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Rhetoric that government will develop gold standard fisheries is ‘a joke’, campaigners say.
Fisheries bill amendments on sustainable quotas and banning of supertrawlers defeated.
Chris and Garvan Walshe catch up on how they handled lockdown, what to expect next, and what has changed since they last recorded the podcast together, in November 2018. Just as it did two years ago, the Northern Ireland backstop features heavily in Lie of the Week. Also, will the Conservative Party have the good sense to ditch its current leader?
Mr Raab goes to Washington, Mr Miliband goes to town on Mr Johnson in another busy, busy Brexit week. Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Seán Whelan and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin look at the continuing external waves being made by the Internal Market Bill and go-slow negotiations.
Former Tory premier says he has "misgivings" about Boris Johnson's internal market bill.
Former attorney general lashes out as Tory rebellion gathers pace.
Senior Conservatives are not backing down on their rebellion against Boris Johnson's controversial Brexit legislation despite his warning that the EU could "carve up" the United Kingdom without it.
Boris Johnson has told Tory MPs he will not compromise on his plan to break international law over Brexit despite signs of a significant backbench rebellion, sources told HuffPost UK.
Former prime ministers urge MPs to reject legislation, saying it endangers Irish peace process.
Critics are in U.K. prime minister’s own Conservative party. / Top government lawyer quits as Brexit spooks markets again.
Government ignored legal advice over proposed withdrawal agreement changes.
There are good reasons to believe latest move is partly theatre, but there are hefty issues at stake.
No 10 will not be able to lay responsibility for a no-deal outcome at Brussels’ door.
Researchers warn that tactics could undermine public trust in government messaging amid coronavirus pandemic.
The man behind the plot to blackmail Tesco for £1.4m by contaminating jars of baby food was a Ukip MP candidate and a Grimsby Conservative chairman.
HOLYROOD has passed a motion calling on the UK Government to withdraw its plans for an internal market regime following the end of the Brexit transition period.
A Tory MP’s call to ‘bring in the army’ to help stop migrant crossing across the English Channel has been condemned by immigration charities.
Company denies ‘sweet deal’ that will import sugar cane from countries with lower employment and environmental standards.
Faculty, linked to senior Tories, hired to collect tweets as part of coronavirus-related contract.
Greenpeace investigators say the firm, which also donated to the Conservatives, will be sole beneficiary of rule changes on importing raw cane sugar
Organisation which drove UK to a hard Brexit made up of ‘climate change deniers’ and ‘Trump sympathisers’, new book is told.
Senior Brexiteers endorsed the Prime Minister’s deal but some have now turned against it and want to see it replaced.
Iain Duncan Smith says the financial liabilities signed up to by Boris Johnson in the withdrawal agreement were too great.
Just 6.2 per cent backed Boris Johnson’s party in last year’s election – throwing doubt on whether he will carry out pledge to abolish time limit on expat voting.