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The Vice-Chancellors of the universities of Swansea, Bangor and Cardiff, and the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth, will be appearing before the Welsh Affairs Committee to answer questions ranging from the loss of EU structural funds for research to their recovery post-pandemic.
Welsh university bosses travel to Westminster on Wednesday to tell MPs that replacement European funding post-Brexit needs an "imaginative approach".
British and French housing associations trained residents to start their own business through the Increase Valorisation Sociale but its future is uncertain after the loss of EU funding.
The need for the UK to join a €95bn EU science research programme is a top priority for Cambridge University, the BBC has been told.
The European Union’s (EU) Chips Act was agreed in principle at the end of April 2023 by the EU’s main political bodies. The proposed legislation, described by European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, as a “game changer”, commits €43 billion in financial subsidies towards expanding the bloc’s semiconductor industry.
Economy Minister Vaughan Gething has accused the UK Government of losing Wales millions of pounds and thousands of job opportunities through mismanagement of its own post-Brexit regional aid programme.
The heads of two Stormont departments have described the delivery of British government funds that are designed to replace EU money after Brexit as "fragmented" and a "highly sub-optimal way to serve the people of Northern Ireland".
The Westminster Government is set to make a funding announcement on Friday for Northern Ireland charities and community organisations facing a financial crisis. / At the end of this month, money from the European Social Fund (ESF) comes to an end due to Brexit.
AN organisation helping women access jobs and education in the north-west has said it is "devastated" after a failure by the British government to fully replace EU funding forced it to cut six of its staff.
Organisations who help people with disabilities to work warned as far back as 2019 there was a "lack of detail" about what would replace EU funding.
Both Blair and Marc spoke at an event held by East Belfast Mission to highlight the risks to groups which help disadvantaged, vulnerable and disabled people if European Social Funding is not replaced soon.
The most vulnerable people in society will suffer if community services lose funding at the end of March, organisations have warned. / Money from the European Social Fund (ESF) is due to stop on 31 March as a result of Brexit.
UK scientists had been shut out of the multibillion-euro scheme amid drawn-out Brexit negotiations.
Oxford and Cambridge now receive only £1m from European research programmes between them. Previously, the top UK universities received over £130m a year from European research programmes.
Community organisations in Northern Ireland have put 400 workers on notice of redundancy due to a lack of funding.
HUNDREDS of staff tasked with improving vulnerable people's employment prospects are to be laid off at the end of next month due to a funding shortage triggered by Brexit.
Oxford and Cambridge universities, once given more than £130m a year in total by European research programmes, are now getting £1m annually between them.
About 1,000 university research jobs are at risk unless the UK government urgently replaces European Union funding, bosses have warned.
Arts missing out on tens of millions from expanded EU fund, say campaigners.
An organisation that carries out repairs and maintains paths across the Lake District National Park faces an uncertain future due to declining funding.
A Welsh Conservative has told the Senedd that the new UK subsidy control regime is taking so long to navigate that it’s having a detrimental impact on a business in his constituency.
GROUPS helping some of Northern Ireland’s most vulnerable people will not know if their bids for new British Government funding have been approved until just days before their European Union funding runs out.
The government has told business support providers to wind up hundreds of schemes used by thousands of companies that are still funded by the European Union, despite concerns over delays to UK-funded replacements.
When Boris Johnson agreed the Brexit divorce package with the EU, he promised it would unleash innovation, turning Britain into an agile “science superpower”. But rather than boost UK science and technology, Brexit has – so far – damaged it,
SNP ministers have clashed with their counterparts in London in a row over Levelling Up and a £300 million shortfall. / Richard Lochhead said the post-Brexit Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) would deliver just £212m to projects north of the border over the next three years.