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Opt-out from parts of European convention would speed up deportation of asylum seekers.
Boris Johnson is planning to opt out of parts of the Human Rights Act, according to reports.
MPs call for Home Office 'settled status' to be replaced by legal right to stay in letter to Boris Johnson
Campaign launched for government to give EU citizens physical proof of right of residence.
The Home Office says the EU settlement scheme is working. Working for whom, exactly?
EU citizens held up in airports and facing delays in moving house because they can’t provide physical proof of UK residency – despite government’s own assessment warning digital-only status would cause ‘a lot of issues’.
This week, the practical realities of what Brexit is going to mean came into central focus for perhaps the first time, with a new government information campaign.
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has for the second time struck down an agreement between the EU and US which facilitates the transfer of data from Europe to the United States and which permits the US intelligence services to access such data for national security reasons.
But government faces demands to extend the right unilaterally beyond next year.
Experts express concern over the loss of Britons’ free movement rights after Brexit.
Loss of free movement rights means UK workers not suitable for many professional roles.
Documents show ministers were urged to make preparations before EU parliament elections.
Brussels wants UK to commit to human rights in writing as condition of trade deal.
Government Failing to Take Adequate Steps to Ensure Right to Food
"For others in the future, that will depend on the negotiations under way" on Britain's future relation with the EU, he said.
We should remain within the ECHR to protect our legal rights.
The British government has been ordered to pay the European commission’s legal costs after being successfully sued for granting City traders a tax break without EU permission.
Why the law says “Yes” even if others disagree. What happens when the domestic legal system is inherently international?
The news comes as over 140,000 people register their desire to retain EU citizenship on a specially designed website.
This technical note was transmitted to theEuropean Parliament and Council on 30 April 2020. Published on the UKTF website on Thursday 30 April 2020
Rumblings from No 10 and the cabinet want you to believe that the ECHR is being ‘abused’ by European judges. The reality couldn’t be more different.
The Home Office's proposed skills criteria and salary threshold for overseas workers will "decimate" the north's hospitality sector, an industry representative has said.
Spain hosts the largest contingent of Britons on the continent, and their rights are protected by royal decree, but many fear what comes if the UK doesn’t uphold its side of the deal.
‘The way they have been treated over the past three years is shameful,’ says frontrunner.