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THE Dublin government is pressing Brussels and London to allow Northern Ireland businesses to export around the world using EU free trade agreements.
Deal or no deal, British companies will have to confront a wall of bureaucracy that threatens chaos at the border if they want to sell into the world’s biggest trading bloc when life after Brexit begins on January 1.
'Yet a no deal outcome would still have profound implications for the uK. as we analyse in what follows, from trade to connectivity to foreign policy to cooperation in policing, a failure to strike an agreement with the eu will impact on us in numerous ways.'
The European Union is about to formally reject a UK plea for special allowances for exports of electric cars in a post-Brexit trade deal.
A government minister has criticised businesses for taking a "head in the sand approach" when preparing for post-Brexit trade.
Lucrative services sector cannot prepare for potentially huge new obstacles to trading in the EU – because it is ‘not sure what to prepare for’.
UK PM Boris Johnson had been wildly happy about his new EU exit deal; then he introduced a law undermining both it, and the last round of trade negotiations. Speaking with two former permanent secretaries of the UK’s EU exit department, Matt Ross asks whether Johnson is applying firm leverage – or deliberately sabotaging the trade talks.
UK firms may struggle to get vital parts from the EU as new laws will force businesses across the channel to set up a presence in the UK.
From meringue makers to manufacturing businesses, firms in Telford export a higher proportion of their wares to the EU than their counterparts in any other town or city in the UK. How do bosses feel as Britain heads towards a decision on a deal - or no deal?
Thousands of UK businesses may need to set up an EU presence if they want to export goods to European markets, according to trade consultants Blick Rothenberg.
Inquiry hears of massive extra costs, a mountain of red tape, shrinking investment and chemicals ‘disappearing’ from UK market.
Even if Brexit deal is reached, decision means vehicles without enough British components will attract tariffs.
The idea that Britain can leave the European Union and maintain frictionless trade with the bloc of 27 countries is officially dead.
Only half of UK firms that trade internationally have considered the impact of Brexit on their business, says the British Chambers of Commerce.
Exporters to the EU face 7,000-truck-long queues in Kent and two-day delays to trade after the Brexit transition period ends, the government has warned.
Proposed procedures for importing and exporting of goods are “convoluted, expensive and will seriously hamper trade with other countries”, says BMPA.
‘Worst case scenario’ also warns of passengers waiting hours to board Chunnel trains to continent.
Thousands of British food businesses could be left without the correct labelling required to continue selling to the European Union and Northern Ireland after the UK government missed an industry deadline to advise them on what new rules they will have to follow.
European court of justice could fine UK or impose tariffs or sanctions on exports.
The government has promised to push for an end to tariffs on UK-made ice cream vans during trade negotiations with the US, Australia and Japan.
Most of our trade (57% of exports and 66% of imports in 2016) is with countries we have EU trade agreements with, not under WTO rules.
UK and European negotiators are meeting later today for yet another round of Brexit trade talks.
120,000 exporters need to prove source of goods going to EU. / Carmakers face existential threat without rules of origin deal.