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Homelessness is already rising and experts fear a hard Brexit could severely impact those who depend on social welfare.
The Home Office ... informed us that all the refugee integration services we fund via an EU grant programme would be cut immediately in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
The prime minister’s Brexit policy is sacrificing the UK’s science reputation – and billions of pounds in EU grants.
Oxfordshire reactor has been described as ‘shining example of scientific cooperation between EU members’.
As Brexit drags on we look at where all the billions of pounds Cornwall has received from the EU has gone
The European Commission has proposed using emergency funds normally reserved for natural disasters and to offset the harsh effects of globalisation in order to help countries badly hit by a no-deal Brexit.
Move would allow members to draw on emergency fund for floods, fires and earthquakes.
Wyn Evans’ family has owned a plot in western Wales for generations, a bucolic expanse where 370 sheep and 80 cows feast on the verdant grasses of undulating hillsides.
A farm part-owned by the former Vote Leave boss, now a top aide to Boris Johnson, received thousands in EU handouts. / A farm part-owned by Boris Johnson’s Brexit adviser Dominic Cummings received £235,000 in EU funding despite him attacking subsidies as “absurd,” it has been revealed.
Wales is not too poor to be an independent nation. The ex-first minister of Wales believes so anyway, though others are less sure. So, how would Wales fare economically if it had to go it alone in a post-Brexit world?
The European Commission is drawing up a multibillion-pound aid package for Ireland to offset the economic damage of a no-deal Brexit, The Times understands.
Brexit Secretary had warned Ireland would suffer more than UK.
With three months to go before the UK could leave the European Union (EU), farmers say they still face uncertainty about future subsidy levels. / "We could be wiped out like the coal industry."
EU money used to create jobs and boost local growth will run out in December 2020
Funds for regional projects dry up at the end of 2020 but Treasury yet to offer alternative.
A Sheffield MP is demanding the Government replaces £605m of EU cash earmarked for South Yorkshire after Brexit.
Analysis suggests London and the South East stand to benefit from repatriation of regeneration cash from Brussels. / The UK’s poorest regions could lose hundreds of millions of pounds of funding to London and the South East after Brexit, an analysis had found.
Wales and the south west and north east of England will be biggest losers, it calculates - with funds diverted to wealthy London and the south east. / The poorest areas of Britain will lose billions of pounds in public spending after Brexit under government plans, a study is warning – while the richest areas gain.
Irish contributions will increase if UK leaves union but benefits are worth the cost.
North Wales' tidal energy industry has received a £12.6m European Union boost.
Nobel prize winner warns UK science will suffer unless it can gain access to Horizon Europe. / One of Britain’s leading researchers has warned of a “major blow” to national science if ministers cannot secure access to a massive research programme that is being drawn up by the EU.
Proactive, cosmopolitan and open, the European Union is filling a leadership void on the global stage, argue James Wilsdon and Sarah de Rijcke.
All EU Member States make contributions to and receive funding from the European Union budget. This process is governed by an agreement called the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF). The current framework covers seven years, from 2014 to 2020.
The European Parliament gave its formal stamp of approval to the EU’s next big research programme, Horizon Europe – moving forward legislation for it and calling for a €120 billion budget, a 27.5 per cent increase on the €94.1 billion proposed by the European Commission