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88,000 firms to be given a registration numbers but business groups warn much more needs to be done to prevent severe disruptions to trade.
Without pass, exporter’s goods could be held up at UK ports and airports after 31 October.
The NFU has said everything must to be done to avoid a no deal Brexit, and the catastrophic impact this could have on British farming.
A no-deal Brexit could cost the farming industry £850m a year in lost profits, new research seen by the BBC suggests.
Two-thirds of companies that export to the European Union have still not taken the most basic steps to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.
While businesses struggle with the red tape of no-deal planning, ministers are busy with commemorative coins.
UK reliance on EU food imports is a major risk if the country crashes out of the union. / Walk into any British supermarket and you will be surrounded by European products, from Italian cheeses to French wines. Around 30% of all food consumed in the UK is imported from the EU, but for some foods, such as spinach and olives, the EU is practically the UK’s sole supplier.
Some 45,000 dairy cows could be culled in Northern Ireland, in the event of a no-deal Brexit if new higher tariffs are applied to British milk, senior industry figures have warned.
As our prime minister and the no-deal zealots of his cabinet revel in Brexit brinkmanship it is worth recalling the legal realities of what threatens to be our post Halloween world.
Boris Johnson moves into 10 Downing Street on a promise to deliver Brexit within months. However, German business leaders have urged him to avoid a disorderly Brexit. Trade between the two countries is already falling.
David Sterling’s comments come as report says 40,000 jobs are at risk in region.
With Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson saying the UK “must” and “will” leave the EU on 31 October, a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely. But what could a no-deal exit mean for all of us?
Leaving the single market will come as a huge blow to the services sector. Rather than acknowledging that fact, our ruling class have opted to press on.
It may be time for the UK to consider the possibility the German car industry might not be riding to the rescue.
UK farmers today told William and Kate that Brexit could be "absolutely dire" for their livelihoods, with one saying voting Leave was like "turkeys voting for Christmas".
The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has said that the UK would be hit automatically by tariffs on exports to the EU in a no-deal Brexit, rejecting a claim made by Boris Johnson that this could be avoided.
A few days back, Tim Martin appeared on Question time. A 1-min clip of his performance has gone viral on Twitter. So error-packed was that one minute, that we should take the time to dissect it to bits...
Although his plans for citizens' juries to sort out Brexit are interesting, we’ve got our issues with Rory Stewart. But take a listen to him trying to talks sense into a typical “WTO, let’s go“ hard Brexiter on the BBC’s World At One, and your estimation of him will rocket.
When scrolling through comments you often see people say "they need us more than we need them". So we have tried to respond to that once and for all. We look at if the EU relies on the UK for trade, how the EU budget will cope without the UK and if the EU needs the UK as a security ally.
The U.S. wants to move the U.K. away from the EU’s set of trade rules and regulations toward the American one. Farage and Johnson are easy prey.
The damage to the UK economy due to Brexit has cost £66 billion ($86 billion) so far, and left the United Kingdom teetering at the brink of a new recession, according to economic data published last week.