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FARM subsidies in Northern Ireland could halve by 2030 due to Brexit, an industry expert has warned. / Farmers will have to do more for less funding due to changes envisaged under any scenario short of Remain, a consultant from the Andersons Centre said.
The Sustainable Europe Investment Plan also details plans for a Just Transition Mechanism to support those regions facing a particularly far-reaching transformation.
Two different programmes since 1999 have brought nearly £800 million to dozens of projects.
Among other devastating repercussions, crashing out will cause a hostile climate between the UK and EU, which would strongly serve to repel European and global scientists from our shores.
The UK government needs to "get a move on" in developing the system to replace EU funds in Wales after Brexit, according to a former Welsh secretary.
At the last general election, all of you stood on a platform of “getting Brexit done”. / Voters were told in your party’s manifesto that this would “unleash the potential of our whole country” and “transform the UK for the better”.
A SCOTTISH business has revealed how it missed out on a whopping £50,000 worth of EU funding due to Brexit.
Bloc declares solidarity with protests against Lukashenko’s grip on power as it vows to press ahead with sanctions.
Nobel prize winner warns UK science will suffer unless it can gain access to Horizon Europe. / One of Britain’s leading researchers has warned of a “major blow” to national science if ministers cannot secure access to a massive research programme that is being drawn up by the EU.
A farm part-owned by the former Vote Leave boss, now a top aide to Boris Johnson, received thousands in EU handouts. / A farm part-owned by Boris Johnson’s Brexit adviser Dominic Cummings received £235,000 in EU funding despite him attacking subsidies as “absurd,” it has been revealed.
EU money used to create jobs and boost local growth will run out in December 2020
Funds for regional projects dry up at the end of 2020 but Treasury yet to offer alternative.
Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (AERA) Committee chairperson, Declan McAleer MLA, used the recent Stormont debate on the budget to highlight his belief that Brexit has driven a ‘wrecking ball’ through agriculture and rural affairs in Northern Ireland.
Researchers in the UK were overwhelmingly opposed to Brexit. Now, new estimates of lost funding show these concerns were justified, says the Scientists for EU campaign.
Dr Mike Galsworthy said: "Brexit uncertainty over five years has knocked the UK’s position down several rungs and blown a huge hole in our funds and networks."
Boris Johnson aide, a strident critic of Brussels, is accused of hypocrisy over payments.
Brexit poses a real risk to the health of children in the UK, with concerns over recruiting specialist doctors and access to research funding, according to a new report.
"I don’t think the Government has any intention to give us pound for pound what we had,” Council leader Graeme Miller said.
This article looks at the Government’s commitments to replace EU development funding in Wales, which has ceased because of Brexit. An oral question on the subject is due to be asked in the House of Lords on 3 March 2021.
The British Overseas Territories, while largely unknown to the British public, will be affected enormously by Brexit.
"The European Union budget is primarily an investment budget. Representing around 2% of all EU public spending, it aims to complement national budgets. Its purpose is to implement the priorities that all EU members have agreed upon. It provides European added-value by supporting actions which ... can be more effective than actions taken at national, regional or local level."
UK Government urged to set out how much money will be made available to Scotland as part of Shared Prosperity Fund.
Home Office ministers have been criticised for not spending millions of pounds of EU funding to help tackle problems areas such as food deprivation, homelessness and child poverty.
Ireland is to receive a total of €920.4m from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, after the European Commission adopted the decision to allocate the funding.
Cornwall may only get a maximum of £3million of cash from the Government to directly replace the £100m it could have been eligible for if the UK had remained in the EU, it has been claimed.
Conservative councillors say EU base is ‘waste of taxpayer money’.
Wales is not too poor to be an independent nation. The ex-first minister of Wales believes so anyway, though others are less sure. So, how would Wales fare economically if it had to go it alone in a post-Brexit world?
EU legislators reached an agreement on Thursday on the 5 billion euro Brexit Adjustment Reserve, paving the way for a first payment by December.
The European Council on Tuesday approved a 5 billion-euro ($5.8 billion) reserve aimed at helping EU businesses tackle the short-term effects of Brexit.
Information on how the EU budget works: where the money comes from and how it is spent, a breakdown of spending and revenue by programme and by country, and the EU's focus on performance-based budgeting. Links to publications, documents, and news related to the EU budget.
"In 2017, the European Union focused on making the economic recovery sustainable. Growth rates for the EU and the euro area beat expectations to reach a 10-year high of 2.4 %. Nevertheless, the EU had to tackle a series of challenges related to competitiveness, migration or security, and address some major natural disasters."
Move would allow members to draw on emergency fund for floods, fires and earthquakes.
A delayed multi-million pound bypass project partly paid for by EU funds has been hit by rising costs due to Brexit and the pandemic, councillors in Gwynedd have been told.
EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan ‘satisfied’ Brussels can provide aid in ‘any exceptional circumstances’.
The European Commission is drawing up a multibillion-pound aid package for Ireland to offset the economic damage of a no-deal Brexit, The Times understands.
In total, European Commission has pledged €232M to help contain coronavirus outbreak, as Italy becomes an infection hotspot.
Members of the European Parliament are expected to approve a grant of tens of millions of pounds, to help UK areas stricken by flooding.
With three months to go before the UK could leave the European Union (EU), farmers say they still face uncertainty about future subsidy levels. / "We could be wiped out like the coal industry."
The European Union will allocate a total of €5 billion until 2025 to all countries and companies that have been affected by the UK’s withdrawal agreement, the European Parliament has confirmed through a statement.
European Commission’s next seven-year science-funding scheme — its biggest ever — will allow any country to participate for a price.
Government’s new fund should at least equal EU’s near £2bn, Industrial Communities Alliance says.
Scientific leaders have urged the government not to abandon talks to enable the UK to participate in a €100bn European research programme.
Proactive, cosmopolitan and open, the European Union is filling a leadership void on the global stage, argue James Wilsdon and Sarah de Rijcke.
Everything from travel to air quality has been looked at in order to create ‘a growth that gives back’
The European Parliament gave its formal stamp of approval to the EU’s next big research programme, Horizon Europe – moving forward legislation for it and calling for a €120 billion budget, a 27.5 per cent increase on the €94.1 billion proposed by the European Commission
All EU Member States make contributions to and receive funding from the European Union budget. This process is governed by an agreement called the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF). The current framework covers seven years, from 2014 to 2020.
As Brexit drags on we look at where all the billions of pounds Cornwall has received from the EU has gone
Carole Cadwalladr digs into one of the most perplexing events in recent times: the UK's super-close 2016 vote to leave the European Union. Tracking the result to a barrage of misleading Facebook ads targeted at vulnerable Brexit swing voters -- and linking the same players and tactics to the 2016 US presidential election -- Cadwalladr calls out the "gods of Silicon Valley" ...
The government hasn't yet decided on a new scheme, and many in the rural communities are concerned a 'funding gap' will appear.
Scottish farmers could lose £170m by 2025, with Welsh and Northern Irish ministers also critical of new regime.
CAMPAIGNERS have raised concerns the UK Government’s plans for replacing European funding will fail to deliver for Scotland’s rural and island communities.
Months after the Christmas floods, the European Commission has yet to assess a UK bid for aid to help repair the damage to homes and businesses. A Commission spokesman told the BBC it was still waiting for information from the British government.
The Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD) supports EU countries' actions to provide food and/or basic material assistance to the most deprived.
Cornwall Council had been allowed to bid for £3m from the Community Renewal Fund but has been given just over £1m and there are fears that the Shared Prosperity Fund will not have enough to replace Cornwall's EU funding.
The Home Office ... informed us that all the refugee integration services we fund via an EU grant programme would be cut immediately in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
A catalogue of errors by the Home Office has led to a loss of access to £600,000 of EU funds earmarked for the most deprived people in Britain and has put a further £2.9m at risk, it can be revealed.
A €5 billion EU fund will support people, companies and countries affected by the UK's withdrawal from the Union.
Homelessness is already rising and experts fear a hard Brexit could severely impact those who depend on social welfare.
England’s second most populous city was revived by EU money but voted to leave the bloc, in a pattern that has become all too familiar, says Patrick Cockburn.
Grants given through the government’s Shared Prosperity Fund were supposed to match EU cash previously handed out to UK regions for development. In reality, the north is £1.65 billion down.
Ireland has said it will demand hundreds of millions of euros from Brussels if there is a no-deal Brexit, amid growing fears Britain is set to crash out of the European Union without an agreement. / Ireland is likely to be hit particularly hard by a no-deal outcome, with the country’s farming industry heavily reliant on trade with the UK.
The Government has secured more than half a billion euro in grants from the European Commission to connect Ireland's electricity network to France.
The Republic of Ireland is to receive €920m (£782m) from a European Commission fund which is designed to "mitigate the impact of Brexit".
But ensuring Irish interests are part of any final Brexit trade deal ‘will not be easy’.
Irish contributions will increase if UK leaves union but benefits are worth the cost.
Despite promises from chancellor Rishi Sunak to match the money it received from the European Union, Cornwall will receive just £1 million compared to the £100 million it used to get.
A review of evidence about opportunities, challenges and risks to the North East economy and its key sectors with recommendations for action.
Vote sets up post-Brexit budget clash with countries accused of damaging democratic values.
MEPs have voted in favour of the €5 billion Brexit Adjustment Reserve – with €1 billion coming Ireland’s way.
The European Commission has proposed using emergency funds normally reserved for natural disasters and to offset the harsh effects of globalisation in order to help countries badly hit by a no-deal Brexit.
Whitehall is to bypass the devolved administrations and replace European structural funds with a centrally-controlled fund.
Plans for a new law giving the UK government more powers to spend in Wales will be published on Wednesday.
Ministers have promised on several occasions that Wales will not lose out due to Brexit.
People in the North of England are at risk of losing out on £300m for regional economic development after Brexit, new analysis has warned.
POST Brexit, people in the north of England are at risk of losing out on £300m for regional economic development, double the average cut per head as the rest of England.
North Wales' tidal energy industry has received a £12.6m European Union boost.
Northern Ireland is losing out on tens of millions of pounds with the end of funding which had previously come from the EU, the finance minister has said.
“We were sold a lie by Westminster,” he said in a break in bidding at the market, one of Europe’s largest, but operating at less than one quarter capacity when The National visited.
Scotland’s finance secretary, finally, received a response from the UK government regarding replacement funding, lost due to the UK’s exit from the EU.
As departure day approaches, chief of top UK lab says he fears science will drop off the government’s agenda.
Analysis suggests London and the South East stand to benefit from repatriation of regeneration cash from Brussels. / The UK’s poorest regions could lose hundreds of millions of pounds of funding to London and the South East after Brexit, an analysis had found.
The leader of Swansea Council has raised concerns about the funding which will replace the hundreds of millions of pounds Wales used to receive from the European Union each year.
‘Red Wall’ and other poor parts of England will lose as much as £1 billion of development cash this year because of Brexit, dashing Boris Johnson’s pledge to “level up” Britain.
This week is five years since the vote to leave the European Union. New analysis from Scientists for EU shows that since then UK grants on the Horizon programme have steadily plummeted.
THE SNP have accused the Conservative government of “shafting” Scotland as it emerged the European Union has awarded Ireland almost €1 billion (£850m) for compensation for Brexit, while Scotland has been given just £172 million from a UK fund set up to succeed a major Brussels scheme.
SCOTLAND has received around £14 million less under the UK Government’s post- Brexit student exchange programme compared to the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme.
Sir Martin shared his insight on what challenges the Government is facing, what the Government and business should do now and how the UK seeks to forge new trading relationships outside of the European Union.
Stoke-on-Trent City Council wants the ERDF cash for the Grants for Growth programme, which helps local firms expand.
Wales and the south west and north east of England will be biggest losers, it calculates - with funds diverted to wealthy London and the south east. / The poorest areas of Britain will lose billions of pounds in public spending after Brexit under government plans, a study is warning – while the richest areas gain.
Some 250,000 Britons live in 14 territories, with many reporting fear and confusion as the Brexit deadline nears.
'We have very few pots of money open to us. The EU has stepped up to try to address this void and we are worried that Brexit will take us backwards'
Wyn Evans’ family has owned a plot in western Wales for generations, a bucolic expanse where 370 sheep and 80 cows feast on the verdant grasses of undulating hillsides.
Ministers from across the devolved regions have jointly criticised the UK Government for their approach to allocating previous EU funding.
A Welsh farming union say yesterday’s Budget broke a Conservative manifesto and Brexit campaign promise not to cut rural funding.
Major infrastructure projects could be 'hurt' if the government fails to 'plug the funding gap'
The UK’s scientists have missed out on £1.5 billion in Horizon 2020 funds since the country voted to leave the EU in 2016. Campaigners say that the figures reveal the extent to which Brexit uncertainty damaged collaborations between UK researchers and their colleagues across Europe.
The warning came as university leaders called on MPs to ensure research funding was not lost
Vice-chancellors, fearing a loss of research money and students post Brexit, are on an EU charm offensive.
“I am really uncertain about what will happen,” said one language student who is unsure whether her year abroad will go ahead.
Wales is being hardest hit by the post Brexit loss of EU Structural Funds, latest figures have shown.
THE Welsh Government has accused the Tories of “levelling down” their nation after the UK Government confirmed it will receive less than one-seventh of the funding it would have gotten from the EU.
WALES’ climate minister has accused the UK Government of treachery as the row continues over how the country’s EU funding will be replaced.
How does Europe affect our everyday lives? How does it impact our jobs, our families, our health care, our hobbies, our journeys, our security, our consumer choices and our social rights? And how is Europe present in our towns, cities and regions?
The EU invests around £5 billion a year in the UK. Search by your address or postcode to see some of the investments and other contributions near you.
'Beyond their individual preferences, the researchers offered gloom when asked about Brexit's effect on science. A total of 78% said departure from the EU would be harmful, with more than 50% saying it would be "very harmful". Only 9% saw any benefit from departure from the EU.'
Areas like South Yorkshire will see a cut in the amount of economic development support they receive in the coming years even if the Government matches the funding they were getting from the European Union before Brexit, academics have claimed.
MEPs approved the €5 billion Brexit Adjustment Reserve to help member states deal with the economic, social and territorial impact of the UK’s departure from the EU.
Stormont coffers are more than £100m short as a direct result of Brexit, according to Finance Minister Conor Murphy.
More than £1bn of EU structural funds have been invested in schemes across Wales, Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford today confirmed.
Scotland’s Rural Economy Secretary has criticised the UK Government for increasing uncertainty over funding for farmers and crofters.
Paul Newberry is a consultant aerospace engineer and he’s saddened by Brexit and the loss of opportunity and restriction of freedom it brings to people young and old ... including his son who followed him into the business). It’s bad news for the UK’s future scientists, engineers and innovative industries as a whole.


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