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His comments came hours after after a three-judge Scottish court ruled that his government's advice to the Queen, which led to the five-week prorogation that started Monday, was “unlawful” because it basically disguised the government’s true reason for wanting a parliamentary shutdown.
Six years after the referendum we can disentangle the evidence and judge the effects on health and care, says Richard Vize.
The UK asked for an European Union external frontier, similar to the hard borders the EU has with Russia and Turkey, to take effect in Kent.
In this video, Professor Mark Elliott considers the extent to which the Bill could be considered to be proposing a breach of international law.
EU Commission rejects UK’s new legislation and launches legal action against Britain.
The Northern Ireland Protocol is a deal that was agreed less than three years ago and it’s already causing problems.
A UK business spoke about having no choice but to raise the prices of its goods as trade between the UK and the EU becomes increasingly difficult, ITV News Reporter Martha Fairlie reports on New Year's Day 2022.
The rules on travelling with your pet to countries in the European Union changed a year ago, following the UK's departure from the EU.
Despite promises by the home secretary to make the route across the Channel "unviable", the number of people completing the crossing has reached record highs.
Article 49 of the Treaty on European Union establishes how a country can join the EU.
So what is the ECJ, what is its role in the protocol and what are the possible alternatives?
Seeing headlines about passports expiring after Brexit? Here are the rules as stated by the European Union, not the UK government. / Since Brexit, the rules on passport validity for British visitors to the European Union have tightened. But the UK government tells travellers the regulations are worse than they actually are.
Grant Shapps has announced policy aimed at foreign lorry drivers to help ease supply chain problems.
rish government figures come days after M&S says it is scrapping 800 lines due to ‘excessive paperwork’
About 30% of all the food we eat in the UK comes from the European Union, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) industry group.
JD Wetherspoon has become the latest victim of the supply chain crisis with bosses yesterday confirming a nationwide beer shortage due to a lack of delivery staff fuelled by Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.
The mobile operator Vodafone is following EE's lead by introducing extra charges for some of its customers using their phones in Europe from next year, after the UK left the EU.
Home Office figures caused speculation that number of Europeans in UK had been underestimated.
Trade secretary says government ‘absolutely’ wants to remove border checks agreed by Boris Johnson in Brexit deal.
How a referendum would be triggered and the options offered to voters are fraught with difficulty
From Welsh lamb to Scotch whisky and Stilton cheese, the protection of British geographical indications (GIs) are unlikely to cause any great headache after Brexit, although care will be needed when handling the issue in future trade talks.
Dairy shipments collapse by as much as 96 per cent. Experts say extra red tape and delays are to blame.
The EU has proposed to the UK that the EEAS will open an office in Belfast, in recognition of Northern Ireland’s unique position, but this proposal has reportedly been rejected by Whitehall.
The renewed tension in Northern Ireland could have far-reaching implications for the future of the United Kingdom - and post-Brexit relations with the EU.