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In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a 'Brexit dividend'.
Following a weekend of utter chaos at the Channel crossing, James O'Brien reminds listeners how the Tories insisted Brexit would not bring about these very issues.
Significant housing and staffing problems in the tourism sector across the strath are the result of 10 years of hostile environment policy, MP Drew Hendry insists. / He has been meeting with local operators to discuss their plight, and has spoken this week about the difficulties tourism companies now face after Brexit.
"The British government has left us out in the cold," says Terence Knott. He's the man behind EUBritizens, an action group of British people living in Europe whose lives have changed dramatically due to Brexit.
Producers having to throw away vast amounts of produce after EU labour dries up.
Fruit and vegetables are being left to rot in England as Brexit deters migrants from taking up picking jobs.
Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.
Touring musicians and road crews have been “betrayed” by the government in the Brexit trade deal, the Lords has been told.
There's been a lot of talk about free trade in the Brexit debate, but what exactly is a free trade agreement and how does it differ from what the UK has had with the EU?
What is the single market and why does it matter in talks about Brexit?
Why do so many people talk about a 'hard Brexit' and a 'soft Brexit'? And what do they mean?
Remember when @michaelgove said categorically that a Leave vote would have zero consequences for Brits living in France, Spain, Greece and all the EU/FoM countries? ... watch this space.
Training Video Series #1: A Brief History of CARICOM and the CSME
An overview of the operations and governance of the Eastern Caribbean Economic Union and the benefits for the Member States.
Video gives details around SADC areas of concern and potential improvements.
Please listen to Beate, who raised her family by basing their lives on the Freedom of Movement the EU provides. “The freedom to spread your wings” she says, “But when family needs you, you come home.” Now Brexit is blocking the way back and her family is #InLimbo.
James O’Brien received support over his Brexit explanation on the Irish backstop from an unlikely source... Theresa May.
Italy's PM, Matteo Renzi, says it will be "impossible" for Brexit talks to provide a deal that gives British people more rights than those outside the EU.
Sweden's Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, speaks to Mark Urban about the Brexit referendum vote - and how negotiations might go for the UK's exit.
Freedom of Movement has given British and EU citizens opportunities that have changed their lives. Now its under threat- before Britain gives up these rights, listen to those who know first hand the difference it has made.
How Winston Churchill, Britain's greatest war leader, promoted "the Union of Europe as a whole" after the Second World War. Talk by journalist Jon Danzig.
Sir Martin shared his insight on what challenges the Government is facing, what the Government and business should do now and how the UK seeks to forge new trading relationships outside of the European Union.