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"We agree that our common priority should be to work together in parliament to prevent no-deal Brexit."
Former chancellor leads group of 20 Tories voicing concerns. / Philip Hammond has told Boris Johnson that leaving the EU without a deal would be a betrayal of the referendum result, as the former chancellor led a group of 20 Conservatives making clear their opposition to crashing out on 31 October.
Ex-prime minister warns of “an unprecedented economic calamity precipitated by a no-deal exit from the EU”.
George Freeman tells HuffPost UK that trading on WTO terms would be "very damaging" in the long-run.
Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has urged the so-called “Gaukeward squad” of pro-European Tory former ministers to “stand up and be counted” on Brexit – because she fears not enough of them will try to stop Boris Johnson crashing the UK out of the EU without a deal.
So it’s come to this… Boris Johnson finally gets to sit in the Big Chair. Where do we go from here? / Plus special guest Gavin Esler talks us through his new book Brexit Without The Bullshit, his short rollercoaster ride as a Change UK candidate, and the war of facts vs fiction that defines Brexit. Oh, and there is hope! Her name is Jo Swinson.
Probable PM told he is on collision course with parliament unless he drops hardline agenda.
A string of ministers opposed to a no-deal Brexit are expected to resign the government rather than wait to be sacked by the new PM.
MPs have voted against including the European Charter of Fundamental Rights in UK law after Brexit.
The far right does not seize power. It is invited in to power by mainstream conservatives, who boast of their commitment to free societies. They do it for partisan gain.
Hammond has also warned the leadership contenders that there is no Commons majority for an abrupt departure from the bloc.
Boris Johnson is poised to become prime minister thanks to a small, unrepresentative population of Brexiteer voters bent on destruction.
New analysis released as more than 70,000 people sign petition urging anti-Brexit parties to work together.
More than three-quarters of members who joined after 2017 general election back crashing out of EU with no agreement.
Tory members in justice secretary’s South West Hertfordshire constituency reject motion.
Justice secretary wins two-to-one.
Red wine on the couch, Alternative Arrangements on the Border, Tory leadership hopefuls on the campaign trail and the EU on 'no deal' high alert.
MPs will be forced to stop Boris Johnson with all parliamentary tools at their disposal.
Former minister says more MPs would vote no confidence in government than may admit it.
The veteran former Chancellor is one of a gang of 12 Tories who could vote no-confidence in a No Deal Brexit government.
I’ve been told the frontrunner’s offensive comments are in the past, that Britain has moved on. But his words do matter. In this climate, fighting for the respect of all ethnicities is more important than ever.
Two thirds of Conservative Party members believe that parts of Britain “operate under Sharia law”, a new poll has shown amid a mounting Islamophobia scandal.
A group of Conservative MPs could put their weight behind a vote of no confidence to block a no-deal Brexit, a junior defence minister warned today.