedom of movement? / Following years of vilification in the popular media, attitudes to immigration and refugees played a key role in the 2016 referendum. Four years later, Priti Patel hailed the end of freedom of movement as a great Brexit success.
The peoples of Europe, in creating an ever closer union among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values. Conscious of its spiritual and moral heritage, the Union is founded on the indivisible, universal values ... It places the individual at the heart of its activities, by establishing the citizenship of the Union and by creating an area of freedom, security and justice.
The LBC presenter read out all the rights we could lose under Jacob Rees-Mogg's retained EU law bill and put them to Mick Lynch.
One of the main concerns is that any update will serve the Conservatives' own interests.
The amendment tabled on Tuesday morning by the Tory backbencher Alberto Costa seeks to ringfence the rights of all British nationals settled in the EU as well as EU citizens in the UK, regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.
Rise in home working has led to people swapping small city flats for Spanish villas during the pandemic. / Mr Dell also says many younger people are moving to Spain to seek residency in a European State and regaining the rights they enjoyed on the continent before Brexit.
Women know Brexit is toxic. On International Women’s Day, dare we think of life without Brexit – and make it happen?
Judge grants hearing of judicial review request after being told millions cannot access records.
It has been claimed that the 1969 Vienna Convention would protect ‘acquired rights’ for estimated half a million Britons in France - but can this be relied on?
Incoming PM tells parliament he will ‘bring back billions of euros’ of EU funds, as MPs prepare to confirm his candidacy.
The plight of Dundee Holocaust survivor Irena Jendrycha has been raised again in Parliament. / Irena, 77, described the experience of applying for settled status after Brexit like something from “the horrors of her past” and the process left her feeling as if “any goodness was sucked out of me like a syringe”.
Any British national with right to live in the Netherlands on 29 March can continue to live there
Expat Citizen Rights in EU - 'ECREU' - is a lobby and self help group set up to make sure your rights are foremost in the minds of those negotiating your future within the EU.
It is a little known fact that children who were born in the UK to a parent from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) may have an automatic right to British citizenship.
Four years on from Brexit, and seven and a half years after the referendum, the wounds we suffered still smart. Many were denied their democratic voting rights in the 2016 referendum. Many were denied the opportunity to vote against a Brexit government in subsequent general elections. / Yet we still had to deal with the consequences and the removal of our rights, benefits and opportunities.
As parliament goes through the process of calling a December election, MPs will also vote on an amendment that would extend the franchise to EU citizens.
Citizens told to complain if rights have been breached, as number of applicants surges before deadline.
Downing Street confirmed that the right of European Union nationals to freedom of movement would end overnight on 31 October in a no-deal.
“For many they may mean lost job opportunities, missing out on rental properties, being refused loans/or mortgages,” EU citizens campaign group In Limbo said.
Around 600,000 EU nationals in the UK might not apply for settled status, with disastrous consequences, the3million spokesperson Maike Bohn writes.
"Europe is strewn with the remains of people who were unlucky enough to be born at the time when freedom of movement was a matter of life and death."
Tens of thousands to be issued with warnings to submit applications for post-Brexit scheme or risk losing rights
Government’s home affairs spokesman in Lords suggests it is unclear how EU citizens’ immigration status would be affected by vote to leave.
The new power comes as part of a 99-page document detailing changes to immigration rules that the government published just before parliament was prorogued.
But government faces demands to extend the right unilaterally beyond next year.
A document due to be backed by the EU Parliament has warned that EU nationals in the UK are subject to discrimination, confusion and anxiety.
Data shows only one in 10 EU citizens able to vote in some parts of Britain. / The government has been accused of “shocking complacency” over the European election voting rights controversy as new data revealed that as few as one in 10 EU citizens were able to cast their vote in some areas of Britain.
‘You could have quite a lot of children who could pass the deadline for the settlement scheme, be completely unaware of their rights – and to lose their rights’.
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has for the second time struck down an agreement between the EU and US which facilitates the transfer of data from Europe to the United States and which permits the US intelligence services to access such data for national security reasons.
The EU has accused the U.K. of failing to comply with its post-Brexit obligations toward EU nationals in Britain.
The European Parliament has approved new EU rules to protect workers in the so-called "gig economy". / The law sets minimum rights and demands increased transparency for those in "on-demand" jobs, such as at Uber or Deliveroo.
The Government denied it could leave millions of EU citizens with healthcare bills and said it was committed to protecting their rights.
For all the reassurances about their status, the risk of being kicked out still haunts those without a British passport.
“In most countries in the world, laws that act retroactively are illegal. We need your support, we need you to raise awareness that things are not fine.”
One in 10 Europeans in Britain have been wrongly told to provide proof of settlement despite it not being requirement until after Brexit, research suggests.
Brexit has forced more than 5million people in the UK to apply for 'settled status' - but figures suggest there's a backlog ahead of the June 30 deadline.
Message to Boris Johnson comes after citizens with UK job interviews say they were locked up
The European Union's top court on Thursday dismissed legal actions from British citizens who had challenged their loss of EU citizens' rights as a result of Brexit.
Eurocitizens 15/06/2021
We defend EU citizenship rights to live, work and study: for UK nationals in Spain and Spanish nationals in the UK. / Defendemos los derechos de ciudadanía europea (para vivir, trabajar, estudiar etc.) de los británicos en España y los españoles en el Reino Unido.
The European Court of Justice is to rule on June 15 on a case looking at the legality of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and its impact on Britons who lost EU citizenship rights.
The government is facing a legal challenge over its preparations for the upcoming European parliament elections amid fears that millions of EU citizens in the UK could be deprived of their vote.
Government accused of failing to make clear an additional form must be filled in - just two days before voting. / Millions of EU citizens are demanding urgent action to stop them being turned away from polling booths at the European elections because of red tape.
Leaked resolution says MEPs will use veto against any Brexit deal without a backstop.
"The evidence we received makes very clear that the doctrine of acquired rights under public international law will provide little, if any, effective protection for former EU rights once the UK withdraws from the EU." - Conclusion to Ch. 6
The maximum stay in most European countries is strictly limited for Britons post-Brexit, with holidaymakers only able to visit for a total of just under three months in any 180-day period. Here’s what to watch out for.
This week marks the third anniversary of Brexit. While for some it’s a cause to celebrate or say, “I told you so”, for European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens and their families falling through the cracks of the Home Office system, it is cause for concern.
“Countless people have suffered because of Brexit and no awards will make up for that," one said. / British campaigners living in the European Union promised they will continue the fight for citizens rights post-Brexit upon appearing in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.
Why the law says “Yes” even if others disagree. What happens when the domestic legal system is inherently international?
The British Embassy in Belgium has made a final appeal to Britons to apply for their new M card by 31 December, the deadline facing all UK nationals registered as living in Belgium before 1 January 2021.
Freedom of Movement has given British and EU citizens opportunities that have changed their lives. Now its under threat- before Britain gives up these rights, listen to those who know first hand the difference it has made.
A French woman has spoken about how she lost her job in Shropshire and was left “heartbroken” about life in the UK because of a mix-up over the immigration process for EU citizens launched after Brexit.
For millions of Europeans like me, today is a difficult watershed moment – settled status will no doubt create a new Windrush generation.
EU citizens living in the UK can vote in local elections, but not in general elections. Each referendum has its own eligibility rules, which can exclude EU citizens. Yet these votes are making decisions that are very relevant to EU citizens.
Ministers say civil service staff from EU countries must pay to register their right to remain in UK.
Get Brexit Done’ has unravelled in a spectacular fashion; a significant knock to the economy, removal of rights and freedoms, more red tape for business and – the most heart-breaking of all – trouble has returned to Northern Ireland. The obvious answer to this foreseeable problem is for the UK to be part of the single market and customs union.
In a judgment handed down last Friday, the High Court has cast doubt on the British citizenship status of children born in the United Kingdom before 2 October 2000 to EU citizens who did not at that time possess indefinite leave to remain.
“I pledge to support the right of EU citizens living in the UK to remain in the UK after Brexit and retain their current rights”
The Home Office is being taken to court by a government-sponsored Brexit watchdog over the “unlawful” treatment of 2.5 million EU citizens in the UK.
‘Lack of awareness’ of EU settled status scheme restored as reasonable grounds for late applications by permanent residence card holders
The homelessness sector must do more to stand up for homeless EU citizens’ rights, a new report from the human rights lawyers at Public Interest Law Centre have warned.
The UK’s exit from the European Union resulted in important changes to the residence and employment rights of many British-European families. Drawing on new survey research, Elena Zambelli, Michaela Benson and Nando Sigona explain how these changes affected people living across Europe.
The European Convention on Human Rights came into effect on 3 September 1953. Some people talk about the European Convention as if it was imposed on the unwilling British by our continental neighbours, but the reality may surprise you.
Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU): EU values. The EU’s founding values are ‘human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities’
Deadline to apply for settled status two weeks away, as academics warn that vulnerable groups face loss of rights
Pressure grows for UK to extend Wednesday’s settlement-scheme cut-off date as backlog of applications grows and helplines crash.
There is no EU27 migrant, like me, who will accept the annihilation of their rights with positivity.
We protect the rights of EU and EEA EFTA citizens (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) in the UK and Gibraltar. We do this by monitoring UK public bodies to make sure they implement the rights of these citizens and by identifying any underlying issues. We are independent of government and will be both professional and impartial in our work.
If only our own government were honest enough also to communicate this clear & blunt reality to the UK public.
One of the trickier aspects of EU free movement law is “retained” rights of residence for family members if the relationship with their EEA citizen sponsor ends.
As I feared, it seems that European citizens in the UK face being stripped of many rights after Brexit
Labour's leader weighed in as No10 and Home Secretary Priti Patel prepare to announce new plans for immigration in a No Deal Brexit.
We should remain within the ECHR to protect our legal rights.
Theresa May has been accused of offering “meaningless empty rhetoric” on workers’ rights to win support for her Brexit deal, while quietly eroding vital protections in a no-deal scenario.
‘The way they have been treated over the past three years is shameful,’ says frontrunner.
The Labour Party has hit out at leaked plans to diverge from EU workers' rights laws after Brexit.
Almost seven years on from the Brexit referendum, there remains uncertainty over the future UK-EU relationship. Reflecting on the lessons from the last seven years, Neil Kinnock argues there remains a clear case for the UK being an economic, political, social, scientific and cultural part of the Europe of the future.
The European Union – African Union Summit, which is taking place today, is an important milestone. European and African leaders must underline that we depend on each other. A prosperous African future is a prosperous European future, writes a coalition of MEPs.
Unthinkable for EU to agree to PM’s key demand on citizens’ rights, says Verhofstadt.
Parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of new rules aimed at protecting the rights of UK citizens living and working in Sweden before the Brexit transition period ends at the turn of the year.
New Europeans is a civil rights organisation which champions freedom of movement, non-discrimination and the principle of solidarity in Europe.
Five years ago today, a vote took place which sent shockwaves around the world. I’m talking, of course, about the Brexit referendum.
Her [Theresa May's] plans for EU citizens in a no-deal Brexit scenario has been criticised by Alberto Costa, a loyalist MP who works as a parliamentary private secretary for David Mundell, the Scottish secretary. Mr Costa will table a motion to protect the right of three million EU citizens in the UK and one million UK citizens in the event of no deal.
The 2016 referendum, which resulted in a narrow win for those campaigning to leave the European Union, has posed perhaps the most complex set of questions ever faced by a peacetime government.
The report shows that no deal will not “get Brexit done” rather, it will usher in a period of prolonged uncertainty for citizens, workers and businesses, which is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon, our new report, No deal Brexit: issues, impacts, implications, reveals.
The government has said it is not carrying out a "formal review" into the post-Brexit rights of Irish citizens who were born in Northern Ireland. It follows concerns that a change in UK immigration rules could mean the loss of some rights after Brexit.
Residency, work and healthcare rights would be ‘in pieces’ for years, says senior EU official.
The Home Office's proposed skills criteria and salary threshold for overseas workers will "decimate" the north's hospitality sector, an industry representative has said.
The numbers are currently six times what they were a decade ago - with Brexit making life for Brits abroad increasingly complicated.
Irena Jendrycha was liberated from an Austrian concentration camp just 12 minutes before they were to be murdered. She has lived in Dundee most of her adult life but still has not been told whether or not she has a 'right' to stay in the UK.
One year on, what has become of the UK government’s promise that it would not make citizens pay the price of Brexit, asks Else Kvist.
The UK’s ‘settlement scheme’ for EU nationals living and working in Britain risks leaving 2.6 million people at unlawful risk of deportation; lawyers told the High Court in London.
If you married an EU national in the UK after 31 December 2020, you can’t get leave to remain under the EU Settlement Scheme unless you previously had or applied for an EEA residence card or family permit as their durable partner.
The scheme offers EU nationals the opportunity to apply for settled or pre-settled status in the UK. / However, access to this support varies between holders of EU settled status and of pre-settled status. Questions are being asked of the European Commission whether the UK is complying with its obligations.
Romanian President Klaus Iohannis told British PM Boris Johnson on Tuesday that Romania's major priority when it comes to Brexit was protecting the interests of Romanian citizens in Britain.
Have you had a problem with your application for settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme? Are you struggling to apply, still waiting for a decision, or perhaps you received the wrong status, or were refused status? / Or, have you already been granted a status but are struggling to view or prove it because you haven't been given a physical proof of status?
Professor Michael Dougan gives us his verdict on the UK EU Trade and Co-operation Agreement, as usual, using five points.
EU law expert, Professor Michael Dougan gives his assessment of the impact of Brexit on migrant rights, following many audience requests.
How far would you go to protect your freedom of movement and EU citizenship rights? Many British citizens have taken the difficult decision to become citizens of an EU country. Here are personal stories how and why they remained European.
Rally 4 Our Rights 12/10/2019
Where does it end? How many rights will they have to take away? How many lives will they have to ruin? How many families will they have to break before they are finished?
Reading Tories have held back in supporting a push that would allow all EU citizens the right to vote in elections after Brexit.
We provide information about residency and citizens’ rights for UK citizens who established residency in France prior to the 31st December 2020, and for their family members who plan to join them after that date.
The UK’s Brexit Minister has written to the EU encouraging it to agree to ‘ring-fence’ the rights of Britons living abroad in the EU and EU citizens abroad in the UK – however contrary to some reports, the EU has issued no response to this as yet.
Proportion being granted pre-settled status – with fewer rights – has risen to 42%.
The Human Rights Act is still at risk. Don’t let the government turn universal freedoms into privileges for a chosen few. Call on the Justice Secretary to save the Human Rights Act.
The Scottish government is using devolved powers to secure the rights of EU nationals beyond the end of June, as new figures suggest thousands of Scottish residents are likely to miss a crucial Brexit deadline to continue legally living and working in the UK.
THE majority of Scots are desperate to regain the rights taken from them because of Brexit, according to a brand new poll.
On @SkyNews yesterday: Single Market and Customs Union is what virtually every sector, organisation, university, NGO, hospital, trade union says they need.
Campaigners fear for victims of trafficking, modern slavery and the elderly as 30 June deadline looms.
EU children in the care of local authorities also face an uphill struggle, lawyer warns.
Two recent UK Constitutional Law Association blogs (see here and here) have highlighted the importance of rights in the context of the UK’s referendum on EU membership, and indeed within EU law more generally.
THE SNP have urged the UK Government to automatically grant post- Brexit residence status for EU nationals to prevent a cliff-edge and to stop damage from being inflicted on Scotland’s economy and NHS.
It’s high time politicians got real about the EU and single market, extinguished the bonfire of lies and told the truth.
Spain is poised to approve a new law containing contingency plans in the event that Britain crashes out of the European Union on March 29th without ratifying the Withdrawal Agreement.
The Spanish government has already passed a royal decree that covers nearly all areas of daily life for the more than 300,000 Britons officially registered in the country, but wants to see London respond in kind.
Maria - not her real name - was detained at Luton airport after spending a Christmas break in her home country of Spain. / A Spanish woman was deported from the UK after returning from a Christmas holiday in Málaga, despite presenting the necessary Brexit paperwork that showed her right to live and work in the country.
Home secretary Suella Braverman has sparked a new government row after calling for the UK to leave the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
Home Office demand for EU citizens to apply for settled status will ‘inevitably’ leave swathes of vulnerable people unable to prove right to be in Britain in years to come, warn campaigners.
the3million is a not for profit organisation formed after the Brexit referendum to protect the lives of EU citizens who made the UK their home.
This week I was contacted by a retired CEO of a major wine wholesaler. They, unbeknownst to me, had asked their local MP John Penrose (Weston-super-Mare, Somerset) if he thought it was acceptable that my wine business had been obliged to open a site in the EU to mitigate Brexit costs.
Many Brexiters, including the prime minister, are in denial about the cruelty that their choices have already inflicted on millions of people.
My amendment is to the Immigration Bill is asking members of the House of Lords to protect the freedom of Britons for decades to come.
In this new Federal Trust video, Brendan Donnelly argues that the so-called "Brexit Freedom Bill" is both pointless and dangerous. It seeks to repeal thousands of British laws simply because they have a European origin; and it opens the door to the abolition of rights and standards previously guaranteed by European legislation.
Thousands of British citizens may be waiting for family permits to be able to move to the UK, but the Home Office reportedly rejected freedom of information requests and parliamentary questions on data from the former Brexit select committee chair, Hilary Benn.
Think tank UK In A Changing Europe says some will "immediately and irreversibly lose their rights of residence" with the Home Office after June 30 cut-off.
Millions of Europeans have freely lived, worked and studied in the U.K. for decades, but Brexit means that those rights are no longer automatically granted.
Boris Johnson was accused of “ransacking” Brits’ human rights tonight as he blocks fights against his government being heard in court.
Ministers have been accused of pushing for post-Brexit trade deals with more than a dozen countries around the world that do not guarantee workers’ rights or systematically violate employee protections.
The government has signed a Brexit side-deal with Ireland to guarantee Irish and British citizens retain special rights in each others countries in the event of no deal.
The British government is breaching the withdrawal agreement with the European Union by requiring EU citizens to reapply for the right to live and work in the United Kingdom, an independent body set up to oversee citizens’ rights told a London court today.
The British government is breaching the withdrawal agreement with the European Union by requiring EU citizens to reapply for the right to live and work in the United Kingdom, an independent body set up to oversee citizens’ rights told a London court on Tuesday.
According to Article 20 of the Treaty of Lisbon, EU citizenship is additional and separate to national citizenship. Presently, there are no provisions for removing this citizenship and its associated rights from individuals, regardless of whether their nation leaves the EU.
EU citizens in the UK are "expected to beg, bend their knee and show remorse for not knowing" about post-Brexit visa changes, Euronews was told.
Some European Union nationals who have failed to prove that they have applied for residence status in Britain even though they settled in the UK before the Brexit transition period risk losing their jobs, homes, and access to other public services.
Opt-out from parts of European convention would speed up deportation of asylum seekers.
Activist calls for UK to clarify changes to law, says it creates ‘two tiers of Irish citizens’. / The UK government is under pressure to clarify immigration rules that human rights activists say undermine the rights of Northern Ireland-born Irish citizens under the Belfast Agreement.
Confused over regulations, Home Office border staff meet legitimate visitors and workers with suspicion.
The British government has been ordered to pay the European commission’s legal costs after being successfully sued for granting City traders a tax break without EU permission.
Government Failing to Take Adequate Steps to Ensure Right to Food
Thousands who fled their war-torn country stand to lose their right to work, rent a home and access NHS.
The In Limbo Project gathers and shares the heart-rending stories of people caught up in the Brexit crossfire. Here is one of their most recent testimonies, reproduced by kind permission. It epitomises the senseless, casual cruelty that is just one of Brexit’s toxic legacies.
Irish citizens in Northern Ireland could become “second class citizens” post-Brexit, a Belfast-based human rights organisation has warned.
Free movement, housing and social security rights at risk, says parliamentary report.
Liverpool Law School‘s Dr Stephanie Reynolds explains the legal minefield in store for UK and EU negotiators as they seek to resolve one of the major outstanding issues to be considered following the activation of Article 50.
Here’s everything you need to know about the legal framework for the PM’s proposed Brexit deal.
Brexit has led to stronger powers for Westminster, a diminished role for international courts and the revocation of key legislation for the protection of human rights. Anna Sanders explains why all these factors are likely to have a profound and detrimental impact on gender equality in the UK.
'What really got my alarm bells ringing is this sentence under the privacy policy heading: "We may also share your information with other public and private sector organisations in the UK and overseas."'
The European Court of Human Rights is still relevant to the UK, despite the country leaving the EU. / Certain Conservative MPs ... have called for the UK to leave the human rights convention, which would make Britain one of the few European nations, alongside Russia and Belarus, outside of ECHR.
During the referendum, Leavers loudly defended the rights of EU citizens legally resident in the UK. Now many pro-Brexit MPs are not practising what they preach. They have so far refused to back legislation requiring the government to guarantee these citizens’ rights. We’ve gathered below some of the statements made before and after June 23 by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and ...
While the government has clarified that the UK will remain a party to the ECHR, as Mark Elliott observes, the Bill aims at ‘substantially decoupling’ the UK from it.
The government is proposing to remove EU-era regulatory protections that enable people to challenge the decisions algorithms make about them.
Research says that of the 8.6 million workers most affected by scrapping of EU protections, around six million will be women.
Spain hosts the largest contingent of Britons on the continent, and their rights are protected by royal decree, but many fear what comes if the UK doesn’t uphold its side of the deal.
A significant number of EU citizens believe Brexit has made Britain "unrecognisable", a new study found.
The man known as “Stop Brexit Steve” could be silenced under the controversial new policing bill, Sadiq Khan warned today.
James O'Brien hears from a caller who says that the Brexit referendum "took his rights away".
EU citizens held up in airports and facing delays in moving house because they can’t provide physical proof of UK residency – despite government’s own assessment warning digital-only status would cause ‘a lot of issues’.
Ashley Fox says organisation will not hesitate to take public bodies to court if they breach Brexit withdrawal agreement.


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