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A family farm that has been producing soft fruits for 75 years has said rising costs have forced it to stop growing berries. / "Many of them had come to us for years, they knew it was a good place to work," Ms Starkey said. "But with Brexit it became more difficult and they just did not feel welcome."
As the UK-Australia trade deal comes into force, those close to the negotiations reflect on their dramatic — and farcical — climax.
It's seven years since the Brexit vote cast a shadow over Scottish farming and the absence of a new domestic agricultural policy means many of the worst fears are being realised.
Shadow International Trade Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds has written a letter to the government urging ministers raising his concerns over the 'mess' of a trade deal.
Critical industry leaders have accused Home Secretary Suella Braverman of being disconnected from the realities facing short staffed sectors after she claimed that there is "no good reason" why more British people can't be trained to take up jobs as butchers and fruit pickers.
WELL, the cat is out of the bag. Brexit visionary Nigel Farage has finally admitted the truth – that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for households and businesses across these islands.
It comes after a former environment secretary criticised the treatment of farmers in the UK-Australia trade pact.
The UK has identified nearly 4,000 EU laws and regulations which we are now “free from”. What have we done with these newfound freedoms?
Animal health bodies have welcomed the government’s U-turn on its plans for scrapping swathes of retained EU legislation, which could have wiped out 44 animal welfare laws.
Former Cabinet minister George Eustice says too much has been given away in the name of free trade.
Getting things to and from mainland UK has affected everyone living in Northern Ireland.
The deluded fantasies of the Brexit elite are finally being exposed by the way the real world actually works.
In this week's Word on the Ground column, Tony Gent hits out at Brexit and what he sees as 'totally irresponsible' Government policies...
She points to Brexit as part of the problem – leaving the European Union has introduced numerous complications, particularly around customs charges. In the UK, farmers saw an exodus of Eastern European workers... / “I could go on a whole political rant about the fallout of Brexit and [how] that relates to food, music, gigs, all kinds of things,” she says, her brow knitted.
Farming and Fishing are the two UK sectors most impacted by Brexit. Experts discuss what needs to be done to recover from Brexit and thrive in the future.
As they get used to subsidies that are a fraction of those paid by the European Union, Brexit continues to wreck the lives of Britain’s small farmers.
Sheep farming has been the sector hardest hit by the consequences of Brexit, according to the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed Brexit has left farmers feeling short-changed in his latest show filmed in Oxfordshire.
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed Brexit has left farmers feeling short-changed in his latest show filmed in Oxfordshire.
The war in Ukraine and Brexit has led to serious problems for Kent farmers.
Three big retailers are placing limits on shoppers on some produce lines. What is behind the rationing?
Richard Parry had a farm in Therese Coffey’s constituency and slammed the Environment Secretary's tip for Brits to turn to turnips amid a fruit and veg shortage in supermarkets.
The rain in Spain has largely been blamed, but is it the only factor?
Associate professor of horticulture at University College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland, Owen Doyle, has said that the UK horticulture sector is facing the “Brexit bonuses” of low labour supply and high energy costs.