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A furious Neil Parish laid into Kevin Foster, the immigration minister, for ignoring a recommendation to make it easier to bring in EU butchers and other workers – leading to a huge shortage.
"To sign up to a trade deal which results in opening our ports, shelves & fridges to food which would be illegal to produce here would not only be morally bankrupt, it would be the work of the insane."
Philip Hammond - Tariff free trade deals would only contribute a tiny amount to our GDP... so we must quash "this myth that third country trade deals will solve all our problems"
The Prime Minister's poor post-Brexit trade deals show the desperation of a charlatan who sold the country a pup, writes Kevin Maguire.
"Brexit is a huge issue for the industry right now,” she says. “We’ve all seen the headlines with perishable goods being held up at the border and confined to landfill."
FARM subsidies in Northern Ireland could halve by 2030 due to Brexit, an industry expert has warned. / Farmers will have to do more for less funding due to changes envisaged under any scenario short of Remain, a consultant from the Andersons Centre said.
"These are animals that they have reared, fed, looked after, cared for. To actually then kill something that's perfectly healthy to then go in the bin - it's just criminal," the head of the National Pig Association told Sky News.
A Norfolk farmer fears fruit and vegetable operations like his could go bust if new immigration rules close the door to migrant workers who harvest and pack their crops.
UK farmers today told William and Kate that Brexit could be "absolutely dire" for their livelihoods, with one saying voting Leave was like "turkeys voting for Christmas".
Government plans to buy up hundreds of thousands of tonnes of unsold lamb in the event of a no-deal Brexit could be unworkable because there is nowhere to store it, BBC Newsnight has learned.
THE “sheer scale” of uncertainty created by Brexit is proving extremely challenging for fishing and farming businesses, MSPs have been told.
Sir Roger Gale (Tory MP) says one farming business in his constituency has had to trash £320,000 worth of produce due to no pickers and no drivers. / There are cries of “Brexit, Brexit” around the house… and the Govt front bench looks nervous.
Pig farmers in Northumberland will be among those forced to “slaughter their own animals” to dispose of them if the situation facing the industry does not change, the chairman of the National Pig Association has warned.
Turkey Farmer Paul Kelly tells James O'Brien how post-Brexit labour shortages are sending his market "back to Europe" as Christmas approaches.
This is how New Zealand TV is reporting the Brexit trade deal with the UK / They visibly can't believe their luck that British farming has been made the "sacrificial lamb" for a deal hugely beneficial to NZ with "negligeable benefits for UK farmers who get nothing in return"
No-deal scenario would disrupt seamless flow of goods and services between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.
He said Brexit was supposed to take back control and boost the UK's international position, but we are seeing "pretty much the opposite".
Comparing the stories encouraging people to vote to leave the EU to those we've seen in recent weeks paints rather a bleak picture.
‘There’s nowhere for the pigs to go and it could trigger the worst case scenario, where they are put down on the farm and taken away.’
Upland farmers face losing more than a third of their income in the event of a no-deal Brexit, says Richard Byrne (Harper Adams University).
The British meat industry is warning that hundreds of thousands of pigs may have to be culled within weeks unless the government issues more visas to allow slaughterers into the country.
The most important piece of farming legislation to come before parliament in decades included an amendment tabled by Neil Parish, Conservative MP for Tiverton and Honiton, which sought to protect UK farmers from low-standard food imports.
Competition over pay leads to fears there won’t be enough EU summer workers to harvest forecast bumper crop.
Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal with Australia will damage the UK’s agriculture and food sectors by hundreds of millions of pounds, according to the government’s own impact assessment.
Post-Brexit free trade deal will cause a ‘reallocation of resources within the economy’ including a £225m hit to semi-processed food, the Government’s own impact assessment says.
Ian Blackford suggested that the UK's proposed trade deal with Australia would send 'farmers down under'.
"The UK government’s decision to further delay the introduction of border controls on imports from the EU is a bitter blow to Scottish farmers and the Scottish food and drink industry."
THE SNP have slammed Boris Johnson for “betraying” Scottish farmers over plans to go ahead with a tariff-free trade deal with Australia.
Prime minister told that allowing in ‘food which would be illegal to produce here would not only be morally bankrupt, it would be the work of the insane’
Boris Johnson has laughed off claims that he's planning “planning to throw our farmers and crofters under the Brexit bus” over trade negotiations with Australia.
Boris Johnson has been warned his prospective free trade deal with Australia could “decimate” the British farming industry, as opposition parties unite against a zero-tariff agreement.
British farmers could get the chance to plant genetically modified crops as part of Boris Johnson's Brexit plans.
Boris Johnson's immigration plans for after Brexit are facing a massive backlash as industry leaders say key fields - like farming, construction and the stricken care industry - won't get the workers they need.
Boris Johnson’s free trade deal with Australia could cause devastation on a scale with the Highland Clearances, a former Scottish Government minister has claimed.
Terms on access to UK waters all but finalised, say Brussels sources, but issue of following EU laws remains an obstacle.
Currently, some 55% of total UK farm income comes from CAP support. If we don’t want to see a massive decline in our farming sector and an end to some much loved landscapes, replacing that in some way has to be a top priority.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.
'It is literally everything at the moment – Covid-19, feed prices, pig prices, Brexit – it has all happened at the same time'
“The entirely avoidable Brexit crisis has had as much of an impact on UK businesses as the unforeseeable Covid-19 tragedy, and its costs are still rising."
Britain’s food production depends on seasonal migrant labour from the EU. What will happen to those workers after Brexit? And how will it change the industry?
NFU’s Minette Batters says ‘inept parliament’ forcing firms to spend millions to prepare.
NFU says UK produces only 60% of its own food and must increase production to avoid food insecurity after leaving EU.
Conservatives' pledge to end freedom of movement and drastically reduce net migration looms over businesses already suffering labour shortage.
Farmers fear Westminster will impose England-centric replacement for CAP, with knock-on effects for tourism and language. Farming in Snowdonia will be wiped out by Brexit unless the next government matches subsidies under the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) pound for pound, the president of the Farmers’ Union of Wales has said.
Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (AERA) Committee chairperson, Declan McAleer MLA, used the recent Stormont debate on the budget to highlight his belief that Brexit has driven a ‘wrecking ball’ through agriculture and rural affairs in Northern Ireland.
A no-deal Brexit would limit access to the EU and entry to markets in Africa could damage profits.
The Ulster Farmers’ Union has said Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is “complex and bureaucratic” in its first assessment of the plans.
Migrant farm workers in Britain are being trapped and mistreated by employers in conditions ripe for modern slavery, campaigners say, urging the government to review a scheme designed to avoid agricultural labor shortages post-Brexit.
One Yorkshire farmer culled hundreds of piglets because of a processing backlog at local slaughterhouses.
The potential threats of Brexit to Scottish farmers continue to 'vastly outweigh' the potential opportunities, NFU Scotland has warned one year on from UK withdrawal.
A government body has recommended that protections inherited from the EU to protect UK steel producers are ended.
The UK Government’s Brexit trade deals are “naive” because they pitch Welsh farmers directly against countries with lower standards, the President of the Farmers’ Union of Wales has said.
“Yes, I did vote for Brexit, but I can assure everybody that is listening that I did not vote for this. I voted for people to be more patriotic," the upset farmer has said.
A new report sounds the death knell for Britain’s farms in the event of no deal. It’s not the vision our farmers were sold
Join us to participate in a Question Time style event with a panel of EXPERTS who can answer questions on Brexit with FACTS.
British farmers in Kent are worried ahead of Brexit. Many have accused the government of not being up to scratch in the negotiations. They would like another referendum.
Direct agriculture funds of around £1.8bn per year will be cut by half in 2025 and completely dry up by 2027, under new government plans.
Britain's farmers fear Boris Johnson's government will trade away British food standards in Brexit trade talks with "fearsome" US negotiators, the main group representing farmers in the UK has told Business Insider.
Farmers have warned of "huge downsides" to Boris Johnson's new trade deal with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
"I don’t think they kept their promises before Brexit, they promised things to all men. It’s a huge betrayal," one farmer told TLE.
Customs expert says extra costs and delays will harm small businesses and WTO rules would ‘kill UK farming’
Concern is growing among farmers and unions about the importation of lower quality food to the UK, post-Brexit.
Farmgate prices for lamb and beef have hit a new high over the first months of 2021.
Any farmer looking to buy timber this spring is in for a shock.
Cumbrian sheep farmers are warning a no-deal Brexit would be "absolutely crippling" for the sector.
FARM businesses in the area are being urged by rural experts to take immediate action as they could see their profits hit over the next three years.
The NI dairy industry has warned of a "doomsday scenario" for processors and farmers if there is a no-deal Brexit.
"All this will do is provide a free subsidy for cane coming into the UK at the expense of UK farmers" /
British farmers fear they could go out of business following a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, the National Farmers Union has told the BBC.
The Tory leadership race has brought a no-deal Brexit closer. Most candidates have either elevated No Deal to a heightened form of Brexit - a "clean" Brexit - or have insisted it is preferable to an extension beyond the current Article 50 deadline of 31 October.
Turkey farmers are warning they may struggle to process enough birds to meet demand at Christmas.
EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan ‘satisfied’ Brussels can provide aid in ‘any exceptional circumstances’.
The European Commission has agreed to compensate Irish farmers for a collapse in beef and dairy prices in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the Irish edition of the Sunday Times newspaper said, quoting Irish government and EU sources.
With three months to go before the UK could leave the European Union (EU), farmers say they still face uncertainty about future subsidy levels. / "We could be wiped out like the coal industry."
In a move designed to slow the rise of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in human health linked to farms, a few days ago the European Parliament approved restrictions on the use of antimicrobials in healthy livestock.
The UK has promised a greener and more pleasant land after breaking free of the EU’s farming subsidy programme. But some warn that the new plans could leave small farms at a disadvantage and leave British farmers on uneven and uncertain ground.
Increased hardship for small farmers as close to a billion pounds wiped off UK’s farming economy in 2020.
Government scheme to replace EU agricultural payments fuelled by ‘blind optimism’ and still lacking crucial details, say MPs.
A Coventry farmer was forced to throw tonnes of crops before they rot due to worker shortages on his farm since Brexit.
"I voted to leave but not knowing the whole story. And now if I was to vote again, I'd vote to remain, personally, from an agricultural point of view."
British farmers who want to stay in the EU. Tariffs time is upon us.
The government hasn't yet decided on a new scheme, and many in the rural communities are concerned a 'funding gap' will appear.
First it was a lack of truck drivers that crippled gas stations. Now Britain is facing a shortage of food processing workers that’s become so severe farmers have started culling 120,000 pigs.
Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has been slated by farmers after suggesting that consumers can look forward to cheaper food after Brexit – potentially.
More than half of farms will go bust if Boris Johnson forces through a no-deal Brexit, farmers are warning, as some join the campaign for a fresh referendum. / Farmers for a People’s Vote group is unveiled, as latest arm of the movement demanding a Final Say referendum.
Fed-up farmers broke off from the busy harvest schedule to travel to Westminster today (Wednesday 8 July) and tell Boris Johnson’s government “don’t destroy Britain’s world-class farming industry by striking cheap food trade deals”.
Leading figures in the livestock industry say that the animals face being killed and burned because Priti Patel has failed to include the butchers on a list of shortage occupations.
The National Pig Association has said that healthy animals are being destroyed following the exodus of EU workers as there are not enough people employed in slaughterhouses.
MPs on the Commons spending watchdog have accused Environment Secretary George Eustice of “blind optimism” to suggest otherwise.
Mark Tufnell says many farmers are reluctant to trust government as changes to subsidy payments loom.
Increased costs and delays to paperwork are being blamed for discouraging Eastern European workers coming to Scotland.
Despite overwhelmingly being in support of leaving the EU at the Brexit referendum, farmers are increasingly gloomy now that they are staring down the reality of what leaving will entail.
We represent farmers and farming families across Britain who are concerned about the risk that Brexit poses to the British farming industry, the countryside it manages and the country’s largest manufacturing sector: food production.
Being part of the EU allows the UK farming industry to grow, innovate and create jobs. Britain's farmers enjoy free access to the single market of 500 million customers, and Europe accounts for 73% of Britain’s agri-food exports from this market that is more than twice the size of the USA. UK food and agricultural exports to the EU are worth around £11.4 billion a year.
Scottish farmers could lose £170m by 2025, with Welsh and Northern Irish ministers also critical of new regime.
The number of seasonal workers applying to work at one Kent-based company is down 90% in the last two years and there are fears for the future.
Farmers are rushing to diversify into new businesses in order to survive following Brexit and the loss of subsidies, a new report says.
A new parliamentary report warned the “blind optimism” shown by Tory ministers could force many small and tenant farmers in England out of business - but environment secretary George Eustice insists UK farmers are better off since Brexit.
Parliament warned dropping funding for farming will 'collapse the fabric of rural society'. Many British farmers are experiencing ‘Regrexit’ over fears they may lose agricultural subsidies, the Earl of Sandwich has told Parliament.
Select committee says government needs contingency plans to protect consumers and businesses from impact from tariffs. / Food prices could rise sharply and farming businesses could be wiped out at the end of a Brexit transition period, a House of Commons committee has warned.
A DROITWICH firm says they have spotted a gap in the market as farms looking to diversify after Brexit are becoming campsites for staycationers.
The Government is being urged to delay the introduction of its post-Brexit funding model for farming amid fears the current timescale is unworkable and could push many rural enterprises to the brink of financial collapse.
Post-Brexit pressure could see farmers destroy 100,000 pigs due to a shortage of staff in slaughterhouses.
Boris Johnson has been warned that his prospective trade deal with Australia could spell “a slow painful death” for Britain’s beef farming industry, after one of Australia’s biggest producers said a zero-tariff agreement could increase exports to the UK tenfold.
He was booed in Scotland. In Wales, a chicken submitted to his embrace, but politicians held him at arm’s length. And in Northern Ireland, there were rumblings of Irish unity — which could only come at the expense of its ties to the rest of the United Kingdom.
Fish farming companies are being allowed to breach environmental limits and pollute lochs because of export problems caused by Brexit.
It's safe to say Brexit hasn't delivered yet - and these tabloid headlines prove it.
Alarm raised over business ‘barriers’ which ‘cost jobs and money in the UK’ – as public unhappiness confirmed. / “no appetite for widespread deregulation or divergence from EU rules” – UK Trade and Business Commission
A FOUR-NATIONS fightback against Boris Johnson’s proposed trade deal with Australia is to be hammered out next week.
Heinz's announcement that it was to start making ketchup in the UK again was widely hailed, but the UK's post-Brexit food and drink manufacturing sector still faces stern challenges.
UK urgently needs 90,000 labourers to pick crops that will otherwise die in the fields, warns charity.
A pro-EU campaign is pouring cash into a concerted effort to unseat 44 high-profile 'Blue Wall' Tory MPs, the Mirror can reveal.
The materialisation of a far harder form of Brexit than had been promised by those who lobbied for our departure from the EU has restricted access to our main export markets on the continent in ways which are only beginning to be felt.
A leading vet has told a major international conference that Brexit has the potential to decimate the United Kingdom’s veterinary, food and agricultural sectors.
The Government has abandoned a scheme to recruit British workers to help harvest fruit and vegetable crops, it is understood.
‘We need urgent action to restore the abundance of our insect populations, not broken promises that make the ecological crisis even worse,’ says Wildlife Trusts
The government has been warned to abandon its proposed tariff-free quota for raw cane sugar imports because of its potential to undercut UK growers.
As changes wrought by Brexit slash and burn £1.8bn of direct payments to English farmers by 2027, experts warn that government optimism over agriculture in England is dangerously misplaced.
Get Brexit Done’ has unravelled in a spectacular fashion; a significant knock to the economy, removal of rights and freedoms, more red tape for business and – the most heart-breaking of all – trouble has returned to Northern Ireland. The obvious answer to this foreseeable problem is for the UK to be part of the single market and customs union.
Farmers are meant to receive compensation for preserving Britain’s historic monuments and archaeology, but the payments have been delayed.
Farmers calling for second EU referendum to herd sheep down Whitehall in protest on Thursday.
Simon Byrne said worst-case scenario would see farms going bust and potential unrest.
A dairy farmer said he was told to dump his milk after a shortage of lorry drivers meant it could not be collected.
SNP MSP Jim Fairlie will lead a Members’ Business Debate today on the threat a tariff-free trade deal with countries like Australia will pose to Scotland’s farmers and agriculture sector.
The UK’s chicken farmers have become the latest food suppliers to slam the government over new Brexit border rules, which are causing enormous disruption to supply chains.
Ian Blackford has claimed the proposed trade deal with Australia could see farmers and families “driven off the land”.
THE impact of a far harder form of Brexit than had been promised has restricted access to main farming export markets on the Continent in ways which are only beginning to be felt, according to FUW president Glyn Roberts in his end-of-year address.
Ireland has said it will demand hundreds of millions of euros from Brussels if there is a no-deal Brexit, amid growing fears Britain is set to crash out of the European Union without an agreement. / Ireland is likely to be hit particularly hard by a no-deal outcome, with the country’s farming industry heavily reliant on trade with the UK.
Without a potential exit-deal with the EU, worries grow about the potentially grave effect on Ireland's farming sector.
Crashing out of the EU would not end uncertainty and would be a dark day for agriculture and food in Britain.
Irish contributions will increase if UK leaves union but benefits are worth the cost.
ONLY a quarter of Scottish farmers are optimistic about the impact Brexit will have on the industry, a survey has found.
Pig farmers are facing a "human disaster" due to a shortage of abattoir workers, the National Farmer's Union has said.
"I can't believe as a life-long Conservative voter, I stand at the moment thinking I would be very, very unlikely to vote Conservative again at the moment," one Brexit-voting farmer bemoaned.
Labour has warned Liz Truss against signing a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia before there is sufficient parliamentary scrutiny.
Eligible farmers will be able to borrow up to 95% of their Basic Payment Scheme 2019 payments.
The Scottish government has launched a loan scheme aimed at helping crofters and farmers recover from the impact of Brexit and the Covid pandemic.
Vets working to tackle pigs’ overcrowding in farms have said Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not taking the abattoir labour shortage seriously, and soon ‘mass culling’ would be the only option left to farmers.
Analysis: trade could be a drag on recovery for years to come rather than the high-octane propellent the government promised.
Both Teagasc and Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue are confirming that Brexit will impact negatively on the quantities of seed potato that Irish growers can import from the UK.
The European Parliament urged the European Commission to make cages for farmed animals a thing of the past in a resolution adopted on Thursday (10 June), marking a first step towards a ban on cages by 2027.
The Environment Secretary told the National Farmer’s Union (NFU) conference that there was “no absolute guarantee” that British farmers could export any of their produce to the EU in a no-deal scenario, and would face punishing tariffs even if they could.
This is a video of Michael Gove now telling farmers how no-deal Brexit would utterly, utterly shaft British farming - while New Zealand would get to send the EU a quota of meat tariff-free.
Those of us who have been involved with Brexit almost since that fateful day, five years ago next month, when England and Wales voted to leave the EU, sometimes feel as Cassandra must have.
‘The level of food waste is morally reprehensible,’ says National Farmers’ Union chair.
From driving a tractor to driving government policy, NFU chief Minette Batters talks about the many challenges facing farming.
Rural affairs ministers from Scotland and Northern Ireland write to the UK Government expressing their concerns.
24 MPs representing all four nations of the UK have written to Trade Secretary Liz Truss demanding proper parliamentary scrutiny of the upcoming trade agreement with Australia, amid concerns that the deal could put farmers around the country out of business.
A Northern Ireland who farmer appeared in a D.U.P. Brexit broadcast in 2016 says he now regrets having voted for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.
The UK's largest environmental charities have slammed the government for not doing enough to encourage an uptake in nature-friendly farming methods to tackle climate change.
Nearly half of UK farmers fear they will experience negative impacts on their business as a result of both Brexit and the pandemic, a new survey says.
East Anglia’s sugar beet farmers fear an “unjustified and unnecessary” new zero-tariff quota on imported cane sugar could expose them to unfair competition from less-regulated overseas growers.
British farming will struggle to compete if zero-tariff trade on lamb and beef goes ahead with a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia, the president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has said.
NFU Scotland has told the government to prioritise the paperwork and physical inspections associated with agri-food trade to the EU that has resulted in delay and losses.
The head of a national farming union has warned Britain will not be able to feed itself without the help of seasonal non-UK labour after Brexit.
The dairy industry in Northern Ireland has warned of a "doomsday scenario" for processors and farmers if there is a no-deal Brexit.
The 2016 referendum, which resulted in a narrow win for those campaigning to leave the European Union, has posed perhaps the most complex set of questions ever faced by a peacetime government.
No Deal could put more than 50% of UK farms out of business - New report launches 'Farmers for a People's Vote'.
A no-deal Brexit could cost the farming industry £850m a year in lost profits, new research seen by the BBC suggests.
A no-deal Brexit would ruin livelihoods – and wipe out British organic farming businesses, industry leaders have warned.
A study of the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the EU’s agri-food industry has claimed that beef and cheese exports from Ireland to the UK could collapse by up to 90% with the loss of over 3,500 jobs.
Some 45,000 dairy cows could be culled in Northern Ireland, in the event of a no-deal Brexit if new higher tariffs are applied to British milk, senior industry figures have warned.
Tariffs to slash trade with Republic and severely damage farmers and food businesses, says government report.
'There is a very real risk that a disorderly Brexit will lead to an immediate reliance on overseas imports, produced to lower standards, while many UK farms struggle to survive,' NFU says
Union boss Minette Batters says tariffs would price British farms out of export market.
Environment secretary warns of tariffs and delays as NFU chief calls for firm guidance
A UK farmer said he was worried about harvesting his crops because he does not know if can get enough workers.
EU official confirms farmers may be unable to sell milk to buyers in Irish Republic from day one. / Northern Ireland is facing a Brexit “milk lake” in the event of a no-deal departure, it has emerged.
New Zealand now stands between the United Kingdom and its hopes of entering the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (CPTPP).
Opposition leaders are using Donald Trump's visit to the UK to raise concerns about the terms of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.
FARMERS in Oxfordshire have revealed they are struggling to cope with a Brexodus of migrant workers.
With Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson saying the UK “must” and “will” leave the EU on 31 October, a no-deal Brexit looks increasingly likely. But what could a no-deal exit mean for all of us?
THE damage of Brexit, widely anticipated in Scotland where it was soundly rejected, is now unleashing an avalanche of bad news for farming, the heartbeat of our rural community.
A pig farmer from Suffolk is set to quit his profession after more than two decades, saying that the shortage of butchers which may lead to a mass cull of pigs is the final straw.
Farmers say Brexit has created tremendous trade hurdles, warning of a ‘crisis’ ahead.
Farming groups have been left 'shocked and dismayed' after Boris Johnson played down the prospect of a mass cull of pigs due to a shortage of plant staff.
A UK-Australia trade deal would be the “final nail in the coffin" for Scottish crofters, Ian Blackford has said.
The region's pork industry says it's facing a major crisis in the aftermath of Brexit.
THE UK is in danger of a “race to the bottom” with a controversial post-Brexit trade deal with Australia, which could result in a boost to the SNP, according to an expert.
A "potentially disastrous" backlog of thousands of pigs is building up on East Anglian farms due to labour shortages at meat processing factories, said industry leaders.
EU Exit and international trade adviser, Tori Morgan, outlines the main points of the NFU response to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) committee inquiry on moving animals across borders in our post-Brexit world.
As the UK economy begins the long road to recovery, many businesses are wondering: where have all the workers gone? ... From farms to factories and hospitality to haulage, many industries are warning they won’t be able to bounce back unless Brexit rules on workers are relaxed. We report from Kent.
As the UK economy begins the long road to recovery, many businesses are wondering: where have all the workers gone?
Sir Roger Gale said one firm has had to trash £320,000 worth of produce "because there are no pickers and no drivers".
The ripple effects are being felt across a wide range of sectors, from farming and construction to retail.
Scotland's food and farming businesses are facing 'damaging delays, huge costs and devastating losses' since the UK left the EU, the Scottish government has warned.
SCOTTISH sheep farmers have blasted a Tory minister's "laughable" claim about the potential for selling lamb to the EU after Brexit.
Farmers have warned they face increasing pressure from restrictions imposed by Brexit on trade of seed potatoes.
Getting a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union is "very important to sheep farming", a Tory MP has said.
Creating a market for UK lamb to match what is exported to the EU could take up to 10 years in the event of a no-deal Brexit, sheep farmers have warned.
A flock of sheep was herded through Westminster by campaigners to highlight the rich of a no-deal Brexit to farmers. Six sheep were led past government buildings by the People's Vote campaign group during the launch of its Farmers For A People's Vote offshoot.
A flock of sheep was herded along Whitehall by campaigners who say a no-deal Brexit could force half of UK farms out of business. Six sheep were led by People's Vote campaign group during the launch of its Farmers For A People's Vote offshoot.
Brexit is causing southern beef farmers substantial losses with prices 11% below break-even.
CIVIL servants are looking at "funding streams" to support Northern Ireland farmers in the event of a no deal Brexit disrupting cross-border trade in milk and other commodities.
Government's failure to allow in enough EU workers and new rules limiting visas for seasonal pickers are expected to leave tonnes of crops to rot while shelves lie empty.
Package worth €100m agreed for Irish beef farmers ‘hammered’ by Brexit uncertainty.
Tánaiste Simon Coveney has told the Dáil that the imposition of any tariffs on agricultural products between the UK and Ireland would be very damaging and the Government would prepare a detailed response to such actions.
Every farmers' worst nightmare is coming to pass; the mass culling of healthy animals because there simply aren't enough butchers to process them and get them off farms... So how did we get here?
The divorce from the EU looks set to be delayed and could be softened or even abandoned, but the cost of separation is already apparent.
We shouldn’t underestimate the financial shock that a hard Brexit could cause to our industry, says Kite Consulting’s John Allen.
Food has experienced a bit of a political renaissance as a result of Brexit. Farmers, workers in the food system, retailers and everyone who eats; all have been uneasy over the real risk that Brexit would negatively impact on our food system.
It has been a gloomy week on the sunlit uplands of sovereign Britain, as the smell of rotting and burning produce hits the nostrils of all. Or not quite...
Despite calls to 'take back control' the economic reality is that tariffs will be determined by the 'bound rates' that the UK already has in place under the WTO and, ultimately, no tariff regime will make up for loss of access to the EU market
Otto English dissects the disadvantages that a free trade agreement between the two countries would bring to the UK.
As expected, the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, and his Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, have now agreed “in principle” to a free trade agreement. The fine details are still not out in the open, but the political and economic significance of the deal is becoming clearer.
Thousands of pig farmers say they are in ‘a living hell’ as a perfect storm of supply chain delays caused by COVID and a shortage of butchers has pushing their industry to the edge.
People, businesses and communities are now paying a heavy price for a hard Brexit we never voted for, imposed by a Tory government we never voted for. / Here’s a rolling list of the impacts of Brexit.
David Figgis told Channel 4 Dispatches he voted for something 'better for my country' but 'personally it's a disaster'. / A fruit farmer from Faversham voted for Brexit even though he says it could be catastrophic for his business because he won’t be able to recruit any workers.
ITV News has figures showing tonnes of food is being wasted, as a shortage of farm workers means some UK crops are not being harvested.
The Tories’ post-Brexit trade deal with Australia will harm UK’s farming sector by hundreds of millions of pounds, according to the government’s own assessment.
Dozens of tractors circled Melton Mowbray to raise concerns over post-Brexit farming and food standards.
But cabinet colleague Greg Clark said government must "defend" industries from foreign competition.
Turkey farms and poultry processors say a long-term fix is needed to workforce shortages which could have threatened people's Christmas dinners.
The ongoing economic shocks from COVID-19, the sector-specific worries of African swine fever and the logistical upheaval from Brexit have left the UK’s pig industry in peril.
Wyn Evans’ family has owned a plot in western Wales for generations, a bucolic expanse where 370 sheep and 80 cows feast on the verdant grasses of undulating hillsides.
The U.K. will set up a new commission to inform its post-Brexit agricultural policy, bowing to pressure from British farmers and potentially complicating trade negotiations with the U.S.
British firms face the introduction of much-delayed post-Brexit border control checks from 1 January which will affect businesses importing $314 billion of goods a year from the European Union.
For years, foreign workers from the EU have helped UK farmers harvest their crops. In the southeast county of Kent, lettuce farmers fear the upcoming divorce between Britain and the EU could leave them short of labor and even threaten food supplies.
A Welsh farming union say yesterday’s Budget broke a Conservative manifesto and Brexit campaign promise not to cut rural funding.
The “blind optimism” shown by UK government ministers in their plans for the future of England’s farms could result in many small and tenant farmers being forced out of business, a parliamentary report has warned.
A "perfect storm" of Covid impacts and post-Brexit bureaucracy threaten to plunge British pig farmers into a crisis, an industry body has warned.
The United Kingdom is planning to cut tariffs on U.S. agricultural imports to advance progress on a free trade agreement, the Financial Times reported on Thursday.
Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has said the UK's tariff proposals in the event of a no-deal Brexit are a "potential disaster".
The UK is expected to offer Australia a trade deal later on Friday, under which both countries would phase out taxes on imports over 15 years.
The UK's trade deal with New Zealand has been heavily criticised by Stormont's agriculture minister.
A comprehensive free trade deal between the UK and Norway is at risk of collapsing as the Christian Democrat party fears such a pact would hit farmers in Scandinavia’s richest country too hard.
The National Pig Association (NPA) has written to Defra Secretary George Eustice over Brexit upheavals.
The Foundation for Common Land (FCL) has highlighted ongoing concerns about the viability of upland farmers and commoners during the transition away from direct support in England.
A British fruit and veg farmer fears his crop will rot in the ground this year because of a shortage of pickers caused by Brexit and coronavirus.
The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is urging farmers to book in TB tests as early as possible to avoid any disruption in the event of a no-deal Brexit.
More than 100 days after the end of the Brexit transition period, the trade in live animals for breeding is still being affected by the changes. Importers report delays, extra paperwork and mounting costs, while live exporting to the EU by sea has come to a complete halt because of a lack of border control posts on the other side of the Channel.
Major reforms to farm subsidies in Wales will not be brought in until 2025, the rural affairs minister says.
One of the UK’s leading farmer representative bodies is calling for Article 50 – which set the original deadline for the country to leave the EU – to be revoked altogether.
Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed a proposed new bill which will protect Welsh farmers from being undercut by food trade deals which do not meet environmental and animal welfare standards.
THERE were “extraordinary” scenes at Westminster on Tuesday as the Conservative chair of the Food Committee vented his fury over UK Government failures to the Tory minister providing evidence.
The EU withdrawal bill contains a power grab of critical devolved areas such as fishing and farming – and even aspects of our independent justice system
Dear Reader, please look away now if you cannot bear any more about the negative effects flowing from the 2016 Referendum decision to withdraw from the European Union.
The UK’s exit from the EU has vast implications for our food, fishing and farming and Sustain is campaigning to ensure that our leaders continue to uphold good standards in all these areas.
A butcher shop in London. For decades, farmers have been able to sell cuts that Britons shun in Europe, but Brexit could change that.
The NFU has said everything must to be done to avoid a no deal Brexit, and the catastrophic impact this could have on British farming.
Wales voted for Brexit by the same margin as the UK overall, 52 to 48 per cent, in sharp contrast to Northern Ireland and Scotland. / There is evidence that disproportionate support for Leave among the 21 per cent of Welsh voters who were born in England tipped the vote for Leave in Wales.
‘Desperate’ farmers face mass destruction of animals, industry body warns.
The vote to leave the EU has sparked a clash between sugar-cane importers and farmers producing homegrown sugar beet. Is this bitter skirmish a microcosm of the big battles to come?
With fellow Europeans leaving the UK, and no British workers taking their place, Eleanor Popa’s job harvesting strawberries has gone from tough to tough and lonely. Will the farm survive another year?
Scotland’s Rural Economy Secretary has criticised the UK Government for increasing uncertainty over funding for farmers and crofters.
“Honestly, it is hard to make significant progress because of major delays from Covid. Also, costs have risen almost 20-30% due to Brexit.”
Farmers dressed in pig costumes have protested outside the Conservative Party conference amid warnings that more than 100,000 pigs could be culled.
As the details of Boris Johnson’s trade deals are unveiled, these two farmers are pessimistic about the post-Brexit future of their industry.
Government must engage more coherently with farmers, or new plans will ‘fall at first hurdle’, committee warns.
Government report on post-Brexit recruitment finds staff citing no health and safety equipment, racism and unsafe accommodation.
“I just cannot accept it, we are seeing our industry slowly being destroyed” - @neil_parish quizzing Home Office minister Kevin Foster at @CommonsEFRA committee on labour shortages in food and farming.


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