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English wine producers look set to pass up the chance to sell wine by the pint, despite a triumphant announcement from the government that it had given them the “Brexit freedom” to do so.
The results of our analysis showed that 98.7% of respondents were in favour of using metric units when buying or selling product, either as the primary unit of sale (maintaining status quo) or as the sole unit of sale (purely metric). 1.3% of respondents were in favour of increased use of imperial units...
Business department consulting on bringing back archaic system of units. / A “biased” consultation into reintroducing imperial measurements launched by the government has been criticised for giving the public no option to reject the change.
We received 101,108 responses to our consultation. Out of the responses we analysed, we identified 93,041 as being from consumers, 4,718 from businesses and 3,179 from academia, healthcare, government and trading standards, and other organisations. ...the majority of respondents expressed limited or no appetite for increased use of imperial measures.
The poet Robert Burns imagined a man toasting his lover with a “pint o’ wine”, and Winston Churchill was perhaps the most famous proponent of the pint bottle for champagne. Now, Rishi Sunak’s government has spied a “Brexit opportunity” to legalise the sale of wine by the pint once more – if it can persuade anyone to make the bottles.
The Tories have been criticised for boasting about post-Brexit freedoms that mean the UK can sell pints of wine while the economy is "on its knees" and public services "at breaking point".
Ministers have canned plans to allow shops to sell in imperial measurements only after the public said they preferred their metres and kilograms to their pounds and feet.
As Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to depart Downing Street, tossed from office by his own party, his legacy — the opening lines of his eventual obituary — will call him the man who “got Brexit done.” / So how is that going? What can be said about the post-Brexit Britain that Johnson is leaving behind?
Supermarket chief slams move aimed at pleasing ‘small minority who hark for the past’. / Arts minister Stephen Parkinson gave incorrect answers when Kay Burley asked him to convert ounces and grams into pounds.
Tory peer Lord Rose criticises ‘backwards’ proposal as business department launches 12-week consultation.
Business minister mocked for ‘ludicrous’ attempt to quantify ‘Brexit benefit’.
Government’s Brexit push to bring back Winston Churchill’s favourite champagne measure met with indifference.
Some in government would now like to see Britain’s imperial measurements make a comeback. As part of a review on EU laws still in place after Brexit, the government plans to remove a ban on selling goods using only imperial units.
Pounds and ounces could make a return to your local greengrocer and butcher under a change to EU rules after Brexit - but Labour branded it a distraction from benefit cuts.
The newly created Taskforce for Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform has identified more than 100 ‘Brexit dividends’.