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Home Office pours cold water on artists’ hopes of retaining free movement between the UK and the EU.
Guy Verhofstadt’s idea would give continued freedom of movement to those who wanted it.
The Morrison government has baulked at expanding a new post-Brexit trade pact to include visa-free work and travel between Australia and the United Kingdom, arguing any special deal that circumvented existing immigration caps could be deeply unpopular in both countries.
The Labour leadership contender said he would 'of course bring back, argue for, challenge' as he made a passionate plea for EU citizens to live and work in the UK - and vice versa.
The UK government says Gibraltar cannot independently negotiate a passport-free travel deal with the EU after Brexit.
According to Article 20 of the Treaty of Lisbon, EU citizenship is additional and separate to national citizenship. Presently, there are no provisions for removing this citizenship and its associated rights from individuals, regardless of whether their nation leaves the EU.
Building fences will not stop the rich and powerful from living their lives without limits, Green party peer Natalie Bennett writes.
Campaigners for EU citizens have launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson over his claims that EU nationals who made Britain their home have treated the UK like “their own” country for too long.
If Boris Johnson really wants to solve the nursing crisis, he should keep the doors open to EU workers.
Opponents say remarks are ploy based on xenophobia to win Labour leave marginals.
Uncertainty over UK citizens’ future status is prompting some European employers to steer clear.
A staggering 70 per cent of respondents said they were for the free movement of EU citizens who can live, work, study and do business anywhere in the EU.
The Labour leader suggested he would not seek to introduce a new immigration regime for EU citizens.
I’ve never considered myself trapped anywhere in almost 20 years of living in eight different countries. But Brexit has changed everything.
UK citizens fear ‘consequences’ of British government’s announcements after Brexit.
In the wake of last week’s triggering of Article 50, marking the formal start of Brexit negotiations, and the publication of the ‘Great Reform Bill’ it is a good time to ask what the effect will be on dentistry, both NHS and private.
The free movement of skills initiative originated in the 1989 Grand Anse Declaration, but the original concept has been modified over the years in order to facilitate the implementation of this mandate. / Notwithstanding the above, the Conference decided to implement free movement of skills in a phased approach, but the ultimate goal is free movement for all.
Over the last 15 years, South American governments and regional organisations have adopted an expansive discourse about migration that entails welcoming all migrants and promoting the free movement rights of foreigners.
Australian citizens could get freedom of movement rights denied to EU nationals after Brexit, international trade secretary Liz Truss has suggested.
A government adviser told this British businessman to replant his company in the European Union because they have “no information” about what to do after Brexit deadline.