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The man who speaks for the City knows the bankers can’t do without Europe.
Mayor vows to make capital a better place to live to offset ‘shockwaves’ from EU departure.
The aftershocks of the 2016 referendum to leave the EU continue to reverberate. / The effects of Brexit are becoming increasingly clear as time goes on, and London’s restaurant industry is learning that the hard way.
Le Gavroche was founded by Albert Roux and Michel Roux Snr in 1967.
The success of Paris in luring banks from London after Brexit has exceeded expectations and is increasingly reflected in France’s balance of payments, the central bank said.
After Lily Allen tweeted that she’s noticed ‘standards have slipped’ in many of London’s restaurants, people began asking themselves whether she was right. Kate Ng speaks to those on the frontline about what’s gone awry in a city once known for its incredible food.
The City has been plunged into something of an existential panic in recent months. Fears of international decline have crystallised in the form of a listings drought and a crack squad of City grandees are scrambling to try and steady the ship.
On the seventh anniversary of the Brexit referendum, London’s City Hall and the Mayor of London’s office have been banned from flying the EU flag outside City Hall.
Many flags, such as national flags and that of the United Nations, are exempt from requiring permission - but not the EU flag. / City Hall is unable to fly the EU flag outside its Newham HQ on the anniversary of Brexit, after a 2021 change to legislation means it could be prosecuted unless planning permission is granted.
Government accused of criminalising flying of Brussels flag. / Sadiq Khan’s City Hall office was told it could be prosecuted for flying the EU flag on the anniversary of the Brexit referendum as a goodwill gesture.
Sadiq Khan has defended his blocked attempt to fly the EU flag above his office on the seventh anniversary of the referendum to leave the bloc while speaking to voters on LBC's Speak to Sadiq.
The UK used to be the obvious point of entry for art and antiquities coming into Europe. But then we ostracised ourselves.
Barclays PLC is planning to hire 200 new traders in Paris in a fresh blow to the Square Mile in the wake of Brexit.
Barclays Plc expects to increase its headcount in Paris by about two thirds in the next two to three years, as the French capital increasingly becomes the main trading hub in continental Europe for global lenders after Brexit.
The 150-year-old Randal Cremer primary in Hackney is earmarked for closure next summer.
Conference of European Rabbis has planned move from London for years, viewing need for its offices to be in heart of Europe; organization’s head says Germany is ideal location.
One of Europe’s most prominent associations of Orthodox rabbis is moving its headquarters from London to Munich in a ripple effect from the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.
The financier and former Tory donor says leaving the EU was a plan by the rich to make themselves richer and the poor poorer.
Britain’s exit from the European Union has “cannibalized” London’s listing pool, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s chief executive officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. / “Clearly, Brexit has kind of cannibalized the listing pool and a lot of European companies are now listing on European exchanges.”
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the governmment to ease post-Brexit visa rules, which he warns are putting off too many young Europeans from visiting, and working in, the UK capital.
Hermann Hauser says UK chip designer rules could seek secondary listing in London later.
The “idiocy” of Brexit is partially to blame for one of the UK's largest tech firms choosing to list on the New York Stock Exchange over London, the company's co-founder has warned.
UK stock market valuations have slumped since the 2016 vote to leave the EU.
The impact of Brexit on people’s earnings could be ‘substantial’, say experts. / Millions of workers in Britain will be about £1,300 worse off a year due to Brexit, leading experts have said.
A whole host of issues arising from the UK's departure from EU are still unsolved after the latest Budget, City commentators note. / Issues ranging from the future of the government's rulebook and the banker bonus cap to London's status as a listings venue and a regulatory deal with the EU were not referenced in Hunt's 15 May speech, City leaders have noted.