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Sir Antony Gormley has called Brexit the “biggest act of self-harm this country has ever played on itself” in a withering condemnation of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.
BREXIT has brought no benefits and instead may cause “terminal damage” to the UK’s music industry, the principal of a leading school has said.
Poor regulation of harmful chemicals, the City losing control of trillions, the music industry on its knees ... more Brexit consequences.
Could the world-beating tenor be one of the UK’s last great singers to build a career in Europe?
The UK music industry may “shrivel and eventually die” unless the government gives musicians more support following Brexit, a Mercury Prize-winning band has told NationalWorld.
Carry on Touring campaigns to continue touring the EU as was done before the Brexit curtain came down.
The new Paying The Price report comes from the Independent Society of Musicians.
Industry calls to get issues "fixed" with Europe, accusing the government of remaining "asleep on the job"
Touring musicians coming to Scotland are still struggling with "massively damaging" visa issues in the wake of Brexit, Labour's shadow culture secretary has claimed.
"Brexit really messed around our Europe tour. As with America, there were just a lot of costs you don’t anticipate all at once. With Europe, you see bands everywhere struggling to tour after Brexit because it is a logistical nightmare. There’s so much red tape."
Speaking at the Trade Unlocked conference, Shadow International Trade Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds gave new details of how the party would amend the deal struck by Boris Johnson.
Blur frontman Damon Albarn has said that the UK's decision to quit the EU has been a "disaster" for young British musicians and "a travesty" for his country.
Blur frontman Damon Albarn has discussed his feelings on Brexit and labelled the consequences of Britain’s 2016 referendum a “disaster”.
Blur's Damon Albarn has told Sky News that there are people in government 'tainted by Brexit', which made the UK 'more remote' and 'diminished the value of arts and creativity'. He was speaking alongside his Blur bandmates - announcing a new album and first tour in 8 years.
Blur frontman says quitting the bloc has been a “disaster” for young musicians.
New analysis suggests that British artists are still missing out on opportunities to tour this festival season as the number of British musicians playing festivals across Europe is a third lower than before Brexit.
Industry being choked by ‘lots of red tape’, says Elton John’s husband – as British acts booked for EU festivals down by a third.
THE bizarre outcomes of Brexit bureaucracy were made uncomfortably clear to musician Steve Kettley when he found himself on a plane sitting next to his two saxophones.
The UK’s decision to separate from the European Union continues to reverberate and is overwhelmingly negative, according to the latest review of the country’s pro-AV market in the May print edition of AV Magazine.
UK lawmakers have urged EU and UK officials to gradually rebuild relations following a period of “tension and mistrust”, putting visa access for musicians and speedy UK access to the Horizon Europe research programme at the top of a list of policy fixes.
Chris Cusack, who manages Bloc in Glasgow, spoke out after German punk band Trigger Cut were blocked from entering the UK by border guards who ordered them to produce documents no one had previously informed them about.
Bloc manager Chris Cusack has warned that Scotland is "haemorrhaging touring acts" due to Brexit rules and complications with documents that are leaving them out of pocket.
Post-Brexit rules on touring under fire as it emerges Trigger Cut may have been turned away due to not being full-time musicians.
Promoter claims ‘catastrophe’ has cost it more than £88k and accuses British government of hypocrisy.
‘It has absolutely curtailed people’s careers’ as they cannot take the same jobs abroad, he says.