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POST Brexit, people in the north of England are at risk of losing out on £300m for regional economic development, double the average cut per head as the rest of England.
People in the North of England are at risk of losing out on £300m for regional economic development after Brexit, new analysis has warned.
Increases in university fees of almost 60 per cent are be considered by the Department for the Economy.
Scientific leaders have urged the government not to abandon talks to enable the UK to participate in a €100bn European research programme.
Stormont coffers are more than £100m short as a direct result of Brexit, according to Finance Minister Conor Murphy.
THE SNP have accused the Conservative government of “shafting” Scotland as it emerged the European Union has awarded Ireland almost €1 billion (£850m) for compensation for Brexit, while Scotland has been given just £172 million from a UK fund set up to succeed a major Brussels scheme.
The Republic of Ireland is to receive €920m (£782m) from a European Commission fund which is designed to "mitigate the impact of Brexit".
Ireland is to receive a total of €920.4m from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, after the European Commission adopted the decision to allocate the funding.
A SCOTTISH business has revealed how it missed out on a whopping £50,000 worth of EU funding due to Brexit.
Grants given through the government’s Shared Prosperity Fund were supposed to match EU cash previously handed out to UK regions for development. In reality, the north is £1.65 billion down.
South Yorkshire to lose £900m and Tees Valley and Durham £750m, Michael Gove told – despite pledge to ‘match’ EU funds
“We were sold a lie by Westminster,” he said in a break in bidding at the market, one of Europe’s largest, but operating at less than one quarter capacity when The National visited.
WALES’ climate minister has accused the UK Government of treachery as the row continues over how the country’s EU funding will be replaced.
Cornwall Council had been allowed to bid for £3m from the Community Renewal Fund but has been given just over £1m and there are fears that the Shared Prosperity Fund will not have enough to replace Cornwall's EU funding.
"I don’t think the Government has any intention to give us pound for pound what we had,” Council leader Graeme Miller said.
Despite promises from chancellor Rishi Sunak to match the money it received from the European Union, Cornwall will receive just £1 million compared to the £100 million it used to get.
SCOTLAND has received around £14 million less under the UK Government’s post- Brexit student exchange programme compared to the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme.
THE Welsh Government has accused the Tories of “levelling down” their nation after the UK Government confirmed it will receive less than one-seventh of the funding it would have gotten from the EU.
A Welsh farming union say yesterday’s Budget broke a Conservative manifesto and Brexit campaign promise not to cut rural funding.
Northern Ireland is losing out on tens of millions of pounds with the end of funding which had previously come from the EU, the finance minister has said.
A delayed multi-million pound bypass project partly paid for by EU funds has been hit by rising costs due to Brexit and the pandemic, councillors in Gwynedd have been told.
The European Council on Tuesday approved a 5 billion-euro ($5.8 billion) reserve aimed at helping EU businesses tackle the short-term effects of Brexit.
MEPs have voted in favour of the €5 billion Brexit Adjustment Reserve – with €1 billion coming Ireland’s way.
MEPs approved the €5 billion Brexit Adjustment Reserve to help member states deal with the economic, social and territorial impact of the UK’s departure from the EU.
The European Union will allocate a total of €5 billion until 2025 to all countries and companies that have been affected by the UK’s withdrawal agreement, the European Parliament has confirmed through a statement.