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A universal basic income could save British farmers from ruin, campaigners have urged – and reinvent our 'broken' agricultural system.
A Scottish dairy has criticised Brexit labelling plans as a "huge cost for a family firm". / The managing director of Scotland’s largest independent dairy has urged the UK Government to rethink its "not for EU" labelling scheme which is set to be introduced in October and will rack up bills out of nowhere for businesses throughout the country.
In this week's Brexit downsides, extra food labelling costing up to £250mn, a huge drop in overseas students, veterinary shortages in NI, and more.
Figures show hundreds of millions of pounds from promised £2.4bn a year on agriculture not spent. / This money was to replace the EU’s common agricultural policy, which paid farmers for each hectare of land they managed.
The First Minister has said famers in Wales would be in a “very different position” if they hadn’t taken the advice of Andrew RT Davies and voted for Brexit.
National Farmers’ Union president Minette Batters has taken a swipe at former prime minister Boris Johnson for adopting a “morally bankrupt” position during post-Brexit trade talks with the US.
As the impact of Brexit continues to be felt, we are starting to see what new rules on bringing young plants into the country will mean to our farmers and growers.
Channel Islands' farmers say they are frustrated that "layers of bureaucracy" and red tape post-Brexit are causing major challenges across the industry.
The first minister has blamed Brexit-voting farmers for Welsh ministers having to draw up their own farm subsidy proposals. / Mark Drakeford's government is consulting on plans for a scheme to replace EU-designed agricultural aid.
Rothamsted Research is having to pause ‘non-essential’ work, according to a letter from its director.
A farmer with first-hand knowledge of the troubles Brexit has caused gave Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg a first-rate schooling on his own GB News show.
Jacob Rees-Mogg, once the minister for Brexit opportunities, is still struggling to wrap his head around the realities of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union four years ago this month, as he’s now been properly educated on its impact on farmers during an interview on his GB News show on Wednesday.
This week's Brexit downsides: half a billion in extra costs to import food, the collapse of trade talks with Canada and more.
NFU warns blanket import checks from April could fuel long delays and damage future crops. / The UK’s fruit and flower growers face an “existential threat” from new post-Brexit border checks that could damage business and affect next year’s crops, the country’s biggest farming body has said.
Keir Starmer’s party set out ‘new deal’ for sector – as figures show 6,000 farms have gone bust.
The year in Brexit 20/12/2023
The past 12 months have been littered with grandiose claims about the benefits of Brexit and the ability of the UK to demand what it wants from the EU. But the sad and inescapable conclusion is that none of those benefits exist and that the UK has been forced into a number of embarrassing retreats and compromises.
Farmers will no longer have to follow EU regulations in areas such as reducing agricultural runoff into rivers.
Brexit was supposed to lead to a new era of green agriculture, but farmers are on the brink as they can't access the government environmental subsidy schemes
Farmers in North Yorkshire have applied to convert four sheds into business units to make up for a loss of income due to the end of European Union subsidies.
When Britain left the EU, and with it, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that had been in place for 47 years, Mark Wycherley is exactly the kind of farmer who should have benefited.
Dr Mike Galsworthy and Byline TV’s candid yet sensitively wrought documentary reveals the human cost of Brexit and the malign consequences of untruth.
Worried farmers hit out at the government, telling NationalWorld it “has no interest in protecting the agricultural industry at all”.
Farm incomes could fall by more than a half because of post Brexit trade deals, according to a new report. / The Scottish Government have published figures revealing the impact of Free Trade Agreements the UK Government have signed with countries like Australia and New Zealand in the agricultural sector.
The ability to sign free trade deals independently was touted as one of the main positives with Brexit, however agreements with Australia and New Zealand have been predicted to have limited economic impact.
It appears HM Treasury has realised bringing in a measure that will so obviously lead to higher food prices is not a good idea when the country is in the grip of an inflation spiral.