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Attitudes to immigration may be shifting. How can pro-Europe campaigners build on this to change the narrative on freedom of movement? / Following years of vilification in the popular media, attitudes to immigration and refugees played a key role in the 2016 referendum. Four years later, Priti Patel hailed the end of freedom of movement as a great Brexit success.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the UK and the EU must strike a post-Brexit mutual free movement of people agreement if they are both to economically thrive over the next decade and beyond, affirms one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations.
It has been almost two and a half years since the United Kingdom signed its post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union (EU), which was expected to have multifaceted impacts on the UK economy.
Drawing on my professional experience, here we explore how post Brexit Britain has become a challenge for international businesses, and domestic businesses, importing products for sale in the UK.
It may have been over three years since the UK formally left the European Union but UK brands and retailers continue to face a slew of challenges in navigating post-Brexit trade. Drapers identifies the persistent pain points and how they are being managed.
The party would seek to restore free movement and single market membership ahead of fully rejoining the EU.
A CHESTER law firm has seen a “huge” rise in immigration enquiries, as companies look to employ foreign workers to address the post-Brexit skills shortage.
Corrine Bentham, Senior Associate at Eversheds Sutherland, comments on labour and recruitment data obtained by the law firm through and freedom of information request.
The impact of Brexit on freelancers and the UK’s creative industries has been laid bare. / In a damning new report, the government is starkly reminded that it put in place “no clear provisions…dedicated to self-employed” people from abroad, in the 2020 Brexit deal.
Jill Rutter argues taking back control of our borders is why British travellers now face hold ups at Dover.
Brits want mutual free movement restored. 79% of us in a recent Omnisis poll believe we should have freedom to travel and work across Europe (88% after removing ‘don’t know’), and 73% believe, there should be ‘mutual free movement’ (84% after removing ‘don’t know’).
Farming and Fishing are the two UK sectors most impacted by Brexit. Experts discuss what needs to be done to recover from Brexit and thrive in the future.
A project manager’s disdain at chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech to Bloomberg's city HQ – ‘the UK will soon probably need to start offering its own nomad visa just to get people to come here,’ probably resonated with many IT contractors.
Britain’s music industry is facing a crisis brought on by the cost of living and Brexit, artists have warned, as they struggle to make ends meet in the wake of the pandemic.
Glen Matlock has said musicians have “lost their freedom of movement” to tour in Europe due to the “Brexit debacle”. / The former Sex Pistols bassist, 66, criticised the Government for failing to secure ease of access for performers within the bloc.
Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community Relating to the Free Movement of Persons, Right of Residence and Right of Establishment (AU Free Movement Protocol) adopted in 2018.
The African Union, comprised of 55 Member States, has prioritized enhancing regional integration and development, and in 2016 decided to move towards a “borderless” Africa with seamless intracontinental migration.
The consequences of ending the free movement of people between Britain and the EU are becoming painfully clear.
We're more than a quarter of a million employees short.
The OBR forecast that Brexit would cost the UK economy 4% of GDP now looks ridiculously optimistic as the damage mounts.
System working ‘broadly as Leave advocates promised’, say think tanks’ report. / Post-Brexit immigration rules have led to a shortfall of around 330,000 workers in the UK and had helped fuel inflation, according to top economists.
‘The project is probably now unsalvageable’, says former PM’s old employer. / The Conservatives have made such a “hash” of Brexit that the project is probably “unsalvageable”, according to Boris Johnson’s favourite newspaper.
The end of free movement and the introduction of the post-Brexit migration system represents a major structural change to the UK labour market. This working paper provides a descriptive assessment of the impact on a sectoral basis.
The end of the free movement has led to a shortfall of around 330,000 workers in Britain. Most are in less-skilled sectors of the economy.