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KentLive conducted a straw poll in Dover of 50 people asking how they would vote if they could repeat 2016.
Intense traffic congestion around Dover is partly down to “Brexit scenarios”, according to the head of the British Ports Association.
TRADERS hoping to pass goods through the UK’s busiest port have been hit by further trouble after the Government's post-Brexit IT system went down.
Traffic hell getting to the county's ports has been exacerbated after it emerged a major post-Brexit customs system crashed - adding extra time for lorries heading to the Continent.
A 23-mile stretch of the M20 is closed amid HMRC technical problems and a ferry shortage.
The government is exploring a controversial further delay to post-Brexit checks on imports from the EU because of growing alarm that they will exacerbate the cost of living crisis.
The White Cliffs Hotel is 140 years old but the owner said it suffered a steep downturn after Brexit and the pandemic.
Ministers say port does not tell government how long hauliers are waiting for ‘security’ reasons.
Ministers urged to fulfil promise of new facilities, as desperate drivers forced to ‘s*** in bushes’.
“We drive 44-tonne killing machines. We are professionals, and in Europe we are treated like professionals, but in the UK we aren’t.”
The A20 runs through Dover town directly to the docks and it is right next to the small community of Aycliffe
A customs clearance manager explains why lorries are piling up around the port, and the mood among those working on the frontline.
Unite says customs paperwork causing delays – despite government’s denial Brexit to blame.
Huge queues are "the new normal" rather than "teething problems", Unite said.
The Unite union says the queues of lorries outside the town of Dover are a “direct consequence” of the introduction of additional border procedures at the beginning of the year.
Lorries are continuing to face tailbacks at Dover, which have been 'sparked by new Brexit checks'.
But the chief executive of the Port of Dover says UK and French governments need to work together to ease new processes.
One haulier said the long queues seen last week were "entirely [because of] Brexit".
"How long until portable toilets are out on the A20 ? There are NO facilities for drivers waiting for hours. Forced to p*ss in bottles like animals."
Queues of lorries backed up waiting to be processed at the Port of Dover have become so long the huge tailbacks can be seen on images taken from space.
"Very desperate or very stupid, or both," wrote one person in response.
Under new rules introduced on January 1, 2022, freight carriers now have to perform more extensive checks at the UK-EU border and this means that exporting goods to Europe can take longer at the checkpoints.
Huge 15km queues piling up at the Port of Dover have been blamed ‘entirely’ on extra controls brought in after Brexit.
ITV News Business and Economics Editor Joel Hills reports on the expected delays due to be caused when new biometric checks at the EU border in Kent are introduced.
mages from Google Satellite imagery show hundreds of lorries lining the roads around the Port of Dover after months of chaos delaying crossings.