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Dan Hannan has a problem with the truth. The arch-Brexiter – who is back in the news with his book, What Next: How to get the best from Brexit – keeps getting his facts wrong on his pet topic. Here are nine errors and disingenuous remarks the Tory MEP has made in recent months.
"To bring inflation under control we don’t need rates to rise, we need freedom of movement back," one expert said.
How far would you go to protect your freedom of movement and EU citizenship rights? Many British citizens have taken the difficult decision to become citizens of an EU country. Here are personal stories how and why they remained European.
Food shortages caused by Brexit give boost to the case for Scottish independence, according to polls.
ONE third of Scots say empty supermarket shelves and closed petrol station forecourts boost the case for Scotland to restore freedom of movement with the EU as an independent nation.
Paul Newberry is a consultant aerospace engineer and he’s saddened by Brexit and the loss of opportunity and restriction of freedom it brings to people young and old ... including his son who followed him into the business). It’s bad news for the UK’s future scientists, engineers and innovative industries as a whole.
But Road Haulage Association says process described by prime minister simply ‘doesn’t exist’.
A British couple's retirement plans have fallen apart leaving them without a home of their own to live in thanks to post-Brexit visa rules.
The growing labour and skill shortages across the economy of the United Kingdom are fundamentally down to the explosion of the UK’s demographic time bomb. The UK has an ageing population with an ageing, shrinking, domestic workforce with, just as importantly, an ageing, shrinking, domestic business-owning class.
At gas stations, there’s fuel rationing and hours-long lineups. At the supermarket, there’s sometimes no milk or meat, and warnings that Christmas turkeys may be unavailable – along with Christmas trees and many popular toys. Building materials are so scarce that construction sites have shut down.
Darren Millar, who represents Clwyd West, came under fire from Plaid Cymru Deputy Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth for keeping his EU citizenship, while voting to take it away from others.
Darren Millar, the MS for Clwyd West, has retained his EU citizenship, despite voting to take it away from others.
The favourite to succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor said ending freedom of movement with the EU has created a ‘problem’ for Britain.
Olaf Scholz, poised to become next chancellor, wades into row over HGV driver shortage.
Olaf Scholz, set to take over as German chancellor after coalition talks, offers advice to UK.
Unprecedented labour shortages have left hundreds of tonnes of produce rotting in the fields.
Covid lockdowns have delayed the full impact of Brexit on the legal sector, the Law Society has warned, as international travel tentatively begins to open up. / ‘The people who are going to lose out are the younger generation, the people who are not based in the country but who would like to work there, who would like to have a European practice.’
Producers having to throw away vast amounts of produce after EU labour dries up.
Fruit and vegetables are being left to rot in England as Brexit deters migrants from taking up picking jobs.
Published by Arts Council of Northern Ireland in May 2021 (updated July 2021).
Boris Johnson vowed Brexit minister would ‘fix’ problem - but peer insists it’s down to more junior departments.
Millions of Europeans have freely lived, worked and studied in the U.K. for decades, but Brexit means that those rights are no longer automatically granted.