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Farmers have warned they face increasing pressure from restrictions imposed by Brexit on trade of seed potatoes.
Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed a proposed new bill which will protect Welsh farmers from being undercut by food trade deals which do not meet environmental and animal welfare standards.
The UK's largest environmental charities have slammed the government for not doing enough to encourage an uptake in nature-friendly farming methods to tackle climate change.
Mark Tufnell says many farmers are reluctant to trust government as changes to subsidy payments loom.
Every farmers' worst nightmare is coming to pass; the mass culling of healthy animals because there simply aren't enough butchers to process them and get them off farms... So how did we get here?
With fellow Europeans leaving the UK, and no British workers taking their place, Eleanor Popa’s job harvesting strawberries has gone from tough to tough and lonely. Will the farm survive another year?
A pro-EU campaign is pouring cash into a concerted effort to unseat 44 high-profile 'Blue Wall' Tory MPs, the Mirror can reveal.
Dear Reader, please look away now if you cannot bear any more about the negative effects flowing from the 2016 Referendum decision to withdraw from the European Union.
The UK's trade deal with New Zealand has been heavily criticised by Stormont's agriculture minister.
A THIRD of Scotland’s largest brassica crop has been left to rot in the field because Brexit ended access for seasonal pickers.
This is how New Zealand TV is reporting the Brexit trade deal with the UK / They visibly can't believe their luck that British farming has been made the "sacrificial lamb" for a deal hugely beneficial to NZ with "negligeable benefits for UK farmers who get nothing in return"
FARM businesses in the area are being urged by rural experts to take immediate action as they could see their profits hit over the next three years.
A Welsh farming union say yesterday’s Budget broke a Conservative manifesto and Brexit campaign promise not to cut rural funding.
Government must engage more coherently with farmers, or new plans will ‘fall at first hurdle’, committee warns.
The ripple effects are being felt across a wide range of sectors, from farming and construction to retail.
Britain's turkey farmers will do their best to ensure Christmas "is as normal as it can be" but shortages are likely, an industry representative has warned.
Farmers have warned of "huge downsides" to Boris Johnson's new trade deal with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
Lord Debden says agreement ‘completely at odds with everything the government has promised’.
“Yes, I did vote for Brexit, but I can assure everybody that is listening that I did not vote for this. I voted for people to be more patriotic," the upset farmer has said.
A Coventry farmer was forced to throw tonnes of crops before they rot due to worker shortages on his farm since Brexit.
According to the Bank of England, higher borrowing during the pandemic is to blame for putting more businesses at risk.
‘Groundbreaking’ agreement criticised by UK farmers is part of 10-year plan to pivot to Indo-Pacific
It's safe to say Brexit hasn't delivered yet - and these tabloid headlines prove it.