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However, international sales declined by 26 per cent in the same period, with Wiggle CRC citing the impact of Brexit reducing sales into the EU “where higher duty and fulfilment costs” necessitated higher pricing.
Administrators have today announced that the international eCommerce stores for Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles will be switched off. / In a move that will see the WiggleCRC business "focus its efforts solely on the UK market," the Joint Administrators in charge of the group have revealed that the transition will take place "over the coming weeks."
Nearly three-quarters of UK firms say leaving the EU has affected them “very negatively”.
Beauty exports from the UK to the European Union have fallen by more than $1 billion (£850 million) since the Brexit vote, a report has found.
An award-winning Newcastle brewery has announced its closure - blaming "escalating energy costs", Brexit and health reasons.
As Brexit has created tough challenges for UK craft beer producers exporting to Europe, British companies have set up home in the mountains.
LEAVING the EU was not a “one-off shock” that businesses will be able to adjust to and the effects of "Brexit 2.0" are now being felt, according to a finance journalist and author.
‘Covid is not the problem – Brexit is the problem’, says British Beauty Council boss on sales slump.
It’s no secret that COVID-19 and Brexit have had a lasting effect on a wealth of businesses. In particular, the manufacturing sector has been heavily impacted due to the UK’s withdrawal from the single market and the subsequent restrictions on imports and exports.
Survey of exporters shows increased pessimism about benefits of post-Brexit trade deals. / British firms are increasingly pessimistic about the benefits of post-Brexit free trade deals, according to the government’s own research.
BRITISH companies are losing faith in the UK’s post-Brexit trade deals and many believe leaving the EU is hammering exports, Government research has revealed.
Jo Foster has asked her MP, Rishi Sunak, three times for help with her businesses struggling after Brexit. She told Politics Editor Ralph Blackburn he needs to face up to reality.
Industry hit with a blow as government halts trial of a system designed to limit paperwork.
A trial system designed to limit post-Brexit paperwork for fish exporters has been halted in a blow to Scotland’s salmon industry. / The digitisation of paper health certificates required for all fish and chilled food being exported to Europe was intended to save traders time as well as up to £3 milllion on paperwork.
"Brexit has been a massive challenge for us. Our costs have just skyrocketed. It’s been really painful. We’ve had to open a separate facility in Europe just to fulfill our wholesale orders that go to Europe."
It appears HM Treasury has realised bringing in a measure that will so obviously lead to higher food prices is not a good idea when the country is in the grip of an inflation spiral.
Further delays to introducing post-Brexit border controls on fresh farm produce from the EU 'seriously disregards' the interests of British farmers, NFU Scotland has warned.
Brexit made some businesses “suddenly uncompetitive” as costs and red tape increased, says the CEO of the British Independent Retail Association
A brutal Financial Times investigation has unveiled the “all pain no gain” trading conditions many British businesses face post-Brexit.
Shadow International Trade Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds has written to Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch urging her to reach an agreement with Brussels. / Time is running out to strike a deal with Brussels over post-Brexit rules which could hamper British car exports, Labour warns today.
One small business owner said her net profit margins had dropped to zero in the years since Brexit.
Despite claims over taking back control, UK is forced to comply with rules on which it has no say.
The move has been dubbed "the most explicit acknowledgement by the UK government that Brexit trade barriers are inflationary."
Britain on Tuesday said it would retain the European 'CE' safety mark for products indefinitely rather than scrap it following the country's departure from the European Union, in a move welcomed by businesses as a pragmatic step.