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Brexit supporters thought that the EU was obsessed with this country, part of our sense of exceptionalism. Not so, as Kate Moore discovers. / Travelling across Europe provides the opportunity to quiz Germans, Swedes, French, Spanish and UK nationals living or travelling abroad about their attitude to the UK and its departure from the EU.
Many of the leave voters George Llewelyn met in 2021 were dissatisfied Eurosceptics who are now ardent rejoiners. How did it happen?
Carmaking giant urges UK government to renegotiate rules to avoid expensive tariffs.
Stellantis has committed to making electric vehicles in the UK but it is no longer able to meet Brexit trade rules on where parts are sourced.
One of the world's largest carmakers has said it will be unable to keep their commitment to make electric vehicles in the UK without changes to the Brexit deal.
Vauxhall bosses warn the UK will be put at a ‘major competitive disadvantage’ without changes to Brexit import rules.
The UK is struggling to build a battery industry—and its new isolation isn't helping.
Although the UK was their first choice, the uncertainty over Brexit forced Tesla to change their plans.
David Bailey looks at the implications of BMW’s decision to stop producing the electric MINI at its Oxford plant and sets out what the decisions tells us about the UK automotive industry post-Brexit.
"Companies are already having trouble with the system,” one reporter said. / A new post-Brexit IT system is creating huge lorry queues in the EU as vehicles are trying to bring various goods to the UK.
British traders are falling foul of a new information technology system policing goods crossing the English Channel, as companies grapple with a fresh wave of post-Brexit red tape.
Swindon's Honda factory will close its doors for the final time today - after 36 years in operation.
Brexit has damaged the UK's position as a gateway to Europe for imported goods and increased red tape.
The loss of Honda in Swindon is not just bad news for the 3,000 people who work there, but will send ripples out through the local economy, with about 1,800 jobs ending at two local firms that supply the plant. As 35 years of manufacturing history comes to an end, staff have been sharing their feelings about the end of an era.
Spike in imports has led to bottlenecks of containers carrying supplies for shops and factories.
The European Union is about to formally reject a UK plea for special allowances for exports of electric cars in a post-Brexit trade deal.
HONDA bosses are warning of ‘unprecedented’ disruption to its supply chain if Britain leaves the customs union after Brexit.
The British Chambers of Commerce has warned that the preparations by its members so far only represented the “tip of the iceberg”.
The closure of Honda in Swindon would have "disastrous implications" for the Kasai automotive plant in Merthyr Tydfil, a source has told the BBC.
French oil giant Total SA is relocating a key part of its finance operation from London to Paris less than a month before Britain leaves the European Union.
Japan's richest man has warned that Brexit is "practically impossible" and could take the United Kingdom back to the economic stagnation of the 1970s when the country was often described as the "sick man of Europe."
As the prospect of no deal looms, even the promises of aid offered by the May government seem a distant memory.
The Japanese ambassador to the UK tells Sky News his country is "perplexed" by the UK's departure from the EU. / More Japanese companies may relocate away from the UK in the coming months if Britain does not seal a promising post-Brexit deal, the Japanese ambassador has warned.