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Travel expert Simon Calder told Andrew Castle the continued delays at Dover port are a result of Brexit.
When we voted to leave the EU we signed up to such queues and delays at the border, says The Independent's Simon Calder.
Environment Secretary Therese Coffey said the British government can't force people to do specific jobs. / The exchange came as MPs were asking the environment secretary how farmers can get more labourers to work in fields to prevent food rotting in fields.
Ministers urged to fulfil promise of new facilities, as desperate drivers forced to ‘s*** in bushes’.
The Unite union says the queues of lorries outside the town of Dover are a “direct consequence” of the introduction of additional border procedures at the beginning of the year.
Lorries are continuing to face tailbacks at Dover, which have been 'sparked by new Brexit checks'.
But the chief executive of the Port of Dover says UK and French governments need to work together to ease new processes.
ITV News Business and Economics Editor Joel Hills reports on the expected delays due to be caused when new biometric checks at the EU border in Kent are introduced.
Only half of UK firms that trade internationally have considered the impact of Brexit on their business, says the British Chambers of Commerce.
Ministers relying on ‘self-belief in their own rhetoric’, haulage boss tells Commons committee.
'This is all so pointless. We are creating a vast customs bureaucracy, with costs passed on to the consumer'
British farmers in Kent are worried ahead of Brexit. Many have accused the government of not being up to scratch in the negotiations. They would like another referendum.
Britain sent a convoy of nearly 90 trucks on the road to Europe's busiest ferry port Jan. 7 to test how the country might cope with a no-deal Brexit.