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Mr Bray - known for his daily protests outside Westminster - was removed from a meeting hosted by the Bruges Group think tank on the fringe of the event in Manchester. “Where’s your Brexit benefits?” he was heard asking as other members of the audience manhandled him.
Conservative party politicians descended into open warfare during a spicy select committee on Rishi Sunak's key Brexit policy. / A group of MPs, stalwarts of the Eurosceptic ERG and Boris Johnson loyalists, Jacob Rees-Mogg, James Duddridge, Mark Francois, and Bill Cash clashed with chair Mark Pritchard over the Windsor Framework.
Conservative MP Mark Francois accused his party whips of trying to "rig" a committee discussing post-Brexit rules about posting parcels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. / Five Conservative MPs were taken off the committee by the party whips.
In this Federal Trust video, our Chair John Stevens and Director Brendan Donnelly discuss the current state of the Conservative Party in the light of Brexit’s failure. / They predict that after losing the next election the Conservatives will veer dramatically to the right, particularly on European policy linked to Brexit.
Conservatives hoped Brexit would be a "silver bullet". Instead the party is being ripped apart from the inside. Two conservatives explain why.
Sir Ed Davey said the UK must repair its "broken relationship with Europe" to boost the economy as the Lib Dem leader set out his party's main arguments for winning seats at an election during the spring conference.
In this video, our Director Brendan Donnelly argues that Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt realise Brexit is in trouble. ... The Conservative Party is incapable of extricating itself from Brexit. The force of economic circumstances and changing public opinion may however encourage Labour leader Keir Starmer reluctantly to abandon his futile hope of "making Brexit work".
NICOLA Sturgeon was completely unimpressed as a Tory MSP suggested Brexit has nothing to do with the Scottish Parliament during FMQs.
Economist Duncan Weldon and the New Statesman’s polling expert explore how Brexit and austerity have damaged the UK economy and set the stage for Liz Truss’s “mismanagement.”
NPR's Sacha Pfeiffer talks with Financial Times political editor George Parker about the continuing effects Brexit has had on U.K. politics and the economy.
Speaking in the Commons, Theresa May told MPs that the government's proposals to modify the Northern Ireland protocol would 'diminish' the UK's standing in the world and she 'cannot support it'. The bill proposed by the government, she said, is not 'legal in international law'.
A Conservative MP got into a tense fight with an anti-Brexit campaigner, and repeatedly called him a "tramp".
Producers having to throw away vast amounts of produce after EU labour dries up.
A Tory Brexiteer MP has been slammed by his own colleague for his “wrong and unhelpful” remarks about Welsh democracy.
Russia's influence reaches deep into the British establishment and successive UK governments have turned a blind eye to it, lawmakers were warned, according to multiple sources familiar with testimony given to a parliamentary inquiry.
A Tory councillor was grilled by LBC host James O'Brien after he called into his radio show to claim Brexit would deliver an "astonishing advantage" by delivering many of the things the UK currently enjoys with its EU membership.
Britain's role in foreign affairs has been in decline for a long time, and that will continue unless the country joins with other European countries in a very sustained way.
Italy's PM, Matteo Renzi, says it will be "impossible" for Brexit talks to provide a deal that gives British people more rights than those outside the EU.
Conservative grandee and former leadership contender Lord Heseltine has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing him of creating the "greatest constitutional crisis in modern times".
Emily Maitlis speaks to former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine about the future of the Conservative party and Brexit.